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Latin America from NAFTA to CAFTA (December 2007)

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Interview with Beverly Keen, Jubilee South Network (Argentina), for Fighting FTAs

A 15-minute interview with Beverly Keen, of the Jubilee South Network based in Argentina that focuses on the historical impacts of U.S. driven ‘free-trade’ policies in Latin America, touching on the detrimental impacts of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) on Mexican peasants and indigenous people, while also focusing on the contemporary debate on the Central American Free Trade Agreements (CAFTA). This interview provides an important overview of current grassroots movements in Latin America contending with the contemporary reality of regional and bilateral trade accords driven by the U.S. and Canada within Latin America within a historical context of the damming impacts of neo-liberal trade policies on the people of the Americas. — Stefan Christoff

- Jubilee South Network

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