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Fighting FTAs | Perspectives on E.U. Israel trade and apartheid

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Fighting FTAs | Perspectives on E.U. Israel trade and apartheid

Interview conducted between Montreal, Quebec & Brussels, Belgium / 19:09 min / June 2012

Listen to an interview with activist and writer David Cronin speaking on E.U./Israel trade policy and agreements. This interview specially addresses activists campaigns across the E.U. to challenge the E.U.-Israel association agreement, that provides the framework for many Israeli products, including materials produced in Israeli colonies in the Palestinian, West Bank, to enter the E.U. market without paying import taxes.

A critical provision within the economic agreement stipulates that both the E.U. and Israel respect human rights, a provision that is clearly being ignored in the continuation of the agreement, despite wide-spread abuses of Palestinian human rights by Israel.

Also this interview puts a critique toward the E.U.-Israel association agreement within the context of a larger critique toward bilateral trade accords as having an inability to focus on anything beyond profits, bilateral agreements so often undermining environmental regulations and human rights across the world.

For more information on David Cronin research, activist and author of Europe's Alliance with Israel Aiding the Occupation visit http://dvcronin.blogspot.ca/

Interview conducted for bilaterals.org by activist and writer Stefan Christoff who is at http://www.twitter.com/spirodon/

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