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Malaysian PM calls for FTA with India
Malaysian PM Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmed Badawi on Monday underlined the need to strengthen India-Malaysia economic and trade co-operation through a free-trade agreement (FTA).
Analysis: Why say no to FTAA
Colombia will suffer the same fate with either the FTAA or the [US] FTA, since it is clear that it is the same policy initiated in 1990, but elevated to the nth power.
Assess strengths, needs before going for FTA
Speakers at a business session yesterday said Bangladesh and Malaysia can strike a bilateral free trade agreement (FTA) after taking into account the strengths and needs of both these countries.
Saifur favours FTA with Malaysia
Bangladesh Finance Minister Saifur proposed to initiate Bangladesh-Malaysia free trade agreement if sub-regional economic bloc among the OIC [Organisation of the Islamic Conference] member-states is not possible.
Prospects for Korea-US free trade agreement
While there have been suggestions that the second GW Bush administration may consider an FTA with Korea, any such agreement would be an uphill battle for several reasons.
Japan proposes FTA talks with South Korea in January
Japan’s Foreign Minister Nobutaka Machimura proposed Saturday Japan and South Korea hold talks on a free trade agreement (FTA) as early as January next year.
ASEAN and China sign ’dirty’ FTA
ASEAN on Dec. 2 signed a free trade agreement (FTA) with China, a move that has grabbed the world’s attention. The agreement won’t take force until 2010. But since it involves a realignment in the region’s integration, it has caused a domino effect.
Japan-S. Korea FTA faces stormy ride
Negotiations to conclude a free trade agreement between Japan and South Korea are expected to face tough going because of ongoing disputes in specific areas of bilateral trade.
Viewpoint: Is ASEAN irrelevant?
Drastic imbalance is likely to be the result of the China-ASEAN FTA. But the blame for this is not China’s. The responsibility is largely ASEAN’s. We had 30 years to build an ASEAN house, and we blew it.
Allgeier praises growth of bilateral trade between Uruguay and the U.S.
Deputy United States Trade Representative Peter F. Allgeier states recently signed BIT with Uruguay will raise investor confidence and lower the perceived country risk.
Egyptians protest trade accord with Israel
Scores of Egyptians protested across the country on Tuesday against the signing of a strategic trade and industry accord between Egypt and Israel, slamming the agreement as a form of colonialism.
Agriculture: Arab trade agreement may be fatal for Lebanon’s farmers
Lebanese farmers say the Greater Arab Free Trade Agreement (Gafta) could wipe them out when it goes into effect Jan. 1. If that happens, they promise to take to the streets in protest.
Egypt-Israel-US trade pact sparks demonstrations
As the first Arab nation, the government of Egypt yesterday signed a trade pact with its neighbour Israel that will help breaking the latter’s economic isolation. After the controversial trade agreement was made known, demonstrations broke out throughout the Egyptian capital, Cairo.
Japan, RI plan new investment, trade deal
The governments of Japan and Indonesia are mulling a new economic agreement, which would see the latter offering Japanese firms incentives to invest here.
Launch of negotiations for EU-Thailand and EU-Singapore ’Partnership and Cooperation Agreements’
At the fifth Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) in Hanoi, PM Jean Claude Juncker, incoming President of the European Council, President Romano Prodi of the European Commission, PM Thaksin Shinawatra of Thailand and PM Lee Hsien Loong of Singapore confirmed their intent to launch official negotiations for the conclusion of bilateral ’Partnership and Co-operation Agreements’ between EU-Thailand and between EU-Singapore.
US-Taiwan free trade agreement in pipeline?
In last week’s parliamentary elections, Taiwan’s opposition party won a surprise victory which could spell trouble for a bilateral FTA with the United States.
S. Korea aggressively seeks trade pacts to make up for late start
South Korea will make a determined effort to pursue free trade agreements (FTAs) in an effort to further its interests, despite concerns that this could weaken domestic industries and pose further challenges for the agricultural sector.
Gvt procurement: FTA provides lucrative contracts for Australian businesses
Australian businesses are preparing for an assault on the $200 billion US Government procurement market when the US-Australia FTA takes effect in just over a fortnight.
Cuba and Venezuela slam US Free Trade Area of the Americas
In a new bid to challenge the US backed Free Trade Area of the Americas, Cuban President Fidel Castro and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez Tuesday announced in Havana an alternative bloc for the region based in mutual cooperation among states rather than in pure pro-market policies.
South Korea is a latecomer on freer trade
Until April, South Korea was the only member of the World Trade Organisation other than Mongolia without a free-trade agreement (FTA). Now it is trying to catch up in a hurry.