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South Korea, Canada to meet in January for preliminary FTA talks
South Korean government officials will meet with their Canadian counterparts next month to discuss the feasibility of a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade said Sunday.
Japan should entertain Swiss offer when planning its FTA strategy
Japan has been lagging behind other industrialized nations in pursuing bilateral or regional agreements. It now needs a strategy as it tries to catch up with the global trend.
Trade expert says US should sign FTA with Taiwan
The US should sign a free trade agreement (FTA) with Taiwan, Greg Mastel, an international trade adviser at the law firm Miller & Chevalier in Washington said in an article published in today’s issue of the Washington-based Weekly Standard.
Pakistan, China to set up free trade area
China and Pakistan are poised to widen the silk road between them by building a free trade area (FTA). For Pakistanis, it is mainly a "cotton road."
Singapore, Qatar edge closer to FTA
Singapore and Qatar have moved closer to signing a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) following high-level government talks earlier this week.
New session of talks to set up FTA with Turkey
Egypt and Turkey agreed yesterday to discuss mechanisms to promote trade and investment cooperation between them, said Foreign Trade Ministry Under-Secretary Sharqawi Hefni on yesterday.
GCC states ’in talks over FTAs’
TALKS are pushing ahead for individual free trade agreements with the US for all the GCC states, it was declared yesterday.
Pakistan, Sri Lanka hold talks to finalize Free Trade Agreement
The technical teams of Pakistan and Sri Lanka have held talks to finalize Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the two countries.
Morocco, Gabon examine relaunch of FTA negotiations
Morocco and Gabon might relaunch negotiations to establish a free trade zone with view to reinforcing trade exchanges and promoting economic integration with countries of central Africa.
‘We will discuss FTA with our neighbors’
Bahrain once again defended its free trade agreement with the United States.
Malaysia, Japan one step closer to FTA
Japan and Malaysia on Friday took a step closer to reaching a free trade agreement, clearing a key hurdle related to the agricultural, forestry and fisheries sector, government sources said.
Govt to set up cell for negotiating FTAs
The Bangladesh government will set up a free trade cell (FTC) soon with a responsibility to negotiate regional and bilateral deals with a view to protecting the country’s interests in trade-related issues.
Investment: India to renegotiate tax treaty with Malaysia
The ink has hardly dried on the recently-notified revised tax treaty with Malaysia, but India is set to renegotiate it — mainly to prevent ’treaty shopping’.
Amid protests, Jordan and Israel sign key trade accord
Israel and Jordan agreed yesterday to tear down many of their remaining trade barriers in a deal that paves the way for the Jewish state’s first free trade accord with an Arab state by the end of 2010.
The potential impact of US-SACU FTA negotiations on public health in southern Africa
This Working Paper was written by Tenu Avafia, a tralac researcher, and examines the potential impact of the proposed Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between SACU and the United States from the perspective of public health.
Open Letter to the Government and the People of Australia
Regarding the Free Trade Agreement between Australia and Thailand conflicting the provisions of the Constitution of the Kingdom of Thailand B.E. 2540 (1997)
Rift over FTA could harm Gulf economic integration
The Saudi-Bahraini dispute over Manama’s free trade pact with Washington that overshadowed a summit of Gulf Arab states could derail their bid for economic integration, economists said yesterday.
EFTA and Korea launch free trade negotiations
The Member States of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) - Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland - and the Republic of Korea met in Geneva on 16 December 2004 to launch negotiations on a comprehensive Free Trade Agreement, which they agree to aim at concluding before the end of 2005.
EFTA and Tunisia conclude free trade agreement
On the occasion of their Ministerial Meeting in Geneva on 17 December 2004, the Member States of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) - Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland - signed a Free Trade Agreement with the Republic of Tunisia.
Turkey, Syria sign free trade agreement
Turkey and Syria signed a free trade agreement on Wednesday and discussed how to keep Iraq united and stable despite the violence sweeping their neighbor.