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Los TLC vuelve gordos a los colombianos | 16-April-2014
Cesar Zamora: Este tema no es propio de los TLC, es cuestión de prevención de la Salud y por supuesto de Educación. Hasta la desnutrición nos inflama el estomago.
Traité de libre-échange UE-USA : pourquoi villes et régions se rebellent | 21-March-2014
Olivier Compan: Le Traité Transatlantique n'est pas signé ! Les français sont intéressés par le Traité, il suffit d'en parler avec eux ou de leur donner quelques informations, même si les « Grands médias » ...
S.Korea, Canada wrap up free-trade deal | 17-March-2014
HJ Hastings: Will it be easier for Canadian distributors to import Candy (lollipops and gummies) following the signing of this agreement? It would be nice. Also for Canadian Candy manufacturers, will they have easier access to the Korean market? Let me know!
Europe tells US to lay off Brie and get its own cheese names | 10-March-2014
james w. everts: " ..France's Valley of Muenster.." You see already where it goes wrong. Muenster (more correctly spelled Münster) is a major city in Germany. Just primary school stuff, in Europe that is..
Ciudadanos marchan contra el tratado de libre comercio negociado entre la UE y la CE en la negación de la democracia | 28-February-2014
Olivier compan: En FRANCE Un collectif national est né (, des collectifs locaux se montent en France (, des conférences sont programmées sur l ...
Joe Stiglitz writes open letter to TPP negotiators | 23-February-2014
fred bass: there can be no excuse for a government that is by, for and of the people to hide the text of a national agreement that is supposed to improve their lot.
NAFTA and the Next Phase of North American Integration | 20-February-2014
margsview: Since only taxpayer/citizens are/will be the non benefiting, financial liable but non participating (public) group, we should relinquish these penalizing responsibilities to the corporate entities that are signatory and financially beneficiaries of ...
EJN cautions ECOWAS over EPA | 17-February-2014
Mohammed Jalloh: It's really a devastating blow on the west African sovereignty. From my on point of view, this is the 21st century form of colonization . It's a shame on our political leaders. I kindly ask organizations like EJN and others to continue to ...
Doubt over Canada-Caricom trade talks | 7-February-2014 | 7-February-2014
César Zamora: La negociación CARICOM-CANADA se vuelve imposible, en vista que Canadá insiste en que el Tema Laboral, sea objeto de sanciones económicas y de un panel de solución de controversias.
Critics score against extreme corporate rights in TTIP, but must not be fooled by the Commission’s tricks | 7-February-2014
Olivier compan: flag !!! for all countries —>
TLC entre la UE y Mercosur: ¿Por qué sólo los negociadores lo quieren firmar? | 30-January-2014
Luis Boluarte N.: En el caso del Perú es fácil colegir el por qué; La gran mayoría de las Tierras labrantías NO SON ya de los peruanos. Aún las nuevas irrigaciones que se están gestando a lo largo y ancho de las tres regiones NO PUE ...
Reform of investor-state dispute settlement: In search of a roadmap | 30-January-2014
margaret beresford: I am hoping you can clear up a contentious set of questions in regards to the legality of the ISDS on how it can effectively dictate only one source for monetary compensation for claimed wrongful profit interference. My understanding of contract/agr ...
Decepción empresarial en Perú por fracaso de TLC | 7-November-2013
: You should not publish such misleading text without comment. The text wrongly claims that Peru has no free trade agreement with Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay. But clearly, the facts show otherwise: ...
Govt discusses possibility of having more FTAs | 7-November-2013
Aarti R. Verma: This news is indeed a breather for the starving home economy. New FTA's should be negotiated and those which are under negotiation process should be finalized. But the review process has to be implemented on a priority. The whole world looks to ...
American agriculture, GMOs and Europe | 30-October-2013
Nikolai Fuchs: Does "bilaterals" really want to publish such vested interest articles?
Fact Check: Has Obama ’not signed one new free-trade agreement’? | 27-October-2013
mike wagenblast: Follow the money...Campaign donations and lobbyists.
TPP - peor que los TLC | 11-October-2013
Cesar Zamora: Estimados Señores (as) Me pueden enviar copia del Texto del TPP y si tienen de la Alianza del Pacífico, mejor. Saludos y agradezco su atención.
China’s FTA rush | 3-October-2013
Oni Baba: Interesting article. I'm questioning the accuracy of Mr. Palit's analysis of President Xi's consideration of joining TPP talks. If it were true, I believe it would destabilize many of China's state controlled sectors. China has a ...
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