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    La mobilisation contre le Traité Transatlantique : bientôt un raz de marée ?

    L’ICE a été rejetée par Bruxelles

    Mais une ICE auto-organisée est en place au niveau européen en 15 jours c’est plus de 700 000 signatures qui ont été recueillies en ligne - SIGNER et FAIRE SIGNER est le mot d’ordre.
    Les 1 000 000 sont pour très bientôt --->


    La información a los pueblos es básica e importante, para que tomemos conciencia del problema que nos acecha al mundo, y a los más desfavorecidos.

    Anunciarlo por todos los medios posibles, concienciando a todos de lo que nos viene encima.

    Enviando textos más cortos en la información pero que despierte el interés.

    gloria estrada:

    sorry for my thinking ! but what the is monsanto doing where thay don’t belong? see! this is the kind of dirty buseness that creats wars, if they can’t sell you their garbage! they’ll make it hard for you to live! this is the evil thats! spreading across the world ! and your talking proffit?


    They are making a profit. The CEO made 11,000,000 in 2009 alone. Maybe they need to make a little less profit by not picking on the little guys.


    Maybe I’m missing something here, but surely the restriction on saving seeds only applies to specific seed varieties developed by Monsanto? So if farmers want to continue using and saving their traditional seed varieties, there wouldn’t be any issue with that.

    Monsanto are a business, not a charity, so it’s not surprising (nor, in principle, unreasonable) that they should want to make a profit from their research & development. It may be that they are trying to make excessive profits from people who can ill-afford their prices, but that seems to be a separate issue from the one being discussed here.

    My point is that if you believe that GE seeds are potentially a good thing, then you either have to accept patenting or propose another way in which the companies producing them can recoup their R&D costs and make a profit. If, on the other hand, you believe that GE seeds are fundamentally wrong, wouldn’t you be better off petitioning the farmers not to use them, thus sidestepping the issues of patented seeds altogether?


    Time to withdraw from the US-DR-CAFTA, or at least stop using all Monsanto products.

    Shafia Stevens:

    Yes all of the above... we can curse and complain but we need to help by donating even a small amount, if we all give together then they can fight like with like!

    Frankie Vandellous:

    Please do what Canada, Australia, the US, and other nations have failed to do, and stop this monster in its tracks!

    Sean Higgins:

    I think that it is unjust and illegal that an American Multinational corporation can think that a tradition that has been carried out by generations of Guatemalans for years can suddenly become the "property" of companies like Monsanto! This is part of Guatemalan culture that has been handed down through generations. It can never become the property of anyone else no matter how big and mighty they may see themselves!

    ¡Fuerza a la gente humilde de Guatemala y a sus niños del futuro! ¡Estamos con ustedes!

    Alex :

    The biggest problem with ge seeds and the above mentioned re-seeding is that ge or gm plants produce infertile seeds so collecting seeds wont work as they will not germinate ,thereby allowing more seed to be purchased EACH CROP that needs to be planted ,If you dont believe me then try planting some of your seeds from store bought vegetables ,especially corn.

    david schlosser:

    Do NOT let big American Agro-business bully you. Save your seeds and do as you have done for centuries. You are smarter than the Americans and every other nation that buys into the hype and grandness of Monsanto. Guatemala; show the world you will not stand for your right to food being stomped on.


    Good for you for standing up to Corporate Greed. Keep your people safe from the ooison they are trying to feed you. 1/2 of my family in the US has gotten cancer, all different kinds, all parts of the country. Don’t let them bring it to you. It’s as bad as Ebola, only takes years instead of days to destroy your body.


    Brilliant video, if these types of deals are for the benefit of society, why must they be done in the dark?

    Do they think all people are stupid sheeple and must be treated as sheep?

    These big corporations are too big and too controlling. This needs to change. Come on, you people who call yourselves our elected "representatives", Do some representing and work to change this system of self interest and corrupt law making.

    p.s. [ to the video editor] there is a typo in the credits


    Countersue ! YES! They, (monsanto) just jumped your fence, and PLANTED THEIR SEEDS ON YOUR LAND! That is called TRESPASSING! You did not invite them, and they just did major harm by poisoning YOUR LAND. FRIKKING DO SOMETHING!!!!

    Tom J. Deiters:

    I like to point out that it is the indigenous people of Mexico and Central American (predominantly called: The Maya) who more then 3000 years ago were able to hybridize two indigenous grasses into what is now called Maize (corn).
    It is a horrendous insult to the present people of Mexico and Central America to claim property rights over maize. If anyone should have the brutality to consider to lay these claims, then it should be these nations. No one else.

    Charles Batten:

    Not ONLY inHUMANE, it is CRIMINAL for monsanto to seek to patent property ’rights’ over plant varieties.

    ESPECIALLY as they will NOT be exercising due control of the CONTANIMATION to other plants which WILL spread from ’their’ doctored varieties, and SHOULD be prosecuted by International Governments for doing so.

    monsanto’s ultimate intentions are far worse than ANYTHING previously designed by similar entities who have desired the SUBJUGATION of ALL Humankind.


    Corporations have deep pockets and an army of lawyers; individuals from a poor village don’t stand a chance because they don’t have the means to fight.

    Jan Yttereng:

    Monsato should ask themselves why they sell seeds. Is it because the seeds are used to reproduce and multiply itself? Monsato may have patented the original seed, but I don’t see how they have patented what happens next? Did they invent growing plants? Or do they just benefit from a not patented technology?

    Chris Clark:

    Anton, if you look up the term ’psychopaths’, you will find a large part of the answer to your question.

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