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Colombia: there’s no place for clean water under ’free trade’
The latest country to be hooked under ’free trade’ agreements is Colombia sued for tens of billions of dollars for valuing its national parks and the high-altitude Andean wetlands that provide 70% of the nation’s water above the profits of foreign corporations.
Canadian miners face uphill battle to collect on arbitration wins
Crystallex International Corp. completed the easy part: It won an arbitration award against Venezuela worth nearly US$1.4 billion. Now comes the hard part: actually collecting that money.
Perth public forum: TPP & RCEP trade deals
A round of negotiations towards the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) will take place in Perth at the end of April, and the TPP is under review by a parliamentary committee. AFTINET and UnionsWA invite to attend a public forum on the TPP and RCEP, Thursday the 28th of April, 2016.
RCEP: Round twelve and beyond. call for coordinated action in Asia Pacific by Forum against FTAs
Forum against FTAs (India) is calling for action against the next round of negotiations of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) amongst 16 Asian countries, that will be held as a five-day meeting in Perth, Australia starting from April 22, 2016.
The future of Europe lies in preserving its agricultural and other key sectors
Europe has all the assets needed to build a solid future for itself. However, to do so, it must take steps to defend and promote them.
Obama’s economic omens in Argentina
Obama’s visit to our country has left behind a host of controversies. Set out below, are the omens he made on economic affairs.
The TPP: A huge boulder welded to the US elections.
The US presidential electoral campaign is the most important political process of the year. It takes place amid a crisis which is clearly economic in nature but which has also been transformed into a crisis that is all too clearly about the traditional political party system.
TPP: Integration or finance and profit?
The last ten years have left in our America important elements for reflecting on continental integration, and respecting the recent agreement of the Transpacific Economic Partnership (TPP), which has 12 state parties.
Obedience: Hereafter, the US will have the final word on European laws!
Freedom – it is the ability to collectively choose our destiny. Liberty, by definition, can only be conceived and expressed within a framework that respects sovereignty.
Peru – The TPP quandary and access to medicines
Signing the TPP has provoked a debate on whether, when it comes into force, there will be a potential spike in medicines prices.
Costa Rica’s request to terminate Infinito Gold’s ICSID claim: brief reflections
On 24 July 2015, Costa Rica requested the termination of the arbitral proceedings that the Canadian Mining company, Infinito Gold filed with the Centre for the Settlement of Disputes between Foreign Investors and States.
The TTIP: serious consequences for public health
Private arbitral tribunals will be able to impose multi-million fines on States whose parliaments have dared to legislate without taking into account corporate expectations.
We oppose the negotiations of the EU-Mercosur FTA going forward
We, ATTAC Argentina, members of the CADTM – AYNA network, express our opposition to the negotiations, recently relaunched by the Mauricio Macri government, to sign a Free Trade Treaty (FTA) between the countries of Mercosur and the European Union.
France will drive the FTA with Mercosur but will protect agriculture
The French President, François Hollande, showed that he was politically in sync with the presidents of Uruguay, Tabaré Vázquez, and Argentina, Mauricio Macri, and opened dialogue on the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) that Mercosur and the European Union are negotiating.
Mercosur and Unasur establish a platform for the joint purchase of medicines
The historic decision to break barriers to improve access to costly medicines was taken during the “First Extraordinary Meeting of the Ministers of the Common Market of the South (Mercosur).
The Mexican FTA that Macri wants for Argentina
The tale of a disaster waiting to happen? Mauricio Macri promised to open up to imports. And there is no doubt that he will do this.
The transatlantic free trade treaty: the climate’s enemy
Threats against environmental directives, legal arbitration against States, the growth of trade generating CO2… while discussions between the United States and the European Union continue, the author of this article demonstrates that this treaty is incompatible with the Paris Agreement on Climate.
Making the case for a French “agricultural carve out”
We need to reconstruct a law that takes into account the particularities of the agricultures that we want to preserve on the model of cultural exception.
Lifting sanctions against Iran: a perfect opportunity for Japanese industry
Numerous trade opportunities that have led Japan and Iran to sign an agreement, which marks the first stage in the process of economic rapprochement.
Belgium’s Wallonia vetoes Brussels’ approval of EU-Canada free trade deal
The government of Wallonia (French-speaking Belgian region) has refused to ratify the EU-Canada free trade agreement approved by the Belgian cabinet, the region’s minister-president said.