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Farmers, trade unions and CSOs call to halt RCEP negotiations
In the backdrop of 6th Round of Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) negotiations scheduled to take place from 1-5 December 2014 in Greater Noida, India farmers’ organizations, trade unions and civil society organizations expressed serious concern over the very idea of free trade agreement (FTA), lack of transparency and the absence of socio economic impact assessments to asses the impact of the proposed FTA.
Sigmar Gabriel: ‘Germany will approve CETA’
German Minister of Economic Affairs Sigmar Gabriel is clashing with his own party over the EU’s planned free trade agreement with Canada (CETA), calling on Bundestag members to approve the deal despite the controversial investor protection provision.
Self-driving cars sink the case for TTIP
The EU’s case for the Transatlantic trade and Investment Partnership is mostly about cars but fails to take into account what the industry will look like ten years from now.
ICSID annulment committees: the elephant in the room
The title of this article refers to a looming issue that is not receiving the attention it deserves: the unbalanced and extraordinary power that the secretary-general of ICSID holds in practice in relation to annulment proceedings at the centre.
More dialogue, fewer fear tactics needed in discussion of FTAs
The government of Taiwan must do a better job to convince the public, instead of relying on “scare tactics,” merely pointing to the hazards that Taiwan will face without FTAs.
Full TTIP transparency: much more than opening a door
The European Commission has announced that new transparency measures have been adopted for the TTIP talks — but not for citizens.
Thailand to lose share of China market under FTA, survey suggests
It is projected that ASEAN could face an annual trade deficit with China as high as US$30 billion within five years under the ASEAN-China Free Trade Agreement
The TISA threat to food and agriculture
Agriculture depends on a whole complex of services – water, credit, research, testing, marketing – which may be privatised by TISA, warns Peter Rossman.
Online protest delays EU plan to resolve US trade row
EU officials say the Commission is divided over how to draw conclusions from the public consultation it held on investor-state disputes under the proposed EU-US trade accord, which is now delaying negotiations.
Luxembourg: Foreign Minister supports TTIP but “not at all cost”
Luxembourg’s Foreign Minister says that the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership presents an opportunity but EU should not enter the agreement “at all cost.”
Korea, US evaluate current state of FTA
The two sides discussed the adoption of appeal instead of a single trial in the Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) but failed to reach an agreement.
Warning talks on TPP may get ugly
Dairy markets could become one of the make or break issues in TPP and "get quite ugly", New Zealand’s ambassador to Japan warns.
Where are the EU sanctions on Israel?
EU inaction is likely to further bolster the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement if it is seen as the only effective avenue for European rejection of Israeli policies.
Protecting profits over people
Burma is in the process of formulating an investment law which would give investors full compensation if government regulations impact their profits
Japan, Turkey to begin FTA talks next week
Japan and Turkey will hold the first round of negotiations for a bilateral free trade agreement next week in Tokyo, the Foreign Ministry said Tuesday.
It’s about a better life for all people
The CARIFORUM-EU Consultative Committee held its first meeting on 13 and 14 November 2014.
What “free trade” has done to Central America
Ten years after the approval of DR-CAFTA, we are seeing many of the effects that citizens who opposed the deal cautioned about., write Manuel Perez-Rocha and Julia Paley.
Panamanians reiterate their desire to be part of Alba
The tenth anniversary of the Bolivarian Alliance for the People of Our America was commemorated by Panamanians who aspire to participate in this project for economic, social and cultural integration, which seeks to improve quality of life for its people.
Sunflower power stalls Taiwan trade deal
Taiwan’s services trade deal with China sits blocked in Taipei parliament until the government can meet the demands of the Sunflower protest movement.
Going underground: WikiLeaks on TTIP
Afshin Rattans of Russia Today interviews Kristinn Hrafnsson on the role of WikiLeaks around the secret TTIP, TPP and TiSA negotiations.