EU must tear up association agreement with Israel

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GUE/NGL in solidarity with the people of Gaza

European United Left/Nordic Green Left
European Parliamentary Group 06/09/2014

EU must tear up association agreement with Israel

After a visit to the Makassed Islamic Charitable Hospital in East Jerusalem where GUE/NGL MEPs met victims of Israel’s latest attack on Gaza, including a father and his 3-year old son who have both lost limbs, they called for the International Criminal Court (ICC) to investigate these war crimes.

Israel’s direct targeting of civilians and its reckless cause of civilian deaths is a clear breach of international human rights law.

Given that Article 2 of the EU-Israeli association agreement states that the agreement would end if there is evidence of human rights abuses, MEPs are calling for an immediate end to the association agreement.

The MEPs also discussed the need to support smart social action; growing numbers of people around the world who have been horrified by Israel’s brutality are boycotting Israeli products produced in illegal settlements.

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source: GUE/NGL

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  • EU must tear up association agreement with Israel5-October-2014 | Dom Ramos

    I think your comment deliberately avoids the issues: banned chemical warfare (phosphorus shells) used against known targets where civilians are, whether or not Hamas’ poorly equipped rockets are there, pre-warned areas where children and casualties were being treated in hospitals with imaprtial UN observers present and after several warnings were issued to the IDF and ignored, the mass bombing of civilian areas- see the internationally agreed footage and photos rather than the footage only approved by the IDF censors that the Americans you mention always go through.

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  • EU must tear up association agreement with Israel13-September-2014 | Bernard K. Gordon

    A very misguided comment was posted on your site, recommending that the EU-Israel trade agreement be "torn up."
    As many, many long and directly-experienced American commentators have pointed out, the record of Hamas during the Israel/Hamas hostilities earlier t his summer, is one of INTENTIONALLY LOCATING ATTACK-TUNNELS AND ROCKET LAUNCHING SITES (aimed to kill Israeli civiians) in the midst of Palestinian civilian locations. As the former USMC Commandant wrote earlier this summer, never in history has a military taken more pains to AVOID civilian casualties than the Israeli Defence force (IDF). The decision to post this one-sided politically-motivated attack on your site is reprehensible for two reasons: first because it is groundless, and second because it distorts the purposes of your "" site.

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