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    viva el tlc no sean ignorantes o es que prefieren que los monopolios nacionales nos sigan vendiendo su basura bien cara por eso bavaria le toco vender por que no aguantava la competencia

    El Chico:

    As I am living in Ecuador and investing in Ecuador, I am following the case of Occidental Vs Ecuador very closely. I along with three other North Americans have been the victims of having our lands stolen by corrupt attorney’s and narco trafficantes with great influence in the government from the capital in Quito down to the local mafia controlled government of the province of Manabi, including the police. We have been evicted illegally from our lands and with force and death threats plus orders to prison and legal suits, all methods to ruin our lives. We are currently before BIT to settle this as the Government of Ecuador has failed to protect our rights to legal ownership of land.
    It appears that on August 23, 2006, Occidental was denied an injunction against Ecuador. Doesn’t look good for either Occidental or Ecuador.


    yeah i agree what is up with this dumb assignmet with long readings that dont even make sense. we dont need to know this shit!!!


    hic start reading an interview, tommorow dis assignment is dued, any1 plz post their assignment for other view huh? lolz!!!!! (’____’)

    Dr D R Agarwal:

    India should learn lessons before signing FTAs with counties on bilateral basis without doing proper home work. Empirical studies suggest that our bilateral trade with some counties after signing FTA has turned negative. The Bio technical collaboration with US may create problems similar to Peru in India’s agriculture sector and dumping of GMO foods endangering people’s health.


    fuckin stupid assignment....


    blah blah 4 da moooolahh... das da hole point of da assessment...a lota hoooohaa


    i like your style rob.e


    Nevertheless, they can take inspiration from seeing the once-unstoppable Goliath of the WTO in the aftermath of the Doha talks, lying flat on its back.

    Bullsh*t. The stone throwing of activist Davids did squat to down the WTO. This Goliath was hamstrung by American agribusiness, stabbed in the back by feudal Japanese farming lords and finally beaten to a pulp by EU subsidy fed corporate farms. When it fell it crushed every subsistance peasant from Chile eastwards to Samoa.




    Find it online by yourself...

    also u may say AUT stuedents are other audiences may interesting in this....

    but that’s another point should be answer.

    anyway..find it online with ref....good luck..

    i’m still working la....hahaha


    Who is the intended audience please?


    Poor students who have to write this stupid assignment )

    Rob.E AUT Glob Assignment:

    haha great minds think alike. if all else fails, google it. Just make up the intended audience, and justify why you think so. Theres no right or wrong for personal opinion


    Same question: who is the intended audience?????

    G Unit:

    gonna tell the teacher on all of yous


    Trips, bilateralish, multilateralism &implications for developing countries: Jordan’s drug sector


    hey i was jst wondersing where did chee studied and what was her ideology about this article


    hi i was just wondering what chee studied at unitec


    bro google doesnt give shit about the intended audience, sum1 pls tell me who the intended audience is pleeeeeaaaasssseeee

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