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Philippines’ RCEP ratification: a deadly blow for the country’s agriculture
The country’s economic sovereignty that will supposedly provide a ground for the flourishing of local agriculture and production has been once again gnawed by global corporate interests.
Position paper on pure food and genetic modification
Ngā Toki Whakarururanga believes IPEF provisions would cut across the rights, interests, duties and responsibilities of Indigenous Peoples throughout the region.
Taiwan calls on Britain to support its bid for Pacific trade pact
Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen called on Britain to support its bid to join a major pan-Pacific free trade pact which London has also applied to enter.
Ukraine and UK sign agreement on digital trade
This new generation trade agreement focuses primarily on preventing the emergence of barriers in the future, as states in the world are increasingly regulating the digital sphere.
Austrian agriculture minister says ‘no’ to Mercosur deal amid industry pressure
Agriculture Minister said he opposes the EU-Mercosur trade agreement during the Agriculture Council in Brussels on despite alleged industry pressure on the minister in charge of giving Austria’s final decision.
The potential China-Uruguay trade deal risks fracturing Mercosur
Montevideo is pushing ahead with FTA talks with China – ignoring warnings from neighbors about possible legal and trade action if Uruguay negotiates outside the bloc.
Clamour against United Kingdom’s free-trade negotiator
Groups from India and nearly 40 countries express concern about a leaked chapter from the proposed FTA that they say appears to represent ‘a wish list’ of the pharmaceutical industry.
Why Britain joining the CPTPP is clearly not about the economy
‘Global Britain’ needs new friends and trading partners as the economic harm from Brexit becomes clear.
Georgia and the UAE strike free-trade deal after just three rounds of talks
The UAE and Georgia have agreed a new trade deal which will see the reduction of tariffs and the removal of other barriers as the two countries seek to boost economic ties.
India asks 68 countries to renegotiate bilateral investment pacts, Rajya Sabha told
India has issued termination notices to 68 countries for Bilateral Investment Treaties with a request to renegotiate on the basis of the model agreement formulated in 2015.
EAC proposes flexible US market access under AGOA plan
The East African Community (EAC) wants the US government to make the rules governing access to their market more flexible under the planned renewal of the African Growth Opportunity Act (Agoa).
Preserving NAFTA legacy rights requires immediate action
Investors from the United States, Mexico or Canada in the territory of one of the other two investment hosting states, who may have been adversely affected by the host government’s measures, need to act by the end of March 2023 to preserve NAFTA rights.
US farm, food groups urge Congress to pass authority for new trade deals
More than 50 US agriculture and food groups urged Congress to approve new legislation enabling the United States to negotiate more free-trade agreements.
Free trade or just green trade?
Corporations are using trade and investment treaties to handcuff global and national efforts to save the planet. Resistance to the corporate-friendly trade architecture has come from many corners of the globe.
Advocates urge US not to offer ‘Big-Tech-favored terms’ in trade talks
Consumer advocates are urging the Biden administration to scrub language from a US trade proposal they say could undermine efforts to hold tech giants accountable for their privacy practices, according to a letter shared first with The Technology 202.
India Canada trade deal talks in early April
While the early harvest trade pact being fleshed out now will focus on 10-11 areas, the more comprehensive economic partnership agreement will cover Goods, Services, Rules of Origin as well as Labour, Environment and Digital issues.
Japan, Israel hold first joint research meeting on Economic Partnership Agreement
The first meeting of a possible Japan-Israel Economic Partnership Agreement was held online.
The EU is committed to developing the Association Agreement with Algeria
European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell announced on Sunday that Brussels is sticking to the association agreement with Algeria.
EU eyes Africa; ’we are grateful’ to Algeria’s gas supply: Borrell
The European Union’s representative for foreign affairs and security policy, Josep Borrell, began a visit to Algeria on Sunday, the first of its kind since he took office in December 2019.
Philippines, South Korea free trade deal in final stages
The free trade agreement between the Philippines and South Korea is in the final stages, the Philippine Department of Trade and Industry said on Tuesday.