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Guatemalan court suspends "Monsanto Law" re: growing unauthorised seed | 24-October-2014
Ian M: "Should a GE seed germinate, as a result of being wind blown, on a neighbouring farm that has not brought growing GM plants the farmer on whose land the wind blown seed landed on is deemed to have broken the law by growing unauthorised seed&quo ...
Guatemalan court suspends "Monsanto Law" re: growing unauthorised seed | 24-October-2014
Ian M: Could said farmer not countersue for trepass/pollution of his land?
Guatemalan court suspends "Monsanto Law" | 23-October-2014
Hannie Reijndersa: Monsanto destroy the world, nature, the water , flora, animals, and people are poisoned
Kenya: Why we got a raw deal in EPA | 23-October-2014
sam: Please be kind to your citizens who may not know the facts by being factual on all your observations. Let us build our economy and rely on the African continent for our markets , the EU will not be supportive, they have never been and will never be, ...
Lenny | 21-October-2014
Lenny: Je confirme totalement ce que vous exposez. Lenny calendrier photo
Guatemalan court suspends "Monsanto Law" | 20-October-2014
Hemi: For the Monsanto Law to have been passed initially smacks of corruption of those charged with protecting the very people the law would punish - shame, shame, shame. This is typical of Monsanto. Should a GE seed germinate, as a result of being wind b ...
Document reveals EU bullied Ecuador into trade agreement | 16-October-2014
Alan Adams: Good article. Informative. However, just a comment on wording: "Solidarity economy" does not equal "socialist Economy" Solidarity economy is a new, though largely indigenous concept.
Corporations get lots, Canadians get little in CETA trade deal | 13-October-2014
Arthur: So, you want elected governments to have arbitrary unrestricted power - in particular over the "greedy" corporations - to change the laws and policies at whim, as the government wishes - without the options for the "ruled over" c ...
People, environment and democracy before profit and corporate rights | 10-October-2014
Filip Rembiałkowski: Hello, I'm from Direct Democracy party in Poland. We are now discussing about officially supporting your anti-TTIP initiative. (this one ) Are you OK with that? Where can w ...
The threat of CETA: trade, investment and workers’ rights | 10-October-2014
David : lol, this is ridiculous...
Guatemalan court suspends "Monsanto Law" | 8-October-2014
Lynda MacHaila: There are criminals that go to a bank with a gun and, take money, they go to jail. There are others that commit crimes of grater consequence to individuals and to the world and, they make big money. Where is the wisdom that is in charge of our healt ...
Guatemalan court suspends "Monsanto Law" | 7-October-2014
ANde: and what kind of people support a company like this?? We all do!! look around your home and your closet Monsanto is written all over them unless you are very, very selective. We all need to stand up to this abhoracious (yes, my word) company.
Why the climate movement cannot ignore trade | 7-October-2014
ian harris: When global warming did n't happen, it became climate change. This is an entirely man-made panic about something which is probably not going to happen, and if it does happen, it will be as the result of natural forces. The earth has warmed and ...
Guatemalan court suspends "Monsanto Law" | 7-October-2014
anton french: I find it the idea of a corporation being able to control food in this way abhorrent. What kind of people would work for such a disgusting company.
EU hopes EPA with Kenya to be concluded by end of October | 6-October-2014
Jacques Berthelot: It is not enough to say that the EU will raise import duties (of the GSP) on its imports from Kenya - in fact of € 61.8 million on the basis of its actual imports in 2013 - because they should be compared with the losses in tariff revenues of ...
L’UE espère signer l’APE avec la CEA d’ici fin octobre | 6-October-2014
Jacques Berthelot: Il ne suffit pas de dire que l'UE prélèvera des droits de douane (du SPG) sur ses importations du Kenya - en fait de 61,8 millions d'euros sur la base des importations en 2013 - car il faut les comparer avec les pertes de recette ...
EU must tear up association agreement with Israel | 5-October-2014
Dom Ramos: I think your comment deliberately avoids the issues: banned chemical warfare (phosphorus shells) used against known targets where civilians are, whether or not Hamas' poorly equipped rockets are there, pre-warned areas where children and casual ...
The international implications of the Philip Morris branding battle in Uruguay | 25-September-2014
Eduardo : The Board of Directors and main owners of Philip Morris shoud go to jail and pay Public Health expenses in the countries they sell their toxic product!
Nuevo revés para Monsanto en Costa Rica | 19-September-2014
César Zamora: Siempre se confunde lo que significa adquirir la exclusividad, sobre lo que una persona desarrolla con la autorización para comercializar. La siembra de transgénicos en Guatemala está prohibida, excepto cuando es para investigació ...
EU must tear up association agreement with Israel | 13-September-2014
Bernard K. Gordon: A very misguided comment was posted on your site, recommending that the EU-Israel trade agreement be "torn up." As many, many long and directly-experienced American commentators have pointed out, the record of Hamas during the Israel/Hamas ...

TTIP Day One | 16-Oct-2014

TTIP Jour Un | 16-Oct-2014