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Malaysia in talks on FTA with Bosnia and Herzegovina
The Malaysian Government is in discussions on establishing a free trade agreement (FTA) with Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Mauritius: EPA - Mauritius to adhere to new provisions
Mauritius will sign the Joint Undertaking on Administrative Cooperation for the Implementation of the Cumulation Provisions contained in the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPA).
EU Parliament adopts robust mechanism needed for Paris climate talks. Are European national leaders ready to act?
EU Parliament adopts robust mechanism needed for Paris climate talks. Are European national leaders ready to act?
Leaked documents show TTIP negotiations in deadlock on most issues
EU member states are concerned about the “tough negotiation process in all key areas” of the TTIP agreement
Corporate rights in trade agreements: Attacking the environment and community values
A private trade tribunal ruled that Canada violated rules in NAFTA because of an environmental impact assessment that led Canada to reject a company’s controversial mining project from moving forward in an important cultural and ecological area in Nova Scotia.
RCEP - draft chapter on investment (Oct 2015)
As leaked on RCEP Legal
Legendary Texas oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens is suing Ontario for $700 million over wind power
Pickens is using his rights under the North American Free Trade Agreement to bring claims against the Canadian province of Ontario.
Trans Pacific Partnership IP chapter – trademarks, thoughts on geographical indications
This article offers accompanying commentary together on the TPP’s trademark provisions together with thoughts on portions of the TPP text regarding Geographical Indications (GIs)
Fallout from EU-US Safe Harbour ruling will be dramatic and far-reaching
Clever ruling by the Court of Justice will be almost impossible to circumvent. The "Safe Harbour" ruling is likely to affect trade agreements like TISA and TTIP in important ways.
Thousands of Saharawis protest against San Leon Energy
Massive numbers of Saharawi refugees gathered to send a clear message to Irish oil company San Leon Energy which is looking for oil in their occupied homeland: "San Leon: go home".
Member states give Commission green light to go ahead with second tariff offer in TTIP
Following intensive technical discussions, the trade representatives backed the Commission’s proposal to upgrade from 96% to 97% the EU’s offer on full abolition of tariff lines at the entry into force of the agreement.
The Volkswagen scandal and TTIP
The Volkswagen scandal has, above all, shown to the general public what had long been clear to people in Europe who are campaigning for better air quality: the car industry has too much influence on politics in Europe.
Fiji will not change its stance
Agreement must be development-centered
Trading away land rights
TPP, investment agreements, and the governance of land
What the Trans-Pacific Partnership means for the cost of drugs
A quick analysis of the leaked text shows there are good reasons to be concerned that the TPP’s generous IP protections could still prove a minefield for efforts to control drug costs in Canada
FACIL contre le Partenariat transpacifique et la Loi antiterroriste de 2015
FACIL tient à affirmer publiquement son opposition au PTP. La version finale du chapitre sur la propriété intellectuelle confirme les craintes des principaux organismes qui défendent les droits et les libertés des humains dans la société numérique.
German government hits back after TTIP demo
Despite the massive anti-TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) protest in Berlin, the German government and industry still want to press on with the negotiations
Drugs row threatens health sector budget
Ahead of a meeting between Indian Prime Minister Modi and German Chancellor Merkel this week, European manufacturers had already protested India’s patents policy, arguing that it doesn’t protect sensitive technology.
China-backed trade pact playing catch-up after U.S.-led TPP deal
While RCEP has largely been seen as an alternative to U.S.-led trade plans, some say that view is evolving. China may ultimately look to steer RCEP talks towards a broader pact that would encompass TPP into a Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific (FTAAP) an idea first put forward by APEC.
EU deal will put elderly care at risk
Elderly people’s homes in Ireland will be open to unfettered competition putting care at risk under the terms being drafted for the trade and services agreement between the EU and the US.