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Fighting FTAs: a global review of people’s struggles against bilateral free trade and investment agreements (January 2008)

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(January 2008)

A 60-minute documentary programme produced for Fighting FTAs

A 60-minute radio documentary providing a global picture on the current state of free trade policy, focusing on regional and bilateral trade accords and their impacts on the environment, people, economies internationally, brought to you by FightingFTAs.org.

This important radio documentary includes interviews from all corners of the world, allowing the listener to develop a critical understanding of the contemporary nature of ’free-trade’ policy around the world, while also understanding the perspectives of grassroots social movements to such trade accords.

The documentary, produced by Stefan Christoff, includes interviews with the following people

  • Christine Ahn, Korean-Americans for Fair Trade, U.S.

  • Nick Buxton, journalist in Bolivia

  • Beverly Keen, Jubilee South Network, Argentina

  • Manuel Rozental, organizer with Canada-Colombia Solidarity Campaign, Colombia

  • Silvia Rodriguez, the Biodiversity Coordination Network, Costa Rica

  • Burke Stansbury, Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES)

  • John Hilary, War on Want, U.K.

  • Anthony Akunzule, the Ghana Poultry Network

  • Armin Paasch, of Food First Action and Information Network (FIAN), Germany

  • Kole Kilibarda, the Coalition against Israeli Apartheid, Toronto

  • Jennifer Moore, Canadian journalist, Ecuador

  • Charly Poppe, Friends of the Earth Europe, Belgium

  • Marc Maes, 11.11.11, Coalition of the Flemish North South Movement in Belgium

  • Wallie Roux, Namibian based campaigner against EU bilateral trade accords, Namibia

  • Azra Sayeed, Activist / Academic, Pakistan

  • Daoud Hamoudeh, Stop the Wall Campaign, Palestine

  • Aziz Choudry, bilaterals.org, international

  • Laura Carlsen, the Americas Program of the International Relations Center, Mexico City

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