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Fighting FTAs | Interview: Dawn Paley on Canada-Colombia trade agreement & militarization

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Interview conducted in Montreal, Quebec 16:36 minutes

Listen to an interview with journalist Dawn Paley speaking on the Canada-Colombia 'free trade' agreement and the impacts of U.S./Canada-backed trade policy in Colombia at the grassroots level in the country. Canada's Conservative government signed the contraversial trade accord with Colombia despite the wide spread political killings across the country targeting progressive activists, union organizers, student leaders and indigenous people, killings linked to right-wing paramilitary groups that maintain political links with multiple members of the current government of Juan Manuel Santos. A bilateral trade agreement between Colombia/U.S. is currently pending despite the reality of political violence in Colombia and mass internal displacement in the country often driven by multinational corporations that stand to benefit for a U.S.-backed bilateral agreement. -- Stefan Christoff / 03.03.2011

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