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Ecuador says talking to Occidental to resolve oil assets seizure
Ecuador is in talks with Occidental Petroleum Corp to seek an agreement over a roughly $1.77 billion award the Andean country was ordered to pay for seizing the U.S.-based company’s assets in 2006
Documents suggest Europe sees future Caribbean ties within ambit of CELAC
If for the Caribbean the future relationship with EU is to be less about trade and development and more about a political dialogue, new thinking and a fundamental re-assessment of the balance in external relations is required.
Privacy and ISDS after Safe Harbour invalidation: Singapore FTA
The Court of Justice of the EU should assess whether the trade agreement with Singapore is compatible with the EU Treaties and Charter of fundamental rights before it enters into force.
New Zealand open to ditching old ISDS model under NZ - EU trade deal
New Zealand has an open mind about replacing traditional investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) with a new international court-based system proposed by the European Union.
U.S. wary of EU proposal for investment court in trade pact
The United States is wary of a European Union proposal for a new court system to settle investment disputes as part of the world’s biggest free-trade agreement
Joseph Stiglitz: under TPP, polluters could sue U.S. for setting carbon emissions limits
The basic point is that TPP is a trade agreement that has all kinds of provisions intended to restrict regulations.
Massive Indonesian plantation fires create environmental catastrophe spewing haze & carbon emissions
"By Indonesia joining the TPP, which the U.S. was urging them to do, Indonesia will be losing much of the capacity they would need to regulate the corporations"
EU-Southern Africa trade deal to be signed in Botswana in May
The European Union and five Southern African Development Community states will meet in Botswana in May to sign a trade deal that has taken at least 10 years to complete.
EU-SADC EPA (2015)
Text agreed to July 2014, the tariffs in October 2015, to be signed May 2016.
Indonesia will join Trans-Pacific Partnership, Jokowi tells Obama
Barack Obama has won Indonesia’s endorsement for a contentious trans-Pacific trade deal, with the country’s president promising to join. President Joko Widodo declares after White House meeting that he will sign up to TPP – but risks provoking anger among protectionists at home.
Here’s why Indonesia joining the TPP is easier said than done
Indonesian President Joko Widodo said Indonesia intends to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership but there are obstacles to implementation in a country where economic nationalism runs deep.
U.S. trade czar says Britain would lose on trade outside the EU
The United States is not keen on pursuing a separate free trade deal with Britain if it leaves the European Union
The TTIP of the spear
Selling Europe’s trade agreement with America as “strategic” has problems
Shallow justifications for TPPA
Catherine Beard claims there is no problem with the ability of corporations to sue the New Zealand government in offshore tribunals for loss of profits under the TPPA. She bases this on "commissioned research" from the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (NZIER).
The GNWT’s dangerous affair with China
Why FIPA makes the territorial government’s hot pursuit of trade with this superpower toxic for the North.
Is investor-state dispute settlement legal? A plea for EU judges to check
We have severe doubts that ISDS is compatible with EU law, as we show in our new study.
International trade: UN expert calls for abolition of Investor-State dispute settlement arbitrations
Trade must be made to work for human rights and development and not against them,” the United Nations Independent Expert on the promotion of a democratic and equitable international order, Alfred de Zayas, has said
India must resist US pressure on generic drugs, African leaders to tell Modi
So far, the NDA government has been a mute spectator to the US pharma strategy of forcing Indian generics manufacturers to produce only what is required for Indian consumers and abandon the export of cheap drugs to Africa
USITC Report on India (#2) now available
The United States International Trade Commission (USITC) has published a report on IPR policy transparency by India’s new government
Indonesia ’not ready’ to join TPP
Joining the TPP might put Southeast Asia’s largest economy in an inferior position in relation to other members of the TPP and the world more broadly.