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Australian company sues El Salvador for its right to pillage
Australian-based company OceanaGold is suing El Salvador for US$301 million for its “right” to continue operating a gold mine that is destroying the Central American nation’s water supply.
Taiwan to push TPP bid at APEC: president
President Ma Ying-jeou said Monday that Taiwan will take the opportunity of attending the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation forum (APEC) Economic Leader’s Meeting to demonstrate its resolve to participate in regional trade blocs such as the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).
Republican gains could aid Obama’s Asia trade pact
Big Republican gains on US Election Day would be a blow to much of President Barack Obama’s agenda, except perhaps for trade.
Evaluating foreign investment restraints in China
The EU commissioned a review of hundreds of thousands of measures that limit market access and business activities of foreign-owned companies in China.
Legacy: De Gucht negotiated two rigged ISDS chapters
On 15 September Vrijschrift informed the European Parliament international trade committee that investor-to-state arbitration (ISDS) in the draft trade agreement with Canada is rigged to the advantage of the US. Today Vrijschrift informed the committee the same is true for the draft trade agreement with Singapore.
Letter to Modi: Why the new Indo-US ‘bilateralism’ on intellectual property?
Several organisations and individuals from across India have collectively sent a letter to the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, expressing their concerns on the Joint Working Group on Intellectual Property set up between India and the United States of America.
Singapore: The Commission to Request a Court of Justice Opinion on the trade deal
The Commission decided today to request an opinion of the EU Court of Justice on the competence to sign and ratify a trade agreement with Singapore.
Canada’s farm protections a remaining hurdle to major trade deal: US
Access to Canada’s tightly controlled agriculture market is among the main remaining hurdles to a historic 12-country free-trade deal, the US administration said Thursday.
No prospect for Pacific free trade pact agreement at APEC: US
US trade chief Michael Froman said Thursday there is no prospect of clinching an agreement on a contentious Pacific free trade initiative at the upcoming summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum.
Calls to ban toxic chemicals fall on deaf ears around the world
“If TTIP is passed along the lines that have been released so far, the EU’s endocrine disrupting chemicals regulations would be postponed even further or completely derailed,” says David Azoulay, an attorney at the Centre for International Environmental Law.
Le Malawi et la Chine signent un accord de libre-échange
Le Malawi et la Chine ont signé un accord de libre-échange qui va porter sur la libre circulation des biens en provenance du pays d’Afrique australe vers la Chine
BRICS: la création d’une zone de libre-échange peu probable (expert)
La mise en place d’une zone de libre-échange au sein du BRICS étant peu probable, les pays membres doivent plutôt renforcer leurs échanges bilatéraux, annonce le gouvernement brésilien
SC inches closer to resolving JPEPA petition
The Philippine Supreme Court has gone a step closer to resolving a six-year-old petition seeking to stop the implementation of the controversial Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA).
Bangladesh complacent in competitive global market
Bangladesh is, perhaps, the only country in the world which does not have any Free Trade Agreement with important trading countries.
TPP deal keeps disappearing down rabbit hole
Alice in Wonderland said: "If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, and everything would be what it isn’t." She could well have been describing the current state of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement.
Dairy farmers hope new Chinese free trade agreement will boost export market growth
Australian dairy farmers are hoping a free trade deal (FTA) with China will help them deal with plummeting milk prices.
Hong Kong expects to finalise Asean free trade agreement by 2016
Hong Kong expects to have a free trade agreement with Asean economies in place by 2016, government officials said yesterday as they sketched out a timeline for progress on trade talks that began in July.
Calls for Berry Amendment to be protected in TTIP
EU apparel industry wants a provision forbidding the US Department of Defense from buying products not 100% ’made in the US’ to be repealed by TTIP — but its US counterpart is fighting back.
Egypt to hurt its economy by canceling trade agreement: Turkish Foreign Ministry
Egypt has decided not to extend a comprehensive free trade agreement signed with Turkey during the rule of the ousted ex-President Mohamed Morsi, the MENA news agency reported on Oct. 28.
China eyes Asia-Pacific FTA at APEC meeting, says foreign minister
The process of launching the Asia-Pacific Free Trade Area (FTA) is expected to start during the upcoming Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Leaders’ Meeting in Beijing, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Wednesday.