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Does the EU’s “Investment Court System” put an end to ISDS?
Professor Gus Van Harten, Osgoode Hall Law School, and Rupert Schlegelmilch, European Commission, Directorate General for Trade discuss the European Commission’s proposed “Investment Court System”.
Why is Philip Morris International Inc. suing these countries?
Philip Morris is dragging countries with tight tobacco regulations into costly legal battles.
Zero chance’ of Thailand FTA under junta, Commission official says
The suspended Free Trade Agreement with Thailand will “never be ratified” whilst the country is under a military dictatorship, a top aide to EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom admitted
Could haze in Asia give rise to treaty claims?
The smoke haze that has engulfed Singapore, Malaysia and other parts of Southeast Asia for two months could violate international law and be the subject of an investment treaty claim against Indonesia.
A transatlantic agreement but at what cost to SMEs?
The potential effects of the United States / Europe trade agreement (TTIP) on local economies and SMEs.
Asean, China sign FTA upgrade protocol
Asean and China signed the protocol to amend the existing FTA to an upgraded version.
Government prepares team for TPP negotiations
Despite strong opposition to its sudden expression of intent to join the US-led Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the government says it is proceeding with preparations by establishing a special team to thoroughly review the trade-pact agreement.
EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement to be signed in December
The EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA) is expected to be officially signed at the beginning of December, during a visit by senior Vietnamese leaders to Europe.
L’économie tunisienne malmenée par le libre-échange
La Tunisie, où l’industrie est en train de dépérir, est en passe de se transformer, grâce au libre-échange, d’un pays «producteur» en un pays «consommateur».
ASEAN | SE Asia creates economic community, but challenges remain
Thirteen years after mooting the idea, Southeast Asian leaders formally created a unified economic community.
Correa: Ecuador has nearly reached agreement on payment to Oxy
President Rafael Correa said that Ecuador had "practically" reached agreement on the payment of compensation to U.S. oil company Occidental Petroleum.
India, Brazil agree to boost bilateral trade ties
The two countries agreed to hold trade monitoring mechanism and CEOs forums to explore potential areas of collaborations.
Beijing-backed free-trade plan fails to advance at Apec
South China Sea disputes a hot topic of discussion but declaration at the end of the Asia-Pacific leaders summit makes no reference to the issues
AEC set to miss deadline for free-trade bloc
The Asean Economic Community was scheduled to set up a free-trade bloc by the end of 2015 but legislative foot-dragging and obstructive border practices have effectively prevented the free movement of goods, services and workers.
Europe’s leaders must devise a global trading system that puts the poor first
The EU’s professed commitment to sustainable development is not reflected in its proposed text for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership
EU-Japan FTA: Why negotiations are far from over
Hopes that the three year-old negotiations between the EU and Japan towards a free trade agreement could be finalised by the end of this year are fading.
‘Nigeria’s problem with ECOWAS, EU deal self-inflicted’
The noise over perceived negative effects of the EPA between the European Union and ECOWAS on the Nigerian economy particularly the manufacturing sector is self-inflicted because Nigeria failed to do what it ought to do during the negotiations
APEC endorses regionwide pact
Leaders of 21 Asia-Pacific economies agreed to push forward with a wider free trade agreement, even as U.S. and China form their own free trade blocs to gain greater influence in the region.
Behind pomp of APEC summit, crushing poverty endures
Opponents argue the APEC agenda of liberalizing trade further strengthens wealthy nations at the expense of developing countries, who largely can only compete in low wage industries such as garment manufacturing.
Roundup: Civil society groups demand to be heard in building ASEAN
Civil society organizations are complaining that they are being shut out of the official process during a pivotal stage of ASEAN’s development, as it seeks to develop the ASEAN Economic Community