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The Mexican FTA that Macri wants for Argentina
The tale of a disaster waiting to happen? Mauricio Macri promised to open up to imports. And there is no doubt that he will do this.
The transatlantic free trade treaty: the climate’s enemy
Threats against environmental directives, legal arbitration against States, the growth of trade generating CO2… while discussions between the United States and the European Union continue, the author of this article demonstrates that this treaty is incompatible with the Paris Agreement on Climate.
Making the case for a French “agricultural carve out”
We need to reconstruct a law that takes into account the particularities of the agricultures that we want to preserve on the model of cultural exception.
Lifting sanctions against Iran: a perfect opportunity for Japanese industry
Numerous trade opportunities that have led Japan and Iran to sign an agreement, which marks the first stage in the process of economic rapprochement.
Belgium’s Wallonia vetoes Brussels’ approval of EU-Canada free trade deal
The government of Wallonia (French-speaking Belgian region) has refused to ratify the EU-Canada free trade agreement approved by the Belgian cabinet, the region’s minister-president said.
4600 Austrian jobs at risk from TTIP deal
As many as 4600 jobs could be lost in Austria as a result of the proposed TTIP trade agreement between Europe and the US.
Romania will veto the EU-Canada trade deal
Romania will not ratify the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between the EU and Canada, as an angry reaction to the refusal by Ottawa to lift the visa requirement of its nationals.
French court rules in favor of Russia’s Roscosmos in Yukos assets seizure case
Russian space agency Roscosmos has won a court action in France concerning $700 million in payments owed to the company, which were seized by French authorities.
EU-Mercosur talks — EU plans 78,000 tons offer
The EU is planning to offer the South American trade bloc an annual import quota of 78,000 tons of hormone-free beef.
Mexican president says wants to adopt rules from EU-US trade deal
Mexican President backed a planned free trade deal between the European Union and the United States known as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), saying his country could also adopt it.
EU agricultural cooperative urges ministers to ’reject outright’ Latin American free trade talks
Copa & Cogeca have urged EU Ministers to ’reject outright’ an EU Commission offer on agriculture which includes sensitive agriculture products in the free trade talks with the Latin American trade bloc Mercosur.
France seizes $ 1 billion in Russian state assets
France has seized $700 million in Russian state assets at the initiative of former Yukos shareholders.
America’s beef with Aussie farmers over Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal
American food and agriculture groups want to cut Australia out of their export markets.
Negotiation strategy shift: India, Australia could seal deal in services first, goods later
India and Australia could clinch a deal in services and investments earlier than one in goods under the proposed FTA, potentially marking a departure from the past strategy of concluding goods negotiations first.
China seeks free trade pact with East Africa region
China is negotiating for the creation of a free trade agreement with the EAC.
EU, Mercosur move forward on trade talks
Blocs will exchange offers on the second week of May, followed by meeting in Montevideo.
CETA ratification hangs in doubt over visa-free travel dispute
The ratification the EU-Canada trade agreement hangs in doubt due to the refusal of Canada to introduce reciprocity with EU countries on visa policy, by lifting the visa requirement for Bulgarians and Romanians.
High Court the final authority? Think again
US mining company Nucoil is using a free trade agreement to put pressure on the Australian government to pay compensation over cancelled licences.
Beijing seeks free trade agreement talks with European Union
Beijing wants Brussels to set the ambitious goal of launching free trade agreement talks in a bid to maximize the potential benefits for both sides while China implements its new five-year (2016-20) social and economic program.
This is a really dumb way to fix poverty
Hint: it involves taking money from poor people.