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Despite assurances to contrary, intellectual property covered asset for TPP ISDS mechanism
Despite assurances from the contrary by Australia and USTR, intellectual property is a covered asset subject to Investor State Dispute Settlement
Details of Trans-Pacific Partnership text finally released
The final text of a huge 12-country trade agreement has confirmed the "worst nightmares" of environmental groups, with no mention of climate change in its lone environment chapter and weak enforcement mechanisms
TISA parties plan four rounds by July 2016 to advance priority annexes
The participants in the Trade In Services Agreements (TISA) have agreed to hold four more rounds of negotiations between November and mid-July 2016
Will the Trans Pacific Partnership have an impact on Indian pharma industry?
Implications of the TPP on the Indian pharma industry might not be entirely clear yet. But there is a need for India to engage in the debate of trade deals and public interest.
Abim, NGOs file suit to stop Putrajaya from signing TPPA
Angkatan Belia Islam Malaysia (Abim) and two other Malay non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have filed for a judicial review to stop Putrajaya from signing the contentious Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA).
Dissents matter
Ecuador has been partially relieved of its debt to Occidental, which constitutes a pretty legalistic and conservative application of property rights by a state appointee dissenter.
The rise in arbitration claims filed by renewable energy investors under the Energy Charter Treaty
The number of claims filed by renewable energy investors under the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) has risen significantly.
New Zealand/EU free trade talks criticised
Irish Farmers Association president Eddie Downey has already warned that farmers across Europe would resist any trade deal with New Zealand that could undermine the EU’s valuable domestic markets for beef, sheep, and dairy products.
ATL MST Sida-Tunis tire la sonnette d’alarme : l’accès des Tunisiens aux médicaments en danger
Les conséquences des dispositions relatives à la propriété intellectuelle contenues dans l’accord signé entre l’Union Européenne et la Tunisie et leurs conséquences sur la santé publique en Tunisie inquiètent.
What the Internet needs vs. What the TPP demands
Who should make the policies that will determine the future of the Internet? A select list of corporate lobbyists and unelected government officials, meeting without public oversight or involvement?
Why Internet users should be very angry about the TPP
The TPP is about a lot more than dairy and cars – it’s also about our fundamental right to free expression.
Japan releases TPP details – Vietnam to abolish tariffs and economic needs test
Besides abolishing tariffs and providing for investor-state dispute settlement, some of Vietnam’s highlights under the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade pact include removing the dreaded economic needs test
Ecuador-Occidental arbitration award reduced to $1 bln
A World Bank tribunal reduced to about $1 billion the amount Ecuador must pay Occidental Petroleum Corp in compensation for seizing the U.S.-based company’s assets
The Free Trade agreement between the EU and Canada threatens water management
The European Commission always maintained that water would be excluded from the CETA, but a careful reading of the consolidated text of the treaty shows that the reality is different.
US asks India to step up investment treaty talks
The US government has again pushed India to expedite negotiations on the proposed Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIT).
TPP fishery impact to be ‘limited,’ for now: farm ministry
The impact on fishery products from the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement is likely to be “limited,” although tariffs are set to be axed for most of the 300 or so items listed in the free trade pact.
Ecuador says talking to Occidental to resolve oil assets seizure
Ecuador is in talks with Occidental Petroleum Corp to seek an agreement over a roughly $1.77 billion award the Andean country was ordered to pay for seizing the U.S.-based company’s assets in 2006
Documents suggest Europe sees future Caribbean ties within ambit of CELAC
If for the Caribbean the future relationship with EU is to be less about trade and development and more about a political dialogue, new thinking and a fundamental re-assessment of the balance in external relations is required.
Privacy and ISDS after Safe Harbour invalidation: Singapore FTA
The Court of Justice of the EU should assess whether the trade agreement with Singapore is compatible with the EU Treaties and Charter of fundamental rights before it enters into force.
New Zealand open to ditching old ISDS model under NZ - EU trade deal
New Zealand has an open mind about replacing traditional investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) with a new international court-based system proposed by the European Union.