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    DIDIER Pierre:

    - foreign corporations to sue governments for pretty much anything they don’t like: false: the text is very clear that grounds for appeal are very limited (discrimination, expropriation without compensation AND that the public authority may not be sued for measures of the general good
    - imports of genetically modified salmon (or others): false: CETA does not compel EU to import any genetically GMO except those very few it already has admitted to market in the EU. Any change would need approval by member States and European Parliament - which is not a gift.
    - animal welfare conditions: false: any imports from Canada will have to meet same conditions of animal welfare as those imposed on EU producers. This can only lead to improvement in Canada
    - Europe to drop its objections to the dirtiest fossil fuel on the planet: false: fuel imported needs to abide by exactly same rules as applicable to fuel suppliers of the EU
    - Public procurement: false on at least two accounts: (a) all public services escape from commitments; authorities may anytime decide to "publicize" a service; (b) as in the EU, public awarding authorities may reserve contracts on social or environmental grounds.
    - government purchases of farm produce to give farmers price stability: this leads farmers to over-produce, thus depresses prices, thus reinforces disappearance of producers; if this system (contrary to WTO rules) was to disappear as a follow-up of the CETA (????) Canada would have to replace subsidy to production by subsidy to producers, as in the EU, farmers becoming "gardeners of the nature" instead of industrial producers.

    Why do you fan obviously populist counter-truth? Are you a new Donald Trump or Boris Jognson using all their lies?


    Can you share the hyperlink to the report? Is it publicly available?

    roger ross:

    Thank you. What a brilliant and meaningful flash mob .. We all need to touch the hearts of the machine that is promoting Ttip .. Please keep me posted for events in London and brighton. I’m excited to be part of transformation thru singing. With my best wishes. Roger

    José Oliveira:

    No compromise whatsoever! Down with all the corporate treaties!!!
    There can never be any reasonably justification for big companies to be granted much more previliges than all other social actors.


    AND THEN.....
    STOP the Unconstitutional TRANS-PACIFIC "PARTNERSHIP" so-called "free trade" treaty!!!!!
    #NoLameDuck2016 Congressional session!!!

    Jennifer Jones:

    This is well intentioned - but so terribly naive and inaccurate

    Nothing in the TPP can increase drug prices; the maximum price of a drug is determined by the PMPRB. It may increase costs but that’s not the same thing.

    "Pharmaceutical development can reach costs as high as $1.3 billion".
    Really? You know this to be true? Because you’ve read that it is?

    "The TPP influences drug prices by strengthening intellectual property rights and preventing generic drug production.
    Two ways such rights are strengthened include making “evergreening” easier for innovative firms and by granting data exclusivity to pharmaceutical products."
    The TPP may delay generic marketing but it cant prevent it. And nothing about the data exclusivity regime current;y in place in Canada is altered as a result of the TPP.

    "Evergreening is the renewing of patent protection on pre-existing drugs through minor adjustments. Previously, the Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights flexibilities under the World Trade Organization, allowed countries to control patent term length through high requirements for patent renewal."
    Patents dont get ’renewed’

    Nothing in Canada’s patent regime is altered by the TPP either - all those requirements are pre existing.

    "Data exclusivity refers to the protection companies are granted on information related to their patented medications. The TPP requires that new pharmaceutical products receive at least five years of data protection — and existing products that have new uses receive at least three years — which can extend beyond the patent period. As a result, generic drug manufacturers must wait until exclusivity ends, or conduct their own expensive and time-consuming clinical trials, before being able to sell generic drugs — once again, keeping drug prices high."
    Nonsense - Canada already provides 8 years of data protection across the board!

    "By raising the prices of medications, the TPP makes it more difficult for patients to access their medications."
    the TPP cannot raise the price of medications!

    "By switching to a single-payer purchasing system, rather than the expensive multi-payer system we currently use, the bulk savings and reduced administrative costs are substantial. Such a system would effectively neutralize the price increases of the TPP while providing Canadians with fair and equitable access to resources that will restore their health."

    A single payer drug program is a great idea but effectively neutralizing the (non existent) price increases of the TPP? Not so much

    For the record I am stridently anti TPP but I do not think the credibility of opposition to the TPP is enhanced by naive and poorly researched pieces like this one.


