US, Peru review environmental advances in FTA

23 April 2009

US, Peru review environmental advances in FTA

WASHINGTON (AFP) — US and Peruvian officials met recently to see how the environmental clauses of the free trade agreement signed between Lima and Washington were being implemented, the office of the US Trade Representative said Wednesday.

The talks, held April 13-17 in Peru, focused on the logging annex of the agreement’s environmental chapter, the USTR said in a statement.

The US delegation met with Peruvian officials from relevant ministries, the forestry and wildlife service, and regional government representatives.

"In addition, both the US and Peru delegations held their first-ever joint open forum with civil society, including the private sector and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), to discuss progress made to date and address concerns," the statement read.

Peruvian and US officials will meet again in Washington in June, the USTR said.

The agreement — formally known as the US-Peru Trade Promotion Agreement (PTPA), entered into force on February 1. Peru has 18 months from that date to meet its environmental obligations.

To comply with the agreement, Peru "has undertaken unprecedented changes to its legal and regulatory regimes to implement its environmental obligations," the USTR said.

The environmental chapter of the free trade agreement includes "addressing the environmental and economic consequences of trade associated with illegal logging and illegal trade in wildlife," as well as "provisions recognizing the importance of conserving and protecting biodiversity," according to information on the USTR website.

source : AFP

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