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Protesters rally against the Trans-Pacific Partnership in Martin Place
More than one hundred protesters gathered in Martin Place, Australia on Sunday to rally in opposition against the Trans-Pacific Partnership calling for the deal to be "scrapped entirely."
Prosperity undermined
The status quo trade model’s 21-year record of massive U.S. trade deficits, job loss and wage suppression.
Brooklyn will suffer with the passage of TPP
TPP would stand above U.S. laws. That means a corporation could sue New York state if we pass a law they do not like.
ASEAN wants AJCEP to be signed soon
ASEAN hopes to conclude and sign the ASEAN-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (AJCEP) soon
TTIP between US and EU ‘threatens Maltese farmers and consumers’
The TTIP deal between the European Union (EU) and the United States (US) could have a considerable impact on the way in which food and commodities are produced, traded and regulated, with impacts for farmers and consumers on both sides of the Atlantic.
Agriculteurs : les raisons de la colère !
Les agriculteurs se retrouvent pris en étau entre d’une part la baisse des prix payés pour leur production et d’autre part la course au rendement, dans une fuite en avant de la production agricole transformée en agro-industrie.
L’accord commercial entre le Kenya et l’Ouganda est entré en vigueur
L’Ouganda est prêt à mettre en œuvre l’accord commercial bilatéral que les présidents Yoweri Museveni et Uhuru Kenyatta ont signé.
EU keen to resume trade talks with Asean, says business council
The European Union (EU) is keen on resuming Free Trade Agreement (FTA) negotiations with Asean as it views the region as a growing economic powerhouse.
TISA, TTIP, CETA, TPP : la mort du service public
Les partisans des libéralisations misent sur de nouveaux accords de libre-échange qui priveraient les Etats de leur capacité à fixer les règles du jeu et accéléreraient le démontage du service public.
Southern Africa: is the latest FTA another booby prize for Africa?
Some petty "sovereign" economic interests are the main reason why a billion dynamic people in Africa with such incredible natural resources continue to live in poverty.
The perfect pinta vs. the TTIP trade tanker
Britain’s dairy farmers have been having a hard time largely thanks to their exposure to an unregulated, unstable, global food market.
De l’utilité du vote
Si le respect du suffrage universel ne semble pas être une priorité des dirigeants européens, il est alors légitime de s’inquiéter du sort qui sera réservé au nouveau veau d’or de notre classe dirigeante, le futur traité de libre-échange transatlantique.
Feds appealing NAFTA tribunal decision of Nova Scotia quarry project
Canada is appealing a potentially expensive decision from a NAFTA tribunal, arguing the tribunal "exceeded its jurisdiction" when it upheld a claim from a New Jersey concrete company, Bilcon, that it was entitled to compensatory damages.
TPPA compromises M’sian workers
Government of Malaysia has proposed several amendments be made to the Sabah Labour Ordinance, the Industrial Relations Act and Workers’ Union Act to allow TPPA to materialise but labour groups are opposed to such measures.
Trade deal could put Big Tobacco’s interests before public health
The tobacco industry has deep pockets. The industry uses its profits to resist measures being taken by governments all across the world to cut smoking and deaths from smoking.
GE issues – The Trans-Pacific Partnership and our political will
What TPP means for Singapore, politics and you.
Peru moves forward with trade agreements agenda
Peru is making progress in implementing the agenda of new trade agreements
Foreign investment favors FTZs
China’s eastern and coastal areas are again favorite destinations for foreign investors as some cities have set up pilot free trade zones
TUC briefing on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)
TUC Congress believes that the primary purpose of TTIP is to extend corporate investor rights’ and thus adopted a position of ‘outright opposition’ to TTIP.
Melinda Saint-Louis : « Le traité transatlantique ne profitera qu’aux 1% »
Je vois donc moins cet accord comme une lutte entre les sociétés américaines et européennes, que comme un traité qui ne bénéficiera, des deux côtés de l’Atlantique, qu’aux « 1 % »