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Ecuador’s experience with international investment arbitration
The brief reviews Ecuador’s experience with investment treaties and investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS). The paper explains the historical and geopolitical context of the decisions Ecuador has taken in regard to bilateral investment treaties (BITs) and ISDS.
The Trans-Pacific Partnership: copyright law, the creative industries, and Internet freedom
A number of chapters of the TPP will affect the creative artists, cultural industries and internet freedom — including intellectual property, investment, and electronic commerce.
Commission breaks new ground on TTIP tobacco transparency
The European Commission has broken new ground in transparency over Big Tobacco lobbying around the ongoing EU-US trade talks. Philip Morris topped a EU lobbying spending table last year, spending more than petrol giant ExxonMobil.
Asian countries shift focus to regional trade after TPP delay
Asian countries have agreed to speed-up the conclusion of a more localised trade agreement after the delays finishing a competing US-led pact.
New trade measures top Apec agenda in Cebu meetings
New and aggressive measures to improve trade and economic growth across the region will be high on the agenda of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation.
Disastrous TPP being pushed to wrap up by mid September
The Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is not dead. Even though talks failed last month in Hawaii and the 12 countries couldn’t come to an agreement, the last few legislative days left are being used up wisely.
Asia Pacific nations aim to eliminate 80% of import duties in 10 years
Trade ministers from 16 Asia Pacific countries agreed on Monday, Aug 24 to eliminate tariffs on 80 per cent of imports within a decade, in a major breakthrough in talks for RCEP.
Congo Airways Airbus stuck at Dublin - Kinshasa alludes to «vulture fund subterfuge»
Pursuant to the ruling of an Irish court, Airbus A320 of Congo Airways, RDC’s new national airline company, is blocked at Dublin airport. The Congolese authorities are not excluding the hypothesis of “vulture fund subterfuge”.
APE Afrique centrale : l’Union européenne joue la montre
L’Union sait que le temps est son meilleur allié pour imposer à l’Afrique centrale son APE bilatéral avec le Cameroun comme base des négociations.
Taiwan must open up service sector with TiSA’s arrival
The Taiwanese government has turned its focus to the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) currently being negotiated by 25 countries and regions that account for 70% of the global trade in services.
Trading up for a better deal than Trans-Pacific pact
As the dust settles on the fight in Congress over Fast Track authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, we have an opportunity to think anew about what good trade policy could be.
MSF statement on RCEP trade negotiations in Kuala Lumpur
Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is calling for the removal of damaging intellectual property provisions in the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) that would risk locking in high drug prices.
Great footage of Auckland TPPA rally
By journalist Bryan Bruce
Minister: TPP and RCEP are equally important to the country
Malaysia gives equal emphasis to two trade pacts – Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) said International Trade and Industry Minister, with RCEP provide a future boost for the four Asean countries in the TPP negotiations.
Protesters rally against the Trans-Pacific Partnership in Martin Place
More than one hundred protesters gathered in Martin Place, Australia on Sunday to rally in opposition against the Trans-Pacific Partnership calling for the deal to be "scrapped entirely."
Prosperity undermined
The status quo trade model’s 21-year record of massive U.S. trade deficits, job loss and wage suppression.
Brooklyn will suffer with the passage of TPP
TPP would stand above U.S. laws. That means a corporation could sue New York state if we pass a law they do not like.
ASEAN wants AJCEP to be signed soon
ASEAN hopes to conclude and sign the ASEAN-Japan Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (AJCEP) soon
TTIP between US and EU ‘threatens Maltese farmers and consumers’
The TTIP deal between the European Union (EU) and the United States (US) could have a considerable impact on the way in which food and commodities are produced, traded and regulated, with impacts for farmers and consumers on both sides of the Atlantic.
Agriculteurs : les raisons de la colère !
Les agriculteurs se retrouvent pris en étau entre d’une part la baisse des prix payés pour leur production et d’autre part la course au rendement, dans une fuite en avant de la production agricole transformée en agro-industrie.