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Pakistan and Malaysia to sign protocol for PTA
Pakistan and Malaysia will sign the protocol of a Preferential Trade Agreement (PTA) during Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s visit to Pakistan from February 15 to 18.
US-Pakistan bilateral investment treaty negotiations
US and Pakistani representatives have reached informal agreement on several issues on the draft of a bilateral investment treaty.
USA to sign Free Trade Agreement with Bangladesh
The US ambassador Harry K Thomas said that his government and Bangladesh would sign a bilateral free trade agreement following the signing of the proposed Trade and Investment Facilitation Agreement (TIFA) that may take place shortly to exploit the business and economic potentials on both sides.
FTA will benefit common man too, says Kadirgamar
The Sri Lanka-Pakistan FTA will benefit not only the business communities but also the ordinary people in both countries, Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar said.
Colombian opposition urges for FTA referendum
Detractors of the Free Trade Agreement Marched Thursday throughout the main Colombian cities urging for a referendum to sanction or disapprove the signing of the accords.
UAE-US FTA talks slated in capital
The free trade agreement (FTA) negotiation council aims to properly oversee ongoing preparation for the first round of official UAE-US FTA negotiations, due to take place in Abu Dhabi next month, said Dr. Mohammed Khalfan bin Kharbash, UAE Minister of State for Financial and Industrial Affairs.
Preferential trade with Afghanistan proposed
Pakistan has proposed a preferential trade agreement with Afghanistan and shown keen interest in setting up industrial zones between Kandahar and Jalalabad, once security issues are resolved, said Humayun Akhtar Khan, Pakistan’s commerce minister.
When FTA spells BSE: Trading away our food safety
Australia is fortunate to be one of few countries to remain free of BSE, the degenerative brain disease in cattle that causes the deadly variant CJD in people. But the Free Trade Agreement recently signed with the United States may change this.
Thai-Japanese FTA threatens RI exports
Indonesia risks losing up to US$5 billion in non-oil and gas exports to Japan per year, should Thailand succeed in ongoing negotiations with Asia’s largest economy for a free trade agreement.
FTA with USA can cause division among Andean Nations
Medicine patents are threatening unity among Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru in the negotiations for a Free Trade Agreement with the United States
India, Lanka to draw roadmap for comprehensive economic ties
A comprehensive economic partnership agreement (CEPA) between India and Sri Lanka covering goods, services and investment is all set to become a reality.
Pakistan, Sri Lanka sign free trade pact
Pakistan and Sri Lanka have exchanged diplomatic notes to formalize the annextures in bilateral Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with a view to its operationalization between the two countries.
Labour, environment, IPR left out of TIFA text
The US has agreed to Bangladesh’s proposal for exclusion of issues related to labour laws, environment and intellectual property rights from the main text of a proposed trade and investment framework agreement the two countries are likely to sign some time this year.
Recent FTAs of the US as illustrations of their new strategy for the audiovisual sector
US trade strategy is shifting: USTR may be willing to make concessions to countries that want to require local content or ownership in ’traditional’ AV sector, ie film and radio; however, no such requirements will be allowed in the category of ’electronic commmerce.’ This is because USTR (and MPAA) expect all cultural content (films, television, music) to be transmitted digitally in the near future.
US reject 4+1 agreement with Mercosur
United States is not interested in reaching an agreement with Mercosur and prefers to concentrate in the Free Trade Association of the Americas, FTAA, said Peter Allgeier Washington’s Trade Representative.
No truncated FTA with India: US
United States said it was against entering in to a limited Free Trade Agreement with India and any bilateral FTA will have to be comprehensive.
Top US manufacturing group calls for US-NZ FTA
As tipped by Korea’s Yonhap News two weeks ago, the top group representing US manufacturers, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), has called for a free trade agreement with New Zealand.
Pakistan to initiate FTA talks with Malaysia
Pakistan will try to convince Malaysia to enter a free trade agreement (FTA) when Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawai visits Islamabad next week.
Durables industry worried over FTAs and cheap imports
Already reeling under soaring material costs and tight margins, the consumer durables industry has raised concerns about cheap imports from neighbouring countries.
Landmark FTA to be signed with Pakistan
President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga will arrive in Islamabad tonight (7) on a three-day state visit. The highlight of President Kumaratunga’s visit to Pakistan is the signing of the landmark Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the two SAARC partners.