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Recent FTAs of the US as illustrations of their new strategy for the audiovisual sector
US trade strategy is shifting: USTR may be willing to make concessions to countries that want to require local content or ownership in ’traditional’ AV sector, ie film and radio; however, no such requirements will be allowed in the category of ’electronic commmerce.’ This is because USTR (and MPAA) expect all cultural content (films, television, music) to be transmitted digitally in the near future.
US reject 4+1 agreement with Mercosur
United States is not interested in reaching an agreement with Mercosur and prefers to concentrate in the Free Trade Association of the Americas, FTAA, said Peter Allgeier Washington’s Trade Representative.
No truncated FTA with India: US
United States said it was against entering in to a limited Free Trade Agreement with India and any bilateral FTA will have to be comprehensive.
Top US manufacturing group calls for US-NZ FTA
As tipped by Korea’s Yonhap News two weeks ago, the top group representing US manufacturers, the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), has called for a free trade agreement with New Zealand.
Pakistan to initiate FTA talks with Malaysia
Pakistan will try to convince Malaysia to enter a free trade agreement (FTA) when Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawai visits Islamabad next week.
Durables industry worried over FTAs and cheap imports
Already reeling under soaring material costs and tight margins, the consumer durables industry has raised concerns about cheap imports from neighbouring countries.
Landmark FTA to be signed with Pakistan
President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga will arrive in Islamabad tonight (7) on a three-day state visit. The highlight of President Kumaratunga’s visit to Pakistan is the signing of the landmark Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between the two SAARC partners.
US-Bangladesh to resume TIFA talks soon
The stalled talks for signing a trade and investment framework agreement between Dhaka and Washington will resume soon since the new Bush administration has already set its agenda for coming days, said sources in the government.
Investment: NAFTA illegal?
On January 24, the Council of Canadians and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) launched a constitutional challenge against NAFTA’s Chapter 11 rules before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. This is the first time that a court will consider the constitutionality of international trade rules.
Great on paper, hard to execute
In a recent discussion on the prospects for a Philippines-US FTA organized by the Philippine Institute for Development Studies, Romeo G. Borillo, the country’s trade representative in Washington DC, refused to divulge details of the proposed agreement.
Japan, Philippines agree to speed up work to sign FTA
Japan and the Philippines have agreed to speed up work to sign a bilateral free trade agreement and compared notes over Japan’s plan to tightening immigration control over Philippine nationals.
The rush to regionalism
This paper aims to set out the issues of importance in addressing the links between sustainable development and the rush to regionalism (FTAs).
NAM’s recommended candidates for US FTAs 2005
After extensive discussion within the NAM’s International Economic Policy Committee, a consensus was reached to recommend Egypt, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, and South Korea for US FTAs; and to place the five others - Brazil, China, The European Union, Japan, and Taiwan on a Watchlist, possibly to be recommended in the future as circumstances change.
Investment: US to claim damages against IPR abuses
The US has asked Pakistan, under a draft proposed Bilateral Investment Treaty, to pay damages to US companies for their future investment in case of the infringement of intellectual property rights and unilateral cancellation of licences.
Korea free trade talks with US
A bilateral trade pact would further increase the trading volume and it will have the effect of cementing the Korea-US alliance, which is undergoing a fundamental change amid the US move to adapt its military to new security challenges such as terrorism.
ALBA: Bolivarian Alternative for Latin America and the Caribbean
This document is a summary of information on the ALBA published by the Banco the Comercio Exterior (Bancoex)
Council meeting to enhance US-Malaysia trade
The plan to expand and better manage bilateral trade co-operation between the United States and Malaysia gains ground tomorrow with the first working-level meeting of the joint Trade and Investment Council.
How much is the biodiversity of the Andes worth?
Washington’s refusal to recognise the right of Andean countries to demand compensation for the commercial use of their biological resources is standing in the way of negotiations for free trade between the United States, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.
RI, Japan FTA to boost ASEAN-Japan trade liberalization
A free trade agreement (FTA) between Indonesia and Japan, which has been initiated by the two governments, will not pose a threat to a similar trade deal currently being developed between Japan and Southeast Asian countries, an official said on Monday.
Trade pacts not aimed at busting GCC, says US
The US hopes free trade agreements with Bahrain and other neighbours of Saudi Arabia will strengthen the Gulf Co-operation Council — not break it up, a US trade official said.