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Shake it off – Break the TPP!
It is time to SHAKE OFF the mother of all corporate give-aways — the Trans Pacific Partnership, a.k.a. “the TPP”. Sing it, dance it, above all BREAK IT!
The Trans-Pacific Partnership and the environment: an assessment of commitments and trade agreement enforcement
Like TPP, U.S. free trade agreement (FTA) formed in the past two decades have similarly promised meaningful and enforceable labor and environmental safeguards.
Stronger TPP support hammered out for beef, pork farmers
In a set of measures to cut the impact of trade liberalization under the planned Trans-Pacific Partnership accord, the ruling Liberal Democratic Party has included stronger support for loss-making beef and pork farmers
Japan to strengthen copyright protections in light of TPP
The Cultural Affairs Agency is considering revising the copyright laws after Japan and 11 other countries agreed to strengthen protection of intellectual property rights as part of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement.
Small businesses start to campaign against TTIP
Many small businesses are not convinced by the benefits of TTIP. Some of them have started to campaign, which for time-pressed small businesses, is quite a big thing.
Trans-Pacific Partnership investment chapter: maintaining important protections for U.S. investors overseas
The final text of the TPP’s Investment Chapter remains broadly consistent with other U.S. investment agreements and includes some important new language that is consistent with the U.S. Model BIT issued by the U.S. State Department
Japan-Mongolia FTA (2015)
EU-Singapore FTA (2015)
Authentic text as of May 2015
EU Trade Insight: Schulz and Lange push for inclusion of ICS in CETA – in brief
European Parliament President, Martin Schulz and Chair of the EP’s International Trade Committee, Bernd Lange said they wanted the Investment Court System (ICS) to be also part of the EU free trade agreement with Canada, known as CETA.
Next generation treaty
India’s new model BIT makes it clear that its goal is to accomplish more than investor protection.
Worried about the TPP? Australia is pushing another bad deal
Despite receiving little attention in Australia, efforts to establish a new regional trade agreement are raising eyebrows among Pacific neighbours
APEC ministers welcome progress in creating new trade zone
Ministers of 21 Asia-Pacific economies on Tuesday welcomed progress in efforts to establish a region-wide free trade zone as they wrapped up a two-day meeting in Manila.
Protests continue as Obama praises TPP at APEC summit
APEC has been overshadowed by South China Sea tensions and terrorism, but still as leaders discuss free trade, protesters slam them for worsening poverty.
Xi Jinping to APEC: Adopt China free trade policies, initiatives for Aspac inclusive growth
To address the global challenges faced by Asia Pacific economies, APEC businesses should adopt China’s free trade and investment agreements, policies, and initiatives, Chinese President Xi Jinping said
TPP fine print: Biotech seed companies win again
The TPP requires countries to join international patent treaties that serve the interests of global biotech seed companies.
Time for cost-benefit analysis of all free-trade deals
Time for cost-benefit analysis of all free-trade deals
EU to launch trade talks with Australia and Philippines
The EU and Australia have agreed to launch negotiations on a free trade agreement (FTA) during the margins of the G20 summit in Turkey, whilst the Council gave the go-ahead for negotiations to start on an FTA with the Philippines.
South Africa spurns free trade to protect its meat market
America and South Africa are beating the drumsticks of trade war
Why doesn’t the Trans-Pacific Partnership mention climate change?
While the text of the TPP does address the environment in general ways, it does so with none of the urgency that climate change action demands.
Papua New Guinea leader confident country able to join TPP deal
Papua New Guinea Prime Minister sees no reason why his country cannot become a member of TPP trade agreement.