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Flop Trade Agreements: Exports need policy impetus, not low tariffs
The global experience on FTAs suggests that regional FTAs (e.g. EU) and those between the North and the South (NAFTA) work. However, South-South FTAs are less inspiring. A key issue is whether the economies of the countries entering into an FTA complement or compete with each other.
The Fourth Hemispheric Summit against the FTAA launches today.
The current situation of the FTAAs negotiating process and the campaign of the people’s struggle against this annexation plan devised by the US Government will be analysed from today in the Fourth Hemispheric Summit of the Battle Against FTAAs.
EU and ASEAN to study possible free trade deal
The European Community and the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) have agreed to study the potential for a free trade agreement between the two groups, trade officials said on Wednesday.
Rice calls on Brazil to ’reenergize’ free trade talks
US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice called on Brazil to "reenergize" talks with the US on the proposed Free Trade Agreement of the Americas.
Textile makers oppose FTA over origin of raw materials
Thai textile and garment producers say they will lose opportunities to sell to Japan if conditions requested by Tokyo are incorporated into a free trade area (FTA) agreement now being negotiated.
Editorial: Asian FTA negotiations: It’s up to Tokyo to set a positive example
The Thailand-Japan free trade agreement will be counterproductive in Japan’s trade negotiations with other countries in the days ahead.
Sound CAFTA alarm bells
International trade agreements are boring. Mention the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) or the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) in most social settings and people’s eyes glaze over. The pros and cons of NAFTA, and now CAFTA, debate trade-offs between tariffs, consumer prices and job growth or loss. Since most of us are not economists, these discussions seem tedious and complicated.
United States pursues more free-trade agreements in the Middle East
Trying to entrench its economic and political ties in the region, and blaming the Gulf Cooperation Council’s slowness in devising region-wide economic measures, the United States is aggressively pursuing a number of free-trade agreements in this part of the Middle East.
Thailand-US FTA: "Whatever we have to sacrifice must be sacrificed, if that helps get a better deal"
The third round of Thailand-US free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations ended on 8 April with great disappointment for civil society activists because people’s demand and concerns were cast aside.
EHP reaps fruit of its success
China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) are making encouraging progress with the early harvest programme (EHP), which the two economies launched in January 2004.
Proliferation of bilateral FTAs will not undermine WTO process
The proliferation of bilateral free trade agreements (FTA) will not undermine the World Trade Organisation’s (WTO) process but instead may smoothen it, Malaysia’s International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz said.
Filipinos protest lopsided Japan-RP deal; demand disclosure of Japan-RP trade negotiations
The SNR Coalition scored today the ongoing negotiations for a bilateral trade agreeement between the Japan and Philippine governments called Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA) which was to be completed and signed in July of this year.
The regional free trade juggernaut - A poisoned chalice
Last week saw both the signing of a Free Trade Agreement between New Zealand and Thailand and another round of negotiations with Chile and Singapore on a Closer Economic Partnership, (P-3) probably now ’successfully’ concluded. "Yet few New Zealanders know about these agreements and their negative implications for many of the worst off citizens in all the countries involved", says the Action Research and Education Network of Aotearoa (ARENA).
Singapore, Brunei, Chile and NZ complete 5th round of FTA talks
Singapore, Chile, New Zealand and Brunei have completed their fifth round of Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations.
Japan-Malaysia economic pact may be signed in December
Malaysia and Japan are close to agreeing in principle the issues related to trade talks and other matters negotiated under the Japan-Malaysia Economic Partnership Agreement (JMEPA).
AIDS patients see life, death issues in trade pact
Public health experts fear that hope might fade for thousands of the region’s chronically ill if the Dominican Republic-Central American Free Trade Agreement, known as CAFTA, is approved this year.
Mexican industrialists want FTA with India
Calling for a boost in bilateral trade between India and Mexico, a visiting delegation of Mexican industrialists on Thursday floated the idea of having a Free-Trade Agreement (FTA) between the two countries.
Vegie growers face $500m a year FTA loss
Vegetable growers stood to lose $500 million a year and 5,000 jobs if Australia struck a free trade deal with China, the industry says.
Japan settles for ’low-risk, low-return’ FTA goals
Prudish about bilateral free-trade agreements just five years ago, Tokyo is now fielding partnership requests from 25 economies and regional blocs. But there is no denying an element of haphazardness in the way it is selecting some of the candidates.
China FTA could harm fruit and veg growers
The South Australian Farmers Federation (SAFF) says the introduction of a comprehensive free trade agreement (FTA)with China could decimate the state’s horticulture industry.