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ECI last call
TPP protesters arrested in Wellington
A large group of protesters battling against the controversial Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal have been arrested for trespassing in Wellington this afternoon.
Positive effects of TTIP tribunals for investment unclear
According to EU Commissioner for Trade Cecilia Malmström, "no direct relationship" can be seen between the controversial arbitration tribunals in the draft EU-US trade agreement and increased investment, adding fuel to its critics’ fires.
Cairn Energy set to go to ICJ against India
Cairn Energy is set to approach the International Court of Justice (ICJ), asking it to appoint an arbitrator on behalf of the Indian government in its $1.6 bn...
Gov’t accuses Marsans group of ’selling’ ICSID lawsuit to vulture fund
Litigation finance treats litigation claims as financeable assets, just like real estate or receivables
Uruguay decision to exit controversial trade deal talks with US appropriate
Former Uruguayan senator Alberto Couriel said that there is "no free trade" in the Trade in Services Agreement (TISA), promoted by the United States.
India likely to sign FTA with Australia, Chile soon
India are very close to signing FTA with Chile and having next level discussion with Australia for FTA agreement according to Department of Commerce Joint Secretary Dammu Ravi on the sidelines of industry consultation meeting on RCEP Negotiations.
Australia’s stance in IP negotiations: ‘That didn’t work, let’s do it again.’
Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is meant to be one definition of insanity. It’s also a pretty good definition of poor policymaking.
Towards post-Western investment law?
International Investment Law (IIL) has always been a battleground of competing paradigms and imaginations of economic world order. Today, the old battles between North and South over the rules of global investment are considered history.
Auto parts differences between Japan, U.S. and others seen clouding prospects for next TPP ministerial talks
The 12 countries taking part in Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade negotiations are likely to face difficulties in arranging a ministerial meeting as Japan, the United States and others were unable to narrow the gap over the automotive sector in recent working-level talks.
How many jobs? The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement will create hardly any
The free trade deal is now about jobs, except the government has got the number all wrong.
Impacts of the Thai-EU Free Trade Agreement on plant varieties, biodiversity and food security
If Thailand accepts the intellectual property law in the course of the negotiations for the Free Trade Agreement of EU-Thai, this will have several impacts on farmers, biodiversity and food security.
Update on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership agreement – NGO briefing
While RCEP was initially framed as an agreement that would be more flexible for low and middle income countries, there is evidence that some governments from industrialised countries are seeking to pursue aspects which would be very damaging for developing countries.
Australia’s treaty-making process is broken. The China free trade deal is a case in point
By the time a free trade agreement like Chafta reaches parliament it has already been agreed to. Democracy demands more than a ‘take it or leave it’ approach
East Africa: region’s exports to EU face tough conditions
Mistrust has emerged among the East African Community partner states over Tanzania’s commitment to the Economic Partnership Agreement that would give the region’s goods duty-free access to European markets.
Local councils tearing strips off TTIP
Politicians in both Brussels and Westminster have taken great pains to try and brush off people’s many concerns about the toxic trade deal being pushed through by the EU and the United States.
In snub to US push for new services pact, Uruguay pulls out of negotiations
Just a week before the deadline for submitting national offers on liberalisation of services sectors under the on-going “secret” talks for a Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA), Uruguayan President Tabare Vazquez decided to abandon the plurilateral negotiations.
The TPP will finish what Chile’s dictatorship started
This September 11th will be the forty-second anniversary of the US-backed coup against the democratically-elected Chilean government. Salvador Allende warned against neoliberalism’s disastrous effects just before he was overthrown. He was right to be worried.
Resisting the ‘law of greed’
There has been an explosive increase of cases of investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS). Modern investor-state disputes often revolve around public policy measures and implicate sensitive issues such as health and environmental protection
Uruguay withdraws from TiSA, strikes a symbolic blow against the trade deal ratchet
TISA completes the unholy trinity of global trade agreements that also includes TPP and TAFTA/TTIP. Between the three of them, they sew up just about every aspect of trade in both goods and services — the latter being TISA’s particular focus.