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Investor vs. State
Canada is being pummeled by NAFTA corporate lawsuits. Why do we put up with it?
’TPP can hurt India’
Financial services company India Nivesh has warned that when the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) comes into effect, India would be negatively impacted to a major extent.
Botswana, EU discuss EPA negotiations progress
Botswana Minister of Trade and Industry Vincent Seretse has met with European Union Trade Commissioner Cecilia Mamstrom in Gaborone to discuss the finalisation of Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) negotiations between the EU and the Southern African Development Community (SADC)
WikiLeaks publishes four more TiSA documents
On 2 July, WikiLeaks publshed four more chapters from the secret ongoing TiSA (Trade in Services Agremeent) negotiations, ahead of the next negotiating round on Monday: Electronic Commerce, Telecommunications Services, Financial Services and Maritime Transport Services.
TISA leaks reveal threat to seafarers
TISA documents predict a power grab by transport industry players at the expense of the public interest, jobs and a voice for workers, the International Transport Workers’ Federation says
Maximising investment protection in Africa: the role of investment treaties and investment arbitration
In recent years, many African governments have made an effort to improve foreign investors’ protections by entering into many BITs and related agreements with non-African countries
TTIP aim to lift US oil export ban goes against climate targets
EU push to lift restrictions on US crude oil and liquefied natural gas exports as part of controversial trade deal could explode Canada’s tar sands carbon bomb and push up carbon emissions
Flashmob choir interrupts TTIP congress
At a pro-TTIP congress where the Belgian Foreign Affairs Minister was promoting the treaty, a flashmob of attendees stood up singing "Do You Hear the People Sing?" a rousing revolutionary song from Les Miserables.
Egypt eyes Mercosur FTA activation before 2015-end
Egypt hopes to bring its preferential Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the South American Common Market (Mercosur) into effect before the end of this year, minister of industry said Thursday.
TiSA - draft annex on telecommunication services (April 2015)
Leaked by Wikileaks
TiSA - draft annex on financial services (April 2015)
Leaked by Wikileaks
TiSA - draft annex on electronic commerce (May 2015)
Leaked by Wikileaks
WikiLeaks releases Trade in Services Agreement (TISA) Core Text
WikiLeaks has released a modern journalistic holy grail, the secret Core Text for the largest ’trade deal’ in history, the Trade In Services Agreement, one week before the next TiSA negotiating round
The FIPA with China restricts Canada’s options on climate change
For years, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government told Canadians that it could not act on climate change until China joined in. Yet, in 2014, the government quietly finalized a 31-year investment treaty that, in essence, gives Chinese oil companies an advance bailout against a range of steps that Canada may need to take on climate change.
Leaked: What’s in Obama’s trade deal
A recent draft of the Trans-Pacific Partnership free-trade deal would give US pharmaceutical firms unprecedented protections against competition from cheaper generic drugs, possibly transcending the patent protections in US law.
TiSA - draft annex on government procurement (April 2015)
Leaked by Wikileaks
TiSA - draft annex on movement of natural persons (April 2015)
Leaked by Wikileaks
TiSA - draft annex on domestic regulation (April 2015)
Leaked by Wikileaks
TiSA - draft annex on transparency negotiating (April 2015)
Leaked by Wikileaks