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Why trade matters
International trade has been an important component in the economies of the Malay Archipelago. Despite this, the extent to which international trade affects our daily lives may not be fully appreciated by many of us.
Indonesia needs more time to decide on joining TPP
President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has stated that Indonesia is still calculating the benefits and disadvantages of joining the Trans Pacific Partnership.
New AFL-CIO TPP Report Highlights Lack of Worker Protections
A report by the US unions makes the case that TPP’s labor chapter and consistency plans do not protect workers sufficiently and in a meaningful manner
Investment court system, ISDS in disguise: 10 reasons why the EU’s proposal doesn’t fix a flawed system
The European Commission has proposed a new ’Investment Court System’ to replace the current investor to state dispute settlement mechanism (ISDS) in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and other future investment deals.
West Africa and EU prepare towards EPA implementation
West Africa and the European Union continue to prepare for the implementation of the Economic Partnership Agreement — pending its signature by all member states — by putting together the necessary texts for the institutional bodies and instruments envisaged under the EPA, in order that it becomes operational immediately upon entering into force.
Global dairy prices stem from bad trade agreements
New Zealand First is blasting the government for poor quality “free trade” agreements and exposing New Zealand farming to questionable Chinese investment.
Thai livestock industry opposes TPP agreement
The Swine Raisers Association of Thailand and other livestock groups yesterday protested against the country’s move to enter the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement claiming that doing so would bring enormous damages to Thailand’s livestock industry.
Parts of Canada-EU trade deal still being revised: chief negotiator
Canada is working with the European Union to revise controversial investor protection provisions in their landmark free trade deal at the direction of the new Liberal government.
Canada re-opens investment talks with India
Canada’s government has officially re-opened negotiations with India over a bilateral investment treaty the two sides nearly agreed upon almost a decade ago.
Japan and the Islamic Republic of Iran sign a bilateral investment agreement
The Agreement stipulates rules for investment protection and the development of an investment environment.
TPP may bankrupt Indonesia, activists say
Indonesia could fall into bankruptcy if the biggest market in Southeast Asia join the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which would allow investors to sue the government.
Thailand’s challenges on TPP framework
Thailand has decided to join the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). That will be the key message Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha will deliver to President Barack Obama at the special Asean-US meeting.
US-EU trade will undermine ’tax justice,’ says report
The secretive TTIP could make it easier than ever for big business to sue governments, according to new research.
The zombie ISDS
Rebranded as ICS, rights for corporations to sue states refuse to die.
India proposes informal forum to resolve RCEP issues
Keen on an expeditious conclusion of the biggest trade accord in Asia, India has proposed the creation of a forum for in formal resolution of prickly issues under the planned Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership.
Conciliation and arbitration law: Times of change in investment protection in Bolivia
Bolivia’s experience has shown that attracting foreign investment does not by itself generate the expected development for host states and that, rather, it consists in a mechanism for financing and transferring resources from the South to the North.
Negotiations kick off on a binding treaty on business and human rights
The UNGPs set out a three-pillar framework: the state duty to protect human rights, the corporate responsibility to respect human rights, and access to remedy for victims of business-related abuses.
Obama to push trade agenda at summit with Southeast Asian nations
A summit between Southeast Asian leaders and President Barack Obama is unlikely to deliver any big economic prizes, but will allow the American side to press the advantages of joining a Pacific trade pact that doesn’t include China.
EU-Moldova Association Agreement implementation delayed
Prime Minister Pavel Filip said that the parliament of Moldova considered in 2015 only one-third of projects stipulated by the plan for the implementation of the EU-Moldova Association Agreement.
I am an artist and I want to stop TTIP
Artists Against TTIP wants to work with actors, writers and directors to make films that help more and more people understand what TTIP is - and how toxic it is to our health, our environment and our democracy.