From Quito: Pablo Fajardo & Donald Moncayo

posted 28-September-2018

TeleSur | 13 September 2018

From Quito: Pablo Fajardo & Donald Moncayo

In today’s program. A court in the Hague has ruled in favour of Chevron. It says the judgements made in Ecuador against the oil company, for years of severe pollution in the amazon region, are not valid. Does this mean that the communities who have been fighting for 25 years for compensation, have lost their fight? What do they plan to do next? To talk about this, we’re very pleased to have with us, Pablo Fajardo, the lead lawyer for those communities, and Donald Moncayo, one of the coordinators of the organization that has led this campaign, the union of those affected by the operations of Chevron - Texaco.

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