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Peru expects to conclude free trade agreement with Mexico by summer 2009

Living in Peru | 26 November 2008

Peru Expects to Conclude Free Trade Agreement with Mexico by Summer 2009

Vanessa Castro Chesterton

Foreign Trade and Tourism Minister, Mercedes Aráoz, confirmed today that Peru expects to finalize a free trade agreement with Mexico by summer next year.

“We have done everything we can and we have been patient with our Mexican colleges. We understand they are having some internal issues and that is why they have not signed the agreement yet” the Minister stated.

She added that she has had talks with the Mexican Secretary of Finances, Gerardo Ruiz as well as the President, Felipe Calderon who apologized for the delay in proceedings.

“We expect to close the deal in the summer. We will look for Peru to be benefited as much as possible and we will certainly see an increase in competitively priced goods within our market.”

On a different note the Minister also stressed that textile business owner in Gamarra should not worry about the upcoming free trade agreement between China and Peru.

News source: Diario Gestion

 source: LIP