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The meat industry is licking its chops over Obama’s massive trade deal
The US meat industry scored a big victory when world leaders hammered out an agreement that would reduce trade barriers across the Pacific.
India-EU FTA: time for a fundamental rethink?
India and EU would soon resume negotiations on the stalled India-EU free trade agreement.
Pumps should be exempted from RCEP with China
Pump and Motor manufacturers here have said that these light items should not be included in the list of goods that can be imported duty free from China under the proposed Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership.
Libre-échange : des effets difficiles à mesurer sur l’emploi
Les conséquences des accords multilatéraux sur le commerce mondial et l’économie sont loin de faire consensus.
Environmentalists: the trans-Pacific trade agreement is a disaster for climate change
Opponents of the TPP say its a sweetheart deal for fossil fuel companies.
Japanese rice farmers upset over broad TPP agreement
Many farmers in Japan have started to feel increasingly insecure about their future as 12 Pacific Rim countries including Japan reached a broad agreement on the U.S.-led Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) free trade initiative.
Singapore concludes free trade negotiations with Turkey
Turkey and Singapore have concluded negotiations for the Turkey-Singapore Free Trade Agreement.
Taiwan to stand firm on US pork ractopamine ban: official
Taiwan’s Council of Agriculture said that it will insist that the country maintain a ban on pork imported from the United States containing traces of leanness-enhancing drug ractopamine
ECJ judgment in favour of data protection puts TTIP negotiations under pressure
The European Court of Justice (ECJ) today declared the Safe Harbor agreement invalid. This subordinates the activities of Facebook & Co back to the control of national data protection authorities.
Will Congress approve the Trans-Pacific Partnership?
The first steps are expected to begin later this week when the White House formally sends Congress a notice of intent to sign the agreement, which kicks off a 90-day waiting period.
ISDS: courting foreign investors
Why the Commission’s proposal for an “Investment Court System” still fails to address the key problems of foreign investors’ privileges
EU ratification process of FTA with South Korea done and dusted
The European Commission intends to announce in mid October its plans to revise the deal in order to add the missing investment protection chapter to it.
TPP deal includes tobacco carveout, teeing up fight with congress
Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) countries have agreed on language that will allow members to exclude tobacco control measures from the scope of investor-state dispute settlement.
Yukos: the saga continues
The bankruptcy of oil and gas giant Yukos led to multiple proceedings against the Russian state and some enormous awards.
Secret Trans - Pacific (TPP) deal lacks detail on medicines, includes corporate rights to sue governments
The lack of access to details in the text means governments can put a positive spin on the deal, but the devil is in the detail.
Trade officials announce conclusion of TPP—now the real fight begins
The fact that close to 800 million Internet users’ rights to free expression, privacy, and access to knowledge online hinged upon the outcome of squabbles over trade rules on cars and milk is precisely why digital policy consideration do not belong in trade agreements.
Lack of local land rights harms fight against poverty, climate change - researchers
Indigenous people and local communities lack legal rights to almost three quarters of their traditional lands, sparking social conflict and undermining international plans to curb poverty, hunger and climate change.
Some highlights of the new 12-country Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal
Some highlights of the 12-country Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement as described by the Canadian government Monday as it shared details of a deal to create the largest-ever regional trading bloc.
Trans-Pacific Partnership ministers’ statement
The trade ministers of Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, United States, and Vietnam, have successfully concluded the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
Trans-Pacific Partnership: ’50/50’ chance of trade deal today as negotiators lock horns over medical patent protection
Australia — along with others such as New Zealand and Chile — has been unwilling to offer more than five years protection for the medicines, because longer terms would increase the cost of state-subsidised medical programs.