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EU-ACP Partnership Agreement: Can The Gambia benefit?
Opening up The Gambia’s and ACP markets to the EU is likely to result in transfers of tariff revenues from ACP countries to the EU and this will worsens their terms of trade and result in a welfare loss.
Big changes ahead in world trade
In Thailand, FTA-mania under the administration of Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra is likely to continue in 2005.
Japan to kick off FTA talks with East and Southeast Asian nations
Japan will start negotiations on free trade agreements (FTAs) at the governmental level with Malaysia, Thailand and the Republic of Korea this month.
EPAs - Endless Poverty in Africa
Press release of the launch of the STOP EPA campaign at the Africa Social Forum in Lusaka, Zambia, on 14 December 2004
Many obstacles ahead for resumption of FTAA talks
This month negotiations for the creation of a Free Trade Association of the Americas, FTAA, encompassing the 34 countries of the hemisphere (with the exception of Cuba) should have successfully finalized but strong objections from United States and Mercosur cut the dialogue short last April.
Taiwan: MOEA position paper to promote FTA with the US
The Bureau of Foreign Trade plans to hold a publicity campaign in cities across the US this year to promote the benefits of signing a deal
No trade negotiation before Safta implementation - Bangladesh Commerce Secretary
The government will not move ahead with trade negotiations with any party before the South Asian Free Trade Area (Safta) gets implemented on January 1, 2006.
Saudis threaten action over US-Bahrain FTA deal
Saudi Arabia threatened yesterday to impose customs duties on foreign goods imported duty-free through Gulf Arab countries, intensifying a Saudi-Bahraini row over a trade agreement with the United States.
Australia-US FTA goes into effect
The agreement was first mooted in November 2002 and has been strongly backed by Australian Prime Minister John Howard, who claims it as a major achievement of his government. But critics have derided it as a sell-out to US interests.
Frustrated Australia resorts to bilateral free-trade deals
Frustrated with global trade talks, Australia is using a slew of free-trade agreements to win business across the Asian-Pacific region.
IPR: Deprive Doha of all substance
How through bilateral agreements EFTA states restrict access to medicines
IPR: “TRIPS-plus” through EFTA’s back door (updated)
How Free Trade Agreements concluded with EFTA-States impose much stronger rules on Developing Countries for IPRs on life than the WTO
The US-Jordan FTA: Defogging the Myth
The purpose of this article is to give an account of the history and some provisions of the US-Jordan Free Trade Agreement and assess the extent to which the FTA provides a viable “model” to the proposed US-Middle East Free Trade Agreement.
Korea warming up for global FTA race
Free trade agreement (FTA) negotiations between South Korea and the United States is expected to pick up speed in 2005 as the two countries have agreed to hold the first preliminary meeting to examine the feasibility of the Korea-US FTA early next year.
US drug makers pressure Canberra
US drug manufacturers are planning a New Year’s push to pressure Canberra to unwind initiatives to cut medicine prices.
Competitive Liberalization and a US-SACU FTA
This paper evaluates a possible US-SACU (Southern African Customs Union) free trade agreement as part of a US approach to new preferential trade agreements characterized by the term ’competitive liberalization.’
US-Bahrain trade deal exposes GCC chinks
The US-Bahrain deal undermines the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) as a collective body.
Agriculture hindering S. Korea-Japan FTA talks: official
Agriculture issues are holding up progress in free trade agreement (FTA) talks between South Korea and Japan, a Korean government official said Monday.
Trade union opposition for the Jordanian-Israeli trade agreement
The Jordanian vocational trade unions have expressed their rejection of the trade and economic exchange agreement signed yesterday between Jordan and Israel. Some 100 persons organized a sit-in at the headquarters of the vocational trade unions headquarters.
South Korea, Canada to meet in January for preliminary FTA talks
South Korean government officials will meet with their Canadian counterparts next month to discuss the feasibility of a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade said Sunday.