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Pacific Rim free trade talks fall short of deal
Pacific Rim trade ministers failed to clinch a deal on Friday to free up trade between a dozen nations after a dispute flared up over auto trade between Japan and North America, New Zealand dug in over dairy trade and no agreement was reached on monopoly periods for next-generation drugs.
Indonesia raises non-tariff barrier to protect local batik against imports
Cheaper fabrics from Malaysia and China are flood in thanks to the ASEAN-China free-trade agreement.
Peru: Trade agreements bolster exploitation
Analysts say policies initiated under the Free Trade Agreement with the US have taken away labor rights for hundreds of thousands of working class Peruvian citizens.
WikiLeaks alleges widespread US spying on Japanese government, major companies
Anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks released a trove of documents Friday titled “Target Tokyo” detailing alleged US National Security Agency’s snooping on the Japanese government and businesses — just as negotiators from 12 nations, including Japan and the US, hope to wrap up the Trans-Pacific Partnership.
​Open source leader ’livid’ at TPPA software patent capitulation
Negotiations for the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement appear likely to undo New Zealand’s ban on software patents, showing "how disconnected the government and the negotiators are from the interests of New Zealanders."
TPP: Key admits medicine costs will rise
Prime Minister John Key has conceded New Zealand will have to pay more for some medicines under the Trans-Pacific Partnership but he says it is in the country’s best interests
Secrecy of TPPA documents heads to court
A legal challenge to the secrecy of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement negotiations will be launched in the High Court of New Zealand next week.
CAFTA’s 10th anniversary spotlights TPP’s threat to affordable life-saving drugs
Ten years ago today, in the dead of night, Congress passed the US-Central America Free Trade Agreement by two votes. Lessons learned from the actual effects of CAFTA on access to affordable life-saving prescription drugs provide a vivid illustration of the impact of TPP-like rules on people and their health.
TPP negotiations come down to the wire
With final negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement scheduled to conclude on Friday, there are a bunch of thorny issues still yet to be agreed on. Perspective from Australia.
TPP: Former WTO head Pascal Lamy says TPP benefits ’modest’
The former head of the World Trade Organisation Pascal Lamy predicts agreement will be reached on the Trans Pacific Partnership trade talks this weekend, but says the significance of the deal has been over-hyped.
Inequality and injustices of EPAs under fire
The countries of Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific are not on equal footing with the European Union, and as such Sir Ronald Sanders is asserting that instead of calling for reciprocity, proportionality should be a principle embedded in the Economic Partnership Agreements.
Nigeria to lose $1.3trn on EPA agreement
Stakeholders have warned the Federal Government against signing the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) between Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and European Union (EU), noting that Nigeria risks loosing about $1.3 trillion revenue if it signs the agreement.
Environmentalists, unions protest Pacific trade pact in Maui
About 400 protesters blew conch shells on a Hawaii beach to demonstrate against a trade agreement being negotiated by ministers from 12 Pacific Rim nations.
Malaysia will not sign any TPP pact in Hawaii
As pivotal negotiations in the making or breaking of the Trans-Pacific Partnership enter the final stretch, the Ministry of International Trade and Industry has stated that Malaysia will not sign any agreement during the current round of talks, which runs until July 31, and sought to reassure critics that it will stand firm on issues of sovereignty, government procurement, state-owned enterprises and the bumiputra agenda.
China-ASEAN trade negotiations to be completed by year-end
Negotiations to upgrade the China-ASEAN Free Trade Agreement are expected to be concluded by the end of this year. China will expand two-way investment in major sectors involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, including big-ticket projects involving global production, industrial parks and other cross-border projects.
Govt readies 3-tier offer for RCEP
With next round of Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) talks is scheduled to take place in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar, on August 24-26, India government readied its strategy on goods trade.
Malaysia to remain firm in TPPA talks
Malaysia has pledged to safeguard and uphold their core policies, including the interests of the Bumiputera community during the last leg of Trans Pacific Partnership talks.
TPP: Australia considers ’modified’ ISDS clause
Australian Trade Minister Andrew Robb says he won’t sign off on investor-state dispute settlement in the Trans-Pacific Partnership "until we’re satisfied that there’s a carve out for public policy on health and the environment,"
European Parliament says REACH must not be included in TTIP
Chemical Watch reports that the European Parliament has asked the European Commission not to negotiate on issues related to REACH and its implementation in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) with the US.
The Customs Bill: an unacceptable barrier to climate action
A proposed amendment to the Trade Priorities and Accountability Act (TPA) incorporated into the House version of the US Customs Bill poses significant risks to future progress on climate mitigation if accepted.