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How TPP can disrupt ASEAN economic integration
The inclusion of some ASEAN members in the TPP and the exclusion of the rest has potential disruptive effects on ASEAN economic integration.
ANALYSIS: In final version of its new model investment treaty, India dials back ambition of earlier proposals – but still favors some big changes
Following the release in April of 2015 of a draft model investment treaty, the government of India unveiled a final version of its proposed negotiating text.
Pakistan, Sri Lanka include services and investments in FTA
Sri Lanka and Pakistan have agreed to include services and investment chapters in the bilateral Free Trade Agreement.
Model text for the Indian Bilateral Investment Treaty (2015)
As published by the Ministry of Finance, Government of India
EU meets U.S. regulatory demands halfway with ’Better Regulation Agenda’
The European Commission’s new "Better Regulation Agenda" partially addresses U.S. demands in trans-Atlantic free trade talks for more transparency and opportunities for stakeholders to influence the crafting of EU rules.
West Africa: EPA - U.S. $8.94 billion development package tears Ecowas apart
The negative effects of opening up 75 percent of ECOWAS markets, with its 300 million consumers, to Europe over a 20-year period, are legion and cut across all facets of the economic life of Africa.
SA is in ’extra time’ over Agoa – Rob Davies
The trade and industry minister insists SA will continue talks over the African Growth and Opportunity Act and it is for the US to "blow the whistle".
Australia tobacco clash reverberates in EU trade talks
The inclusion of an ISDS in an EU agreement could raise the likelihood of such cases being brought against all kinds of public interest and health protecting policies in the future.
EU-Ukraine free-trade accord goes into effect despite Moscow’s opposition
Ukraine’s free-trade deal with the EU went into effect, coinciding with the start of Moscow’s food embargo against Kiev.
Infographie : Tafta ou territoire d’alternatives
Cette infographie anticipe les conséquences du Tafta sur une commune ordinaire et expose un visage alternatif de cette même ville, transformée par ses politiques pionnières de transition sociale et écologique.
EAC set for major trade boost in new cargo system
Trade within East Africa Trade will receive a boost this year with the implementation of the cargo pre-clearance system at the port of Mombasa by the Kenya Revenue Authority.
COMESA appreciates Tripartite FTA progress
The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Council of Ministers has appreciated the progress made so far in the negotiating process that include finalising the outstanding work in Phase 1 of the Tripartite Free Trade Area Agreement (TFTA).
Kenyan Sugar Gets Extra 1 Year Comesa Safeguard
Kenya has been granted a one-year extension of sugar import limits from the regional trade bloc Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) to revamp its ailing sugar industry.
COMESA tackles maize trade
The Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) has launched a roadmap that will address differences in standards and regulations that hinder regional trade in maize.
RCEP: India offers no duty cuts on steel to China, Aus, NZ
India has not offered any duty cut on steel to China, Australia and New Zealand as part of the ongoing negotiations for the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) agreement.
Resolute Forest Products sues for $70M over Port Hawkesbury aid
NAFTA action comes after closure of Laurentide mill blamed on Nova Scotian mill.
Foreign Direct Investment: myths and realities
There is no clear evidence that bilateral investment treaties have a strong impact on the direction of FDI inflows.
American mining giant escaped Indonesian law with ISDS
American mining corporation Newmont escaped the domestic processing requirement from Indonesia’s 2009 Mining Law. It achieved this by using a clause in a Dutch investment treaty.
EU Agriculture would be gross losers in TTIP Agreement - Anderson MEP
A study carried out on behalf of the US Department of Agriculture shows that EU Agriculture would be the gross loser in any of the three scenarios considered.
TPP - what is the cost for Vietnam?
"How much did Vietnam have to trade off to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Vietnam-EU Free Trade Area (FTA)? Surely, we will have to pay dearly for them when the tax rate falls to zero percent," said Prof. Nguyen Mai.