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Free trade talks : Japanese protesters cry fowl
Chicken farmers from Japan have descended on Bangkok this week to lobby for the withdrawal of poultry products from free-trade talks, following the success of Japanese farmers in getting Thailand to drop rice.
Singapore Ceca hits a roadblock
The proposed Comprehensive Economic Co-operation Agreement (Ceca) between India and Singapore has hit a bump. The Singapore government has made out a strong case for product-specific relaxation of the rules of origin (ROO) criteria for over 480 items.
New Zealand to Release Report on China Free-Trade Agreement
New Zealand and China will announce the results of a feasibility study into a free-trade agreement later this month, New Zealand’s Foreign Ministry said.
Free trade pact eyed to aid firms in Chile
Japan is considering a free trade agreement with Chile out of concern the Latin American country’s FTA agreements with other nations may put Japanese companies in the area at a disadvantage.
PM calls for more public participation in FTA deals
Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra today reiterated the importance of Thailand forging bilateral economic relations, while pledging to ensure greater public involvement in international trade liberalization deals.
From fumigation to “free trade”: US-Andean FTA chokes along
The USTR’s promises of increased foreign investment and market access are unlikely to materialize for the Andean countries, given the playing field at the moment.
Bush on top means continuity in South Africa-US relations
America will continue to enter into bilaterals with states it views strategically.
Needed: A US-India FTA
A comprehensive FTA with India would be of strategic importance to the US in its current policy of competitive liberalisation.
Dominican tax risks trade pact
The Bush administration is working to strip the Dominican Republic out of a wider free trade pact if the Caribbean nation does not repeal a recently implemented tax on soft drinks that affects U.S. exporters.
ASEAN-Korea free trade talks set to start
Negotiations on the proposed ASEAN-Korea Free Trade Agreement (AKFTA) is expected to commence next year as ASEAN and Korean leaders are seen to favorably endorse the recommendations at the forthcoming ASEAN-Korea Summit this month.
Copyright inquiry could save FTA
An inquiry into computer and television piracy could break the impasse threatening to delay the start of the free trade deal with the US.
Taiwan: FTA push moves into high gear
Taiwan is struggling to find ways of making free trade agreements (FTAs) with its trading partners, even as China and ASEAN are set to sign two landmark agreements this month establishing the world’s largest Free Trade Area, which is scheduled to come into being by 2010.
No carrots, all stick
The tentative agreement reached between the EU and Iran yesterday on uranimum enrichment hinges on an EU pledge to resume suspended negotiations on a Trade and Cooperation Agreement [read: FTA] between Iran and the EU.
Pakistan keen for FTA with Bangladesh: Shaukat Aziz
Pakistan is keen to enter into a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Bangladesh to foster bilateral trade and economic cooperation, Pakistan Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz said here on Thursday.
Bosnia Ready For FTA With Kosovo
The Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina expressed readiness to start the negotiations on Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with Kosova, UNMIK officials said in press conference.
Indonesia stays committed to FTA with Japan
Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono expressed his commitment Saturday to continue talks for an economic partnership with Japan, the head of a visiting delegation of Japanese business leaders said.
Japan, Malaysia end free-trade talks without agreement
Japan and Malaysia ended three days of talks on a free-trade agreement (FTA) on Saturday still divided over removing import duties on certain products such as Japanese cars, a news report said.
Indonesia courts the Dragon
Trade liberalization and a push toward enhancing trade and economic cooperation between the 10-nation Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and China are high on the agenda of the new administration of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.
Greater Opportunities Revealed for Zambian Exports in Comesa
A comprehensive report on research undertaken by a London-based consultancy firm has revealed tremendous export opportunities for export of Zambian products into selected countries of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Free Trade Area.
INDIA LOOK AHEAD: Have a free trade agreement in services
A better way for India might be to pursue an FTA on services with a developed country.