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West Asia

Bilateral deal-making involving governments of West Asia.

Photo: tbz.foto / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Argentina shows interest in FTA with Morocco
Argentina is interested in signing a free trade agreement with Morocco in order to foster bilateral trade, said Argentinian Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie who is on a visit to Rabat.
Gov’t suspends FTA with Turkey
The FTA with Turkey has not yielded the expected fruits, but has rather further tilted the trade balance in favour of the Turkish side, says Governement.
Turkey to reconsider FTA with Jordan ‘to ensure balance’
Relying the findings of a study by the Amman Chamber of Commerce, business leaders called for revisiting the Jordan-Turkish FTA, noting that trade balance was heavily in favour of Turkey.
Iran, Indonesia discuss preferential trade agreement
The Indonesian and Iranian governments discussed tariff reduction in the fourth round of the preferential trade agreement negotiations to expand market access for Indonesian products.
Iran ready for free trade with regional countries: Official
Iran is ready to establish preferential tariffs and free trade with some regional countries, particularly Afghanistan, Pakistan and Oman.
Iran, Turkey mull free trade plan to boost cooperation
Iran and Turkey are mulling a plan to achieve free trade between the two countries based on an earlier agreement to remove preferential tariffs.
UAE, China agree to complete “free trade” with Gulf states
China and the United Arab Emirates said they would expand cooperation and work toward a free trade agreement between China and the six Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.
Gulf Arab states push for UK free trade deal after Brexit: officials
Gulf Arab states are pressing for an early deal on free trade with Britain to secure preferential arrangements after Brexit, and could have a draft agreement ready within months.
Free trade agreement between UAE and Switzerland this year
Free Trade Agreement between Switzerland and the UAE has been signed and will be implemented from July this year, a dignitary from Switzerland said on Thursday.
Qatar’s Al Jazeera files $150 million damages claim with Egypt
The Qatar-based satellite network Al Jazeera served Egypt with a $150 million compensation claim on Monday for what it said was damage to its business inflicted by Cairo’s military rulers, a step likely to worsen Qatari-Egyptian relations.