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Expect influx of foreign workers, professionals under TPP, experts say
An influx of skilled foreign workers is expected under the Trans-Pacific Partnership, but the agreement also makes it easier for Canadians to work abroad. Whether the gains and losses will balance themselves out in Canada is up for debate among experts.
TPP & ISDS: new tests for India
For India, the U.S.-driven Trans Pacific Partnership will skew investment and intellectual property rights, and especially the debate over the Investor State Dispute System which allows companies to challenge soverign rights and public policy.
Parties lock horns over Korea-China FTA
Rival parties clashed over the delayed ratification of a free trade agreement signed between South Korea and China
Negotiator says EU would remove auto tariffs if Japan opens farm market
The European Union will abolish its tariffs on automobiles only if Japan liberalizes its agricultural sector under a free trade agreement currently being negotiated, EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom
Thailand ’highly likely’ to decide to join TPP: deputy prime minister
Thailand is "highly likely" to decide to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade deal (TPP), Thai deputy Prime Minister Somkid Jatusripitak said.
India adopts arbitration law reforms
In a significant development for Indian arbitration law, the President of India has formally adopted the Arbitration and Conciliation Ordinance 2015, which will bring about major and long-awaited reforms to arbitration in India.
TTIP’s regulatory cooperation and the politics of ‘learning’
The focus on the ISDS has diverted attention from another institutional development, namely, the equally important and equally dangerous ‘Regulatory Cooperation’.
Death on a plate: TTIP, meat inspections and your food
’Death on a plate: TTIP, meat inspections and your food’ features the testimony of a mother whose daughter died from eating contaminated meat and comments by a government meat inspector and others in the food industry.
TTIP talks: EU alleged to have given ExxonMobil access to confidential papers
Documents and emails obtained by the Guardian reveal ‘collusion’ between Brussels and industry over the fossil fuel push in free trade negotiations.
ICSID tribunal renders interim decision on Ecuador’s environmental counterclaim in long-running dispute
Perenco Ecuador Limited (Perenco)—a French-owned oil and gas company—and the Republic of Ecuador have been involved in arbitration since 2008 under the France–Ecuador bilateral investment treaty (BIT).
Thai government lifts total ban on arbitration clauses in state contracts
A recent Thai Cabinet resolution relaxes the restriction on arbitration clauses in some public contracts.
EU and Philippines to begin free trade talks
The European Union (EU) and the Philippines are to start talks on a free-trade agreement, in an attempt to boost trade and investment.
Two thirds of European oil refineries ready for tar sands imports
More than two thirds of European oil refineries are now equipped to process tar sands, research has found, raising fears the EU is ready to welcome a flood of imports of one of the most environmentally devastating fuels in production.
EU-Guyana trade deal must protect land rights, activists say
A potential trade pact between the European Union and Guyana must contain land rights protections for local residents in order to avert the possible displacement of indigenous people.
RI-EU CEPA paves way for TPP
The Indonesia-EU Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA), which is expected to come into effect within the next two years, is likely to ready Indonesia to join the US-led Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
Panama and Israel sign free trade agreement
Latin American nation’s first FTA with a Middle Eastern nation focuses on innovation and technology transfer
The new gold standard? Empirically situating the TPP in the investment treaty universe
The TPP investment chapter offers few truly novel features and is instead heavily influenced by prior American treaty practice.
State’s leadership on healthy food and farming at risk under proposed trade deals
U.S. negotiators are looking to wrap up two new massive trade agreements that could threaten the continued viability of labeling laws to educate and protect consumers and support local food systems.
EU tables official TTIP investment text, with changes on parallel claims
The new European Union proposal for an investment chapter in the TTIP is mostly identical to the draft chapter Brussels released but makes what could be significant changes to how parallel claims are handled and tightens rules on arbitrator conduct.
A user-focused commentary on the TPP ISP Safe Harbors
This post offers a comparison of TPP’s IP chapter and the DMCA with a focus on the rights of users and the status of user expression in the TPP’s intermediary safe harbor provisions.