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East Africa wants deal with non-EU countries
The East African Community (EAC) wants to expand its European market for horticultural products (flowers, vegetables and fruits) through a new trade partnership with Norway, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Iceland.
TTIP must not allow companies to sue EU countries for environmental laws, say MPs
A major free trade deal should not allow US companies to sue European nations when they pass environmental laws that hurt their profits, MPs in the UK said on Tuesday.
TiSA - EU negotiating mandate (2013)
As published by the European Council on 10 March 2015
Trade in services agreement: negotiating mandate made public
The Council decided on 10 March 2015 to declassify the mandate given to the Commission to negotiate an international agreement on trade in services.
LN: Czech state hampers EU-Georgia deal over firm’s interests
The Czech Foreign Ministry has been using the association agreement between the European Union and Georgia as an instrument of pressure exerted on the Georgian authorities in order to protect the investments of the Czech Energo-Pro firm, daily Lidove noviny (LN) writes Monday.
EFTA, Mercosur moot free trade agreement
The European Free Trade Association (Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein) and Mercosur (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Venezuela) have agreed to initiate an exploratory dialogue with a view to possible future trade negotiations, EFTA said.
Laos, Vietnam expand free trade agreement
Laos and Vietnam signed an improved free trade agreement (FTA) on March 3, 2015, to replace their existing treaty dating back to 1998.
TTIP or the disintegration of the EU
Ecologistas en Acción and ‘No al TTIP’ consider that the EU-US trade agreement will mean reductions in labor rights and these will be justified by “cost reduction based on the anti-trade union policy of the US – that has not ratified ILO conventions – and on labor reforms imposed by the Troika”.
"We won’t just rubber-stamp the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Workers deserve better"
Progressives in US Congress believe that fair trade agreements are possible – but not if the administration follows the old model for negotiations
Thousands protest in NZ against Pacific-wide free trade
Thousands of New Zealanders turned out in protests across the country Saturday against a Pacific-wide free trade deal claimed to be “selling out” the people’s future.
European Union intensifying efforts for negotiations on India FTA
EU officials say that while they are looking at a ‘political push’ from India to kick-start the stalled negotiations, the 28-nation bloc is willing to be flexible in resolving the contentious issues.
Asia-Pacific to strike deal by year-end
Sixteen nations across the Asia-Pacific region expect to conclude talks that will free up trade and investment in a region that covers 28 percent of the world’s economy by the end of this year, say high-ranking officials from Indonesia and China.
S. Korea ’natural candidate’ for Pacific trade deal: US official
Implementing a bilateral trade deal with the United States as well as a number of key regional players makes South Korea a "natural candidate" to join ongoing discussions for the Washington-led Pacific Rim trading bloc, but it needs to make a stronger commitment in wider areas, a senior American official said Monday.
Why is Malaysia so interested in joining the TPP? – Analysis
Why is the Malaysian government so committed to signing the TPP despite its lack of popularity amongst various quarters in Malaysian society?
China, US basically complete text negotiation on BIT
The Chinese Ministry of Commerce has announced the text of a bilateral investment treaty with the United States has been completed.
The TTIP will lead to 600 000 job losses in the EU
A study presented in the European Parliament predicted that the controversial agreement that Brussels and Washington are negotiating behind closed doors would bring about losses in jobs, economic capacity, salaries as well as exports.
European Union seeks Narendra Modi’s intervention to resume FTA talks
Keen to expand economic ties with India, the European Union has sought a ’political push’ by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to restart the stalled talks for the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and expressed readiness to adopt flexibility to iron out differences on crucial issues.
Hungary will not back any EU-US trade deal that impairs court authority: PM
Hungary will not support any trade agreement between the United States and the European Union that impairs the jurisdiction of Hungarian courts in trade disputes, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Friday.
European body seeks changes to trade-related regulations
The European Association for Business and Commerce has urged Thailand to revise trade-related regulations
Thai-Russian cooperation set for new heights as trade expands
Despite the global downturn and economic troubles in Russia, trade between Moscow and Bangkok is in rude health, with the food and agriculture sectors showing especially dynamic growth.