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Justice and reparation: the struggle of Chevron-affected communities in COVID-19 times

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Stop Corporate Impunity | 26 May 2020

Justice and Reparation: the struggle of Chevron-affected communities in COVID-19 times

During the seventh "Global Anti-Chevron Day" we conmemorated the struggle of the peoples on the eve of Chevron’s Annual Assembly to be held on May 27, 2020.
This year, affected indigenous communities from the Ecuadorian Amazon, the Niger Delta and the Argentinean Patagonia, joined together in a press conference to denounce the violation of their rights, as well as their situation of vulnerability to COVID-19, particularly difficult due to the contamination of their territories caused by the Chevron oil transnational. They call on the shareholders of the corporation to respect their right to justice and reparation. They also call for international solidarity to support for the vindication of rights of the comunities and peoples affected by corporate impunity and their struggle for a dignified life.

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 source: Stop Corporate Impunity