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    Miguel Arguello:

    Que podemos decir?. Se ha dicho mucho, no se ha hecho nada.- La responsabilidad de no convertir en un fin sino en un medio el CAFTA radicarà exclusivamente en los centroamericanos.- No obstante, debe decirse con certeza que el Acuerdo Comercial en cuestion solo dejarà sin sabores a los pequeños y medianos empresarios de la region, quienes aun no cuentan con la transferencia tecnologica, fomento industrial, apertura de creditos, para penetrar el mundo competitivo que generarà CAFTA.-


    He studied at Unitec in Auckland


    hi just wondering if you can help or had any info on where chee yoke ling studdied. cheers


    Is the publication date (5th may 06) significant at all? where was this published? who is/are the intended audience/s?


    I am just wondering where this article was published andd in which sort of magazines/websites etc and who the intended audience was?



    very well written article, esecially the idea of inclduing US advocates against the Data Exclusivity proposition. It only emphasises the fact that not everyone even in the west thinks liek the influential Lobbysists.


    dont be lazy man..hahah...thats whats google is for


    AUT assignment hehe


    Hey i was just wondering where this article was published, avd in which sort of magazines/websites etc and who the intended audience was? Thank you

    Dr. D R Agarwal:

    Pakistan should follow the SAFTA as per the letter and spirits of January 2004 agreement otherwise SAFTA will go the WTO Doha Round.Economic co operation amongst SAARC country is essential for peace and prosperity of this region.

    Roy Derks:

    I think a Korea-EU FTA is a great idea. Not only for the trade with eachother, but also for the international
    development of relations between North East Asia and Europe. With the US-Korea FTA, Korea would be
    get too much dependent on the US. US will use S.Korea more than for a good export market but also to get
    more control in the North East Asia Region (why such a rush with the US-Korea FTA?).


    The Netherlands


    i had just gotten through reading the article on this site and found it very interesting, espcially as tonga was standing on the threshold of singing in with the wto until pressure groups pressured government to reassess thier decision and allow more research to carried out on the pros and cons of tonga joining.

    i also agree that vanuatu’s firm stance needs to be highlighted for other developing countries to take notice of.

    i’m currently tutoring a course in pacific politics and we’re currently venturing into neocolonialism, etc. wto is one of the institutions we’re looking into and so we be very interested in finding out more about the prospects and intentions of this institution in the pacific.


    When was the reading published?who is the intended audience?


    Where else has this article been published? What is the intended audience? Thank you


    Can Mr. Juliano please explain how the QIZ model can be applied in the case of the Philippines when QIZs seem to have been conceptualized specifically as a peace process instrument in the Middle East? How can the garment industry help flesh out the concept?


    Qu no es posible que nuestro país tenga tanta inestabilidad económica que ya es hora que estas personas que están al frente de las negociaciones se amarren los pantalones y decidan luchar de verdad por los beneficios del país, cuantos negociadores se cambian no todos tienen las mismas ideas entonces esto hace que los demás paises nos tomen como burla y que quieran hacer con nostros lo que ellos les parece por aquúi nuestros negociadores no muestran segridad


    I am highly skeptical of the Australian information and have seen no such studies or similar reports within Australia.

    Mario Murillo Vazquez :

    Interesante articulo, ahora estoy trabajando en mi tesis y me gustaria saber las fuentes en las que apoya las cifras dadas a conocer. Si fuera posible, me gustaria que me las hiciera llegar a mi correo electronico, muchas gracias.

    Considero que efectivamente el crecimiento economico se concentra en pocas manos, por este motivo, aun cuando las variables macroeconomicas pintan bien, las oportunidades de desarrolllo para la gente de escasos recursos es poca, o en su caso nula.


    So what’s the source of the Australia info? Latest news from Australia says the generic market is growing 20% per year.


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