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TTIP negotiations not even half done
An internal European assessment shows talks stalled on key issues.
NBR Radio Special: Jane Kelsey on TPP legal action
Auckland law professor Jane Kelsey is challenging an “unlawful” government decision to deny an official trade document request.
Canada’s CBC could be threatened by TPP, journalists warn
Leaked details of the TPP suggest Canada’s public broadcaster could be forced into privatization, according to analysts.
National politics put trade talks under pressure
While domestic political schedules are making it imperative for the U.S., Japan and Canada to wrap up a historic trans-Pacific trade pact, New Zealand and Mexico appear intent on prolonging the talks to extract the best concessions possible.
Uruguay, Paraguay drop out of TiSA talks
U.S. trade officials acknowledged Uruguay and Paraguay’s decision to drop out of talks on the proposed Trade in International Services agreement.
At Obama-Modi meeting in New York, MSF urges India to protect affordable medicines for millions
Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) warned that US pressure for India to change its intellectual property policies could result in millions of people around the world losing their lifeline of affordable medicines.
Japan, China, South Korea fail to strike FTA deal
Japan, China and South Korea ended their two-day negotiations on a trilateral trade agreement without fruit.
Dairy at risk, China free trade deal updated
China is poised to upgrade its ground-breaking free trade agreement with New Zealand but scoring a major move in favour of NZ’s dairy exporters will be problematic.
The implications of CET for Nigerian products
Common External Tariff (CET) has remained an issue of strong discourse and controversy in West Africa for many years, particularly since the inception of the Economic Partnership Agreement negotiations.
India’s act ‘breaches’ int’l conventions, agreements
Experts have termed India’s unofficial trade blockade on Nepal as a breach of international conventions and multilateral agreements that both Nepal and India have signed.
The information hurdle in free trade agreements
In its Foreign Trade Policy statement, issued in March, the commerce ministry talked of a relative lack of awareness about the potential benefits from free trade agreements (FTAs). Also, that industry is not adequately oriented to using such FTAs to find new markets and products, except when these adversely affect their business.
CETA deal "rigs the game," says P.E.I. producers
Critics attack trade deal in football parody skit.
EU and US mega deal sparks inflated emotions
Negotiations are about import tariffs but mainly about sanitary and phytosanitary standards, which can have far-reaching consequences for agriculture.
All 56 SNP MPs sign motion expressing major concerns about TTIP
Campaigners against the big-business deal TTIP have welcomed the signing of a Commons motion raising major concerns about it by all 56 SNP MPs.
Anti-TPP campaigners argue text ban is unlawful
A court has been told that the government’s refusal to release information about the Trans-Pacific Partnership is unlawful and constitutionally dangerous.
Gordon Campbell on TPP dairy , and investor-state disputes
Gordon Campbell on New Zealand’s TPP done deal on dairy, and on investor-state disputes
French minister: ’TTIP talks are not transparent’
Negotiations for an EU-US free trade agreement "are not transparent" and could end if no progress is made, French trade minister Mathias Fekl said.
Canada-EU trade deal that allows US firms to sue British govt sparks outrage
Campaigners gathered outside a secret court in central London on Friday to protest against a controversial EU-Canada trade deal that will empower corporations to sue the British government.
La Belgique ne peut signer le premier traité transatlantique commercial
Retour sur une journée d’actions et de rencontres ministérielles visant 6 gouvernements belges.
Canada’s foreign policy fails to support human rights in Colombia
A new report Colombia in the Shadow of Human Right Abuses confirms that human rights violations have not abated over the four years since the implementation of the Canada-Columbia Free Trade Agreement