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Diet debate on TPP deal begins amid opposition
The Diet started deliberations on a Pacific Rim free trade deal, with the ruling parties looking to have it ratified and related legislation enacted during the current session ending June 1.
India seeks zero duty on textiles in FTA with Australia
India wants zero duty on textiles, automobile parts and fresh fruit. On its part, Australia is seeking tariff reduction in dairy products, fresh fruit, pharmaceuticals and wines.
Venezuela ordered to pay Crystallex US$ 1.386 billion in arbitration ruling
An arbitration tribunal has ordered the Venezuelan government to pay a whopping US$1.386 billion to Canadian miner Crystallex International Corp.
It’s not just Europeans who will feel the consequences of TTIP
One element of TTIP has been largely ignored – the deal’s impact on developing countries.
ASEAN cautiously speeds steps toward financial integration
ASEAN finance officials have adopted a new timeline for integrating financial services across the regional bloc, aiming to tear down market barriers more quickly.
TPP will push Japanese farmers to grow cheaper rice in bid to boost exports
The nation’s farmers are set to produce less expensive rice than existing brands to boost exports, following the signing of a Pacific free trade deal that will expose them to fierce foreign competition.
A trade deal for the 21st century: an alternative to the TPP
It is possible to envision a different pattern of trade which will offer benefits for the bulk of the population of the United States and also for our trading partners in the developing world.
South Korea seeks new bilateral trade deal with Mexico
South Korea is looking to sign a new bilateral trade deal with Mexico, the country’s top commercial partner in Latin America.
Dette : l’Argentine prête à verser 50 millions à BNP Paribas
Dans le sillage des accords avec les fonds « vautours », Buenos Aires accepte de verser 52 millions de dollars à BNP Paribas.
Lebanon, Palestine join Agadir free trade agreement
The Arab Mediterranean free trade agreement also groups Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia, and allows greater access to European markets.
China misses deadline for ’negative list’ investment offer to U.S.
Chinese officials have missed their own deadline to submit a new offer for a proposed investment treaty that would shrink the number of sectors closed to American investors
ALECA… Retour sur impact!
Pour couper à toutes les spéculations concernant les éventuelles retombées du futur accord de libre-échange complet et approfondi (ALECA), nous proposons une lecture scientifique.
Here is why the EU appealed EU Court ruling on Western Sahara
The Official Journal of the European Union has published the appeal brought by the EU Council against the Court of Justice of the EU’s decision to annul the EU-Morocco agricultural agreement insofar as it applies in Western Sahara.
An inconvenient truth about free trade
“We have developed a politician who encourages the most dangerous kind of citizenship a democracy can know—the panicky, grasping, idealless kind.”
Mining company files ISDS case against Panama
New York-based Dominion Minerals Corporation decided to move ahead with an investor-state dispute case against the Panamanian government.
India, EU fail to make headway on free trade agreement talks
India and EU have failed to made the much-awaited announcement on resumption of long stalled negotiations for a free trade agreement as many bottlenecks still remain.
New analysis shows ’frivolous’ corporate sovereignty suits increasingly used to deter regulation rather than win compensation
Why would investors continue to file these highly costly cases, if the expected success rate is so low?
Investment protection in ASEAN – part 2: Bilateral Investment Agreements
In contrast to ASEAN-based investors that are protected under AICA, the level of protection for foreign investors largely depends on bilateral investment treaties.
TTIP means no way back for UK steel industry
The projected impacts of EU-US trade deal the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) on the UK metals sector means there is no way the government will be able to save the steel industry
Investment protection in ASEAN – part 1: the ASEAN Comprehensive Investment Agreement
The ASEAN Comprehensive Investment Agreement (ACIA) was adopted in 2009 to establish an investment environment based on international best practices.