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Remodeling India’s investment treaty regime
India is seeking to terminate BITs signed with 57 countries and sign joint interpretative statements with the other 25 treaty states – all an outcome of the country’s new model BIT.
Alternative model for a sustainable development chapter and related provisions in the Transatlantic Trade an Investment Partnership
The alternative model proposed here addresses the shortcomings of the EU Proposal and proposes a sustainable development chapter.
UN Treaty on transnational corporations, other business enterprises & human rights: Options for justice
This report discusses options for the following aspects of the treaty: access to remedy; enforcement mechanisms; and its relationship with the trade and investment regime.
Investment-related dispute settlement: Towards an inclusive multilateral approach
Results from an IISD expert meeting held in Montreux, Switzerland, May 23–24, 2016.
To change a BIT is not enough
On the need to create sound policy frameworks for investment.
Model clauses for the exclusion of public services from trade and investment agreements
Study commissioned by the Chamber of Labour Vienna and the European Federation of Public Service Unions
International peoples treaty on the control of transnational corporations
The main objective of this initiative is to subordinate the juridical-political architecture that sustains the power of transnational corporations to human rights norms and rules.
A call for the building of an alternative legal framework to the international investment treaties
This document seeks to incorporate proposals that have for some time been in the process of elaboration by actors from civil society, social movements, academics, and legal experts.
Must we link trade to social and environmental standards?
The inclusion of "sustainable development" chapters in bilateral trade agreements has generally met with resistance from the EU’s trading partners.
Economy for life in our Earth community
This living document is a result of an extensive process led by the Social Movements for an Alternative Asia (SMAA), Gerak Lawan, La Via Campesina and the supporters of the #EndWTO Campaign.
The alternative trade mandate
The Alternative Trade Mandate has been developed in extensive civil society consultations all over Europe.
Alternatives for the Americas
Alternatives for the Americas is a document of guidelines for making the process of hemispheric economic integration more inclusive, democratic, environmentally and culturally sustainable, and equitable.