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UAE-India FTA text (2022)
Taiwan aims for British trade deal as minister meets president
Taiwan hopes to sign a trade deal with the UK, and that Britain will support Taiwan’s membership of the trade group, President Tsai said.
Brussels tells Scholz not to revive ghost of TTIP
Officials in Washington and Brussels pour cold water on German plan to restart transatlantic trade talks.
S. Korea, India kick off negotiations on upgrading trade pact
South Korea and India launched a new round of negotiations to upgrade their bilateral trade pact after a three-year hiatus, Seoul’s trade ministry said.
A blistering cost
In Pakistan, the provincial assemblies will pass special resolutions, and the parliament will provide constitutional cover to a new binding document — Foreign Investment (Promotion and Protection) Act (FIPPA), 2022.
EESC backs criticism of investor-State dispute settlement (ISDS), and calls for a more holistic approach
A new model for international investment governance needs to be developed, in order to fill the significant gap between the investment system on the one hand and effective protection of labour rights and the environment on the other.
US-Taiwan trade talks to conclude
The United States and Taiwan will conclude trade talks under the US-Taiwan Initiative on 21st Century Trade in New York.
Hong Kong close to joining RCEP agreement
Hong Kong expects to be joining the RCEP as the administration sets to discuss its inclusion with all 15 RCEP members next year. Economic analysts see the presence of Hong Kong in the free-trade bloc as a boost to the ASEAN economy.
President Tsai calls for bilateral investment deal with the UK
Taiwan hopes it can work with the United Kingdom on signing a bilateral investment deal, President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) told a visiting British minister in a meeting in Taipei.
A little threat from my friends: An EU-based company contemplates taking war-torn Ukraine to investment arbitration
The Bureau of Economic Security of Ukraine (ESBU) seized the assets of one of Ukraine’s largest fuel retailers, AMIC Ukraine, the local subsidiary of AMIC Energy, an Austrian private equity firm.
Germany wants new trade talks with US after midterm elections
Strong support for such talks coming from Germany is significant as the country was the heartland of public protest against previous negotiations for a deal with the US.
China lashes out at UK over trade talks in Taiwan
China has lashed out at the UK for sending trade minister Greg Hands to talks in Taiwan, insisting that “official contacts” with the self-governing island republic must cease.
COP27: Planet ransom
Andreas Malm and the Zetkin Collective concluded their book White Skin, Black Fuel by approximating decarbonisation to slavery abolition: as long as fossil fuel capital exists it will ‘resist its own abolition’, just as slaveholding capital did in the past.
ECT modernisation perspectives: unpacking the impact of the revised ECT text on dispute resolution
This article focuses on the implications of the revised text for dispute resolution under the ECT. We address the environmental focus of the anticipated reforms and conciliation of State-to-State disputes relating to sustainable development and climate change.
UNCITRAL Working Group III and the Assessment of Compensation and Damages: Thinning scope for impactful reform or an opportunity to make a difference?
In WGIII, states will need to prioritize the reforms that have the most impact in addressing their key concerns with the ISDS system.
China’s bid to join digital economy pact hinges on clarification of data laws, experts say
A special task force has been set up to negotiate China’s membership application for the Digital Economy Partnership Agreement but Beijing must clarify data laws if it wants to negotiate carve-outs that allow it to maintain digital sovereignty, experts say.
’Locked out of the Canadian market’: Dairy dispute with Canada takes another step
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern raised concerns Canada was breaking its promises on dairy imports under a trans-Pacific free trade agreement directly with her counterpart Justin Trudeau before escalating the issue.
Lula intent in amending the Mercosur/EU trade agreement: EU pleased with its current wording
Lula warned that he wants to “resume relations with the European Union on a new basis.” And that he was not interested in trade agreements that condemn Brazil to be an eternal supplier of commodities.
Signing of PH-S.Korea FTA in Cambodia hits snag
Signing of the Philippines-South Korea free trade area (PH-ROK FTA) will have to wait until early next yet instead of this month, as both parties are still reviewing text and provisions of the trade deal.
US firms to jet into Kenya in hunt for GMO trade deals
Representatives from 32 US agribusiness firms are set to jet into Kenya on Sunday as part of an American government delegation scouting for trade opportunities.