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French minister: ’TTIP talks are not transparent’
Negotiations for an EU-US free trade agreement "are not transparent" and could end if no progress is made, French trade minister Mathias Fekl said.
Canada-EU trade deal that allows US firms to sue British govt sparks outrage
Campaigners gathered outside a secret court in central London on Friday to protest against a controversial EU-Canada trade deal that will empower corporations to sue the British government.
La Belgique ne peut signer le premier traité transatlantique commercial
Retour sur une journée d’actions et de rencontres ministérielles visant 6 gouvernements belges.
Canada’s foreign policy fails to support human rights in Colombia
A new report Colombia in the Shadow of Human Right Abuses confirms that human rights violations have not abated over the four years since the implementation of the Canada-Columbia Free Trade Agreement
NAFTA and FIPA could derail the COP21 Paris climate change agreement, report claims
Ahead of the Paris climate change talks, a new report argues that international trade deal contracts must be amended to ward off lawsuits that could potentially scuttle any agreements reached on climate change.
Toxic waste dumped on poorest Ecuadoreans for 26 years but Chevron has yet to pay
Canadians must now counter Chevron’s inevitable propaganda campaign as the legal battle continues.
TTIP: Malmström and Froman fail to unlock talks on tariff liberalisation and public procurement
The EU trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström and her American counterpart, US Trade Representative Michael Froman have failed to agree on a date for possible exchange of revised offers on tariffs.
S. Korea, China, Japan set to hold high-level FTA talks
South Korea, China and Japan will hold three-way free trade negotiations in Beijing this week to tackle the sensitive issue of market access.
Vietnam to lose $77 million of tax revenue each year due to free trade pacts
The government has estimated that it will lose around US$77 million of tax revenue annually between 2016 and 2025, when new free trade agreements take effect and eliminate a majority of import duties.
The VW scandal and what does it mean for TTIP?
The VW cheating scandal highlights how far we are from any mutual recognition of standards, and how fundamental differences are between the rule of law in the US and in the EU.
Car industry ’buried report revealing US car safety flaws over fears for TTIP deal’
The motor industry has been accused of withholding a report that reveals US cars are substantially less safe than European vehicles - for fear that the findings would hamper the drive to harmonise safety standards as part of the controversial TTIP deal.
Trans-Pacific Partnership: Renegotiating NAFTA by the back door
For years, trade and justice activists have proposed renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to address some of the deal’s most damaging features: for example, by removing the anti-democratic investor-state dispute settlement provisions of Chapter 11, linking trade benefits to genuine protections for human and labour rights (all the more important given the deteriorating democratic situation in Mexico), and establishing a continent-wide strategy for auto investment and production.
The role of Civil Society in the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME)
Regional Integration is loosely defined as countries cooperating to achieve a common objective. The way in which countries choose to achieve these common objectives depends on the commitment and keenness of states or countries to share their sovereignty towards a common goal.
The case for free trade in the GCC
It has been 240 years since Scottish economist Adam Smith made the then-outrageous suggestion that nations could improve their wealth by removing tariffs on imported goods. At the time, 1776, not only did these taxes — invariably more than 40 percent on certain goods — inflate prices for consumers, they often accounted for the majority of government revenues.
TPPA could empower rejected foreign investors in legal challenges
Under a Trans Pacific Partnership deal, foreign investors in New Zealand could be able to take international legal action against a government decision such as that which rejected a Chinese company’s bid for Lochinver Station, says an Auckland Law School senior lecturer.
U.S. dairy exporter pushes for TPP deal acceptable to Congress
Japan and other nations need to open their dairy markets further to hammer out a Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade deal that is acceptable to Congress, Tom Suber, president of the U.S. Dairy Export Council, suggested.
Investment accords - conceptual & procedural contentions
Particular issues and procedures in investment treaties have proved especially contentious at both conceptual and practical levels.
International trade, investment accords, increasing controversies
Two recent proposals on settling investment disputes have begun to attract attention and consideration in national and international circles.
PH climate change official tells APEC: No trade without addressing disaster risk issues
There can be no trade agreement without addressing disaster risk and climate change issues in the Asia-Pacific region, the Philippine government says.
TTIP poised to gut US states’ ability to protect on toxic chemicals
EU proposals for EU-US trade deal threaten democratic process for protecting people and the environment