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The Malaysian Reserve | 22-Jun-2021

Govt has taken steps to amend regulations to comply with RCEP – Hasnol

The Malaysia government has taken steps to amend relevant laws and regulations to comply with the obligations of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) agreement.
Saigon Giai Phong Online | 22-Jun-2021

Vietnam, Singapore to work towards bilateral agreement on digital economy

Vietnam and Singapore have agreed to promote the early establishment of a joint technical working group on a digital partnership, towards a bilateral agreement on digital economy.
Bangkok Post | 22-Jun-2021

Public hearings to be held over Asean-Canada FTA

Thailand and Asean counterparts are set to rev up discussions with Canada to establish a scope of negotiations for an Asean-Canada free trade agreement (FTA), with the aim to kick off negotiations later this year
Khmer Times | 22-Jun-2021

Assembly approves RCEP trade agreement

The National Assembly yesterday approved the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), prepