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FTA with Seoul hindered by goods made in North
Products made by South Korean companies in an industrial park north of the demilitarized zone are likely to form the latest kink in sputtering free trade talks between Tokyo and Seoul.
Korea-India FTA may be signed by 2007
South Korea may conclude a free trade agreement (FTA) with India as early as 2007, a ranking South Korean official said.
Prue Hyman: Free-trade negotiations driven by myth of Third Way
The Prime Minister says New Zealand is well down the track in negotiations with Chile and Singapore on a three-way free trade and investment agreement.
China-Chile FTA talks smooth
China and Chile are satisfied with the achievements of their first round of talks for a Free Trade Agreement (FTA).
Indonesia, Japan to start preliminary FTA talks
Indonesia and Japan are scheduled to hold a two-day meeting to discuss a possible bilateral trade agreement on Monday.
US congressional report on trade mission to Tunisia, Jordan, Oman, and Egypt
From November 4-13, 2004, a bipartisan delegation of Members of the Committee on Ways and Means of the US House of Representatives traveled to Tunisia, Jordan, Oman, and Egypt regarding trade, investment, and security issues in the region.
US traders seek stronger economic ties with Brunei
Trade representatives from the United States on Tuesday discussed with various governmental stakeholders in Brunei under the Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) to seek opportunities for stronger bilateral economic ties.
Malaysia: Private sector told to engage in FTA process
Datuk Seri Rafidah Aziz has called on the private sector to give their input and help the government in formulating free trade agreements (FTAs).
Stop the mad pursuit of bilateral free trade and economic partnership agreements!
We - farmers, fisherfolks, rural women, workers from the formal and informal sectors, and NGOs belonging to the Stop the New Round! Coalition - express our strong opposition to the Philippines government’s mad pursuit of bilateral free trade agreements particularly with Japan, China and the USA.
Groups say the govt to lose P16.9B in revenues
Two members of the Philippine House of Representatives are pushing for a congressional inquiry into the bilateral trade and investments agreements entered into by the government, which did not go through proper public consultations despite their far-reaching impact on the economy as well as the provisions of the Constitution.
US-Middle East Free Trade Coalition congratulates Moroccan Parliament
As an important lynchpin between Europe, Africa and the Middle East, access to the Moroccan market is essential for the U.S. banking, insurance and telecommunications industries.
China, Chile launch FTA negotiation
China and Chile officially launched negotiations Tuesday to establish a free trade area (FTA) between the two countries.
Trade pact proposal has US upside
A proposal to liberalize US trade with six Central American and Caribbean nations has received broad support from US agricultural groups. But the fate of the US-Central America-Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement remains uncertain.
China’s first foreign-owned car dealer to open
Hong Kong-based auto dealer Triangle Motors will become the first wholly overseas invested company to sell vehicles on the mainland when it opens a dealership in Guangzhou.
European Union censured over EPA negotiations
Trade agreements between the European Union and Africa Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries could undermine the integration project in East Africa, a civil society lobby group has said.
EAC states risk losing ties in other trade blocs
Clarity Consultancy said the three EAC countries - Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania - could lose their preferential treatment in other economic blocs since the new pact does not allow affiliate parties to participate in other economic arrangements.
Taiwan calls for free trade pact with Japan
Taiwan’s Minister of Economic Affairs Ho Mei-yueh called on Japan to strike a bilateral free trade agreement, saying such a pact will be "very beneficial to Japan."
Europe: support for change carries agendas
As 2005 proceeds, some Caribbean nations may find themselves faced with an unusually specific strategic choice: Europe may suggest the need to consider the relative weight they intend to give to the development of sectors such as tourism in preference to the role presently afforded to traditional agriculture.
CARICOM considers FTA with US, Canada
As the outlook for the Free Trade Area of the Americas continues to be shrouded in uncertainty, CARICOM is looking to bilateral Free Trade Agreements as a means of improving market access for countries in the region.
India, Chile sign framework agreement on economic cooperation
India and Chile have signed a Framework Agreement on Economic Cooperation to promote expansion of trade by providing limited preferential access to each other initially.