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    Juergen Wimmer:

    How can the limitation and restriction (trade agreements) and catalogisation (licensing, patenting ...) of common ressources (public, nature, intellectual goods etc.),
    for the advantage of a few industrial leaders, owned by the private establishment prevent the already ongoing wealth (e.g. economy) and technology (e.g. automotive) drift from europe to asia?

    Fire can not be extinguished with fire, as well as it is hardly possible to limit and restrict ressources for the many to protect private prosperty.

    Sammie Galati:

    Thank you for clearly describing these difficult negotiations.

    Sheila Turnbull Reid:

    I feel betrayed in the confidence I had in Murray Rankin. He must answer this accusation to put his supporters at ease.

    I would like to know the NDP position on "trade agreements" such as CETA and TPP. Many of us understand that these agreements are a sell-out of our sovereignity. The fact that the trade agreement seems to carry more weight than the national laws is frightening. What will this mean for our First Nations people when they protest invasions of their territory; or for local markets when they want to give preference to local produce, or to CBC that is not making a profit....will it be privatized? How many jobs will we lose to foreign companies who want to cut costs and not deal with our local labour laws and environmental protection? There are so many questions to be asked but perhaps the most important is whether a new Canadian government will be able to back out of these agreements - and thereby save the country we know as Canada.

    I would appreciate an answer from Murray Rankin’s office. Thank you. Yours sincerely, Sheila Turnbull Reid

    David Jackson:

    The proposed Court System, like the TTIP itself, is a gross affront to democracy in Europe.

    We should all oppose these unjust anti-democratic proposals with all the peaceful power at our command.

    David Jackson:

    The proposed Court System, like the TTIP itself, is a gross affront to democracy in Europe.

    We should all oppose these unjust anti-democratic proposals with all the peaceful power at our command.

    dave zdril:

    The Russian supreme court recently addressed the subject of corporations, ignoring their country’s soverntry and laws.The court concluded that it was hog wash and that corporation have to abide by the laws of the land.. This, I would say, would be the outcome also if challenged in the Canadian supreme court also, if for no other reason than it’s PIGHEADED FASCISM.


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    didier raymond :

    c’est un attrappe couillon , les états unis veulent juste prendre les marchés Européens sans contrepartie !!!
    et de toutes façons pour un accord de cette importance les états doivent " obligatoirement " le faire valider par leurs populations par référendum dans chaque état !!!, sinon les populations se souleveront contre leurs pouvoirs poitiques !!!


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    Mary ALEXIS:

    Mesdames et messieurs,
    Face à la montée endémique du chômage, et des non respects des votes des citoyens européens, vous vous étonnez que les citoyens deviennent zénophoques, vous avez crée un royaume européen ,où seul le DIEU argent , le veau d’or gouverne en dépit du respect de ceux, de même en France, nous avons coupé les têtes de nos rois, aujourd’hui le combat est multiple car nous avons 28 têtes de petits roitelets à couper.
    Vous décidez pour les peuples en dépit du bon sens, avec vos lobbyings financiers, vous jetez les vassaux dehors, et vous voulez nous rendre heureux malgré nous, tout est veau d’or et argent, les peuples ne comptent plus, le jour viendra où tous les peuples ensembles, créeront leur tribunal pénal international pour jeter les têtes de ces roiteletsn honte à vous mesdames et messieurs, ayez le courage de faire un débat , et donnez aux peuples la parole, vous verrez nous vous jugerons rapidement,HONTE A VOUS, mais le temps est en marche, nous ne voulons ni de votre TAFTA, ni de l’arbitrage d’investissement à vos DIEUX ARGENT et les VEAUX D’OR
    Les états membres fondateurs de la CE ont laissé une oeuvre, afin que les peuples européens ne se fassent plus la guerre, vous , vous arrivez avec vos condescendance et arrogance vous arrogez le droit de décider pour les peuples, avec nos ennemis les financiers, ou même sur la nourriture, vous spéculez pour savoir qui doit manger et qui doit mourir.
    Vous avez pillé, volé et rafiqué pour gérer les matières premières des pays émergents, après vous êtes bien enrichi avec vos complices les banquiers et financiers du monde occidental, vous avez jeté des peuples dans la rue avec leurs yeux pour pleurer, sans argent et sans emploi.
    Cette Europe ne tiendra pas longtemps, et vous aurez le boomerang des vols des pays tiers , qui envahirons vos pays et vous feront payer l’opprobe que vous leur avez fait endurer et dure encore.
    Vous avez été au delà d’Hitler, et vous êtes tous indignes que nos impôts vous nourrissent pour nous faire crever, je ne vous salue pas, vous n’en valez la peine

    Ian Todd:

    Unfortunately I can’t sign. It would be great if this petition included TPP countries. We’re all in this together as Corporates go for the 3 pronged assault -TTIP CETA and TPP.

    Anway, solidarity from New Zealand!

    John Swaim:

    TPP is a Tyranny Protection Plan.


    I am in New Zealand. We also have the same problems and we have the dreaded TPPA, which is the same as the TTIP. If all the farmers around the world, who are affected by the TPPA, TTIP, and TiSA, were to communicate with each other they would be a powerful group - and those politicians negotiating our freedoms, standards, and livelihoods away would have to walk away from these agreements. Collectively it is all about the US taking control and imposing their systems, courts, and corporations on us. We do not want or need this. Can anyone help get this to happen? We feel very isolated and vulnerable as our government are all for this, against the wishes of the people of New Zealand.

    Josep Manuel Galán i Gimisó:

    Craso error;la inclusión del vocablo sionista;recuerda demasiado a Los protocolos de Sión ; dejando a la buena argumentación un rechazo inicial,hubira sido mejor dejarla de lado y argumentarla en un articulo separado .


    WTF, site is in English and you publish news in Spanish and French only? Ctrl C+Ctrl V is all you got?

    Trevor Mills:

    So the shortfall of this TPPA is basically about protecting the political rights of corporate interests, rather than the people’s democratic rights of questioning what’s really involved within this "deal"? Does that explain why there’s so much secrecy shrouding this "treaty"?

    victor mather:

    Even the dogs in the street have heard about ttip now ,,the conspiracy theorists are starting to have a field day with it and its up there with chem trails the new world order ,and the Illuminati , regardless of how the eu or America view the importance of secrecy this is not the days of the cold war ,.There is an old saying that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely it is becoming evident in almost every country in Europe and further that citizens no longer trust their governments and consider them to be corrupt , If this deal is by some magical means passed i will eat my hat some member states are bound to flinch at the prospect of backlash from the electorate ,,we are no longer children that can be forced to take their medicine, the fallout and implications of this secrecy may be far greater than they think it may indeed cause the demise of senior politicians

    clare attwell:

    What is the logic of holding these tribunals behind closed doors until after a decision is made? It would seem to me that if we, the public taxpayers are to foot the bill for these rulings, we are not only entitled to see & hear what is taking place, - indeed, every effort should be made to inform the "payees" of the potential liability. Anything less amounts to a grand scheme cooked up to deceive a countries’ citizens out of their resources & money.

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