    Compañeros/as, creo que es una nota fundamental la que publican aquí, La política de los tratados de libre comercio sí aparece como una cuestión del macrismo, especialmente porque el kirchnerismo sostenía, en "su modelo", una política de mayor industrialización (a favor de grupos concentrados nacionales), que llevaba a la oposición a la firma de TLC. Además, el kirchenismo era hijo de la política anti-neolibral de los 90`s, al igual que el resto de los "progresismos" latinoamericanos.
    Sin embargo, el kirchnerismo sí pagó 5 demandas en el Ciadi, en vez de salirse del sistema de arbitraje como sí lo hicieron Bolivia, Venezuela y Ecuador. Con esto se cayó el relato de la defensa de la jurisdicción nacional. Hoy, decir NO al libre comercio es decir también NO al pago de las demandas en el CIADI, y NO a los tribunales arbitrales extranjeros que sólo benefician a las grandes corporaciones!

    Ahmed Salem Amr Khaddad:

    WSRW is a fake NGO sponsored by algeria relays to attack Morocco and Western Sahara unity. WSRW is not talking on behalf of the Western Sahara community but on behalf of the algerian military regime. Erik Hagen is well known for his round-trips to algeria to get orders and $$$ envelopes. He is spying the Scandinavian governments for the account of the algeria military regime. WSRW can’t be credible because of corruption and tax avoidance! Thanks

    Jennifer Jones:

    Honestly, I expect a higher standard of reporting from the Guardian.
    Let me say at the outset I am no fan of ISDS, but to claim that "ISDS provisions allow foreign corporations to sue the Australian government in an international tribunal if they think the government has introduced or changed laws that significantly hurt their interests" is at the very least, outrageous hyperbole.
    ISDS provisions only allow corporations to bring actions if a Government acts in a manner inconsistent with its treaty obligations that is contrary to the interests of the corporation - so you left out the critically important bit.
    The problem with nonsense reporting like this is that it actually undermines the credibility of legitimate and well informed anti-ISDS advocacy, as we all get tarred with the same hyperbolic, scare-mongering brush.
    Next time, do your homework please.

    Ahmed Salem:

    Danish MPs should listen to native Western Saharawi not to algeria diplomats&DK NGOs funded by algeria like Afrika Kontakt. NGOs sponsored by algeria will look for the status quo to keep the algerian sponsorship: human absurdity!

    Jess Chesnut:

    HELP...This could be the wake up call needed to publicize the issues on how these new generation trade (NOT) deals will inflict corporate control on the everyday happenings of everyday people. We need to safeguard the MUSH group.

    ignasi orobitg gene:

    very briefly
    TTIP want to change the rights of citizens by customer

    Nicolas Roux:
    Jotay point net:

    Très beau article mais la prochaine fois ayez l’amabilité de nous cité quand vous reprenez nos photo

    Marcelo Maciel:

    En español. El arbitraje en este caso será el camino que deberá seguirse. Otro caso, de mayor envergadura es el caso de la tabacalera Philips Morris contra el gobierno de ROU.

    En el marco del convenio de inversiones sin dudas este acuerdo es fuente de derecho entre los dos países. ( EEUU-ROU)


    All is well thought, but money makes the world go round - money of a minority. And they make the rules.

    Silvia Rodriguez Cervantes:

    El artículo quedó cortado.... me quede esperando mas sobre como el TPP hace que los indígenas no controlen mas sus semillas, al igual que la consulta indigena...

    Mohamed Oudebji:

    J’ai apprécié fortement la qualité scientifique de votre brève note. Est-il possible d’avoir les Email de Adriana Homolova, Eva Schram et Frank Mulder ??
    I am Professor of International Investment Law and Trade at the Faculty of Law and Economics in university of Marrakech in Morocco.
    Let me mention that I am an expert (in French language) of UNCTAD in the field of International Investment Agreements (IIA) since 2003. Moreover I was an expert, between 2003 and 2007, of the « WTO’s Institute on Technical Assistance » in area of Trade and Investment (in French), for the region of African French Speaking Countries.
    Je dois vous indiquer que j’avais participé à une Conférence organisée conjointement par l’African Association of International Law and New York Forum Africa, au début septembre 2015 au Gabon. Le thème était International Law and Economic Development in Africa. Aussi, j’avais participé (1 et 2 décembre à Djibouti) à une conférence intitulée « The Rule of Law and Investment. Investigating Motors for Development».

    Prof. Oudebji Mohamed
    Email :
    Mobile Phone : 212 6 64 52 28 66

    Nicolas Roux:

    The issue comes from their site. They seem to have removed the content.

    Pohiva Tuionetoa:

    Do you have a better option for FICs to replace PACERplus?

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