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Trans-Pacific Partnership ministers’ statement
The trade ministers of Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, United States, and Vietnam, have successfully concluded the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
Trans-Pacific Partnership: ’50/50’ chance of trade deal today as negotiators lock horns over medical patent protection
Australia — along with others such as New Zealand and Chile — has been unwilling to offer more than five years protection for the medicines, because longer terms would increase the cost of state-subsidised medical programs.
U.S., Australia agree on complicated compromise on biologic drugs
Countries in the trade bloc would have an alternative of either providing eight years of exclusivity to biologic drugs, or providing five years of so-called data exclusivity plus up to three more years under a regulatory framework in the TPP.
Tentative U.S.-Vietnam ’consistency plan’ links tariff benefits to labor compliance
Vietnam has tentatively agreed with the United States on a fully enforceable implementation plan to bring its labor regime into compliance with the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
Don’t let TPP lock Peru into unequal trade
TPP negotiators hope to finalize the agreement in the next few days. Political leaders will boast of promoting the well-being of their people and countries. But the reality is that special interests have been given far too much influence on the negotiations.
US, Australia drug dispute is holding up settlement of the Trans Pacific trade deal
A standoff between Australia and the United States on monopoly rules for pharmaceutical drugs has emerged as the ultimate impediment to clinching an historic trade deal sweeping across 12 Pacific Rim countries.
TTIP negotiations will not include fixed book prices: Börsenverein welcomes official confirmation from EU Commission
The EU Commission will by no means discuss fixed book prices as part of negotiations relating to the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)
TPP talks snagged over Malaysia’s stand on SOEs
SOEs are Malaysia’s toughest issue in the TPP negotiations.
Latest TIFA talks ’productive’: US
The latest round of trade talks between Taiwan and the U.S. under the bilateral Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) made much ground in a number of areas but both sides have yet to reach consensus on issues such as U.S. pork imports.
TIFA talks ignore interests of ordinary citizens: groups
The latest round of Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) talks with the US ignores the interests of ordinary citizens, labor activists said yesterday.
TPP carve out for tobacco shows core flaws in investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS)
The new exception validates, rather than assuages, the concerns of those who have been criticizing ISDS systems for many years. Without express carve outs, ISDS provisions do threaten common health and safety regulations.
Free trade and protectionism don’t mix
Dairy farmers from around Ottawa took their cows and tractors to Parliament Hill this week, to protest the changes they expect in the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.
Regional free trade deals may create ’legal mess’ within WTO framework
New regional mega-agreements on free trade between the United States, Europe, Pacific Rim nations and some World Trade Organization (WTO) members will create numerous legal problems within the WTO framework.
Foreign direct investment, investment agreements and economic development: myths and realities
Foreign direct investment (FDI) is one of the most ambiguous and the least understood concepts in international economics. Common debate on FDI is confounded by several myths regarding its nature and impact.
Malaysia should withdraw from TPP, says Malay economic body
Malaysia should withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) now, said a Malay economic group, warning that the contentious trade deal will result in negative economic growth and have implications on the country’s sovereignty.
US pushes anti-tobacco compromise in Pacific trade deal
Governments will be allowed to block tobacco companies from suing over anti-smoking measures under a US proposal being considered by Pacific trading partners as part of Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.
TPP trade talks extended as negotiators struggle for a deal
The talks remained bogged down after two days of negotiations between ministers from the United States, Japan, Australia and nine other countries over a handful of sticky issues.
Nouvelle tentative pour conclure l’accord commercial trans-pacifique (TPP)
Les représentants de 12 pays riverains du Pacifique se réunissent à Atlanta pour tenter de parvenir à une entente sur un vaste accord commercial, connu sous son acronyme TPP.
A need for preventive investment protection?
There is an obvious need at the investors’ side for a mechanism making it possible to prevent the threatened violation of their investment. It is fair to say that where the violation of the investment is still only potential, notifying the dispute should be the primary tool for investment protection.
Auto, dairy, drug issues arrest TPP talks
Major challenges in three areas remain in concluding the Trans-Pacific Partnership, according to officials involved in the discussions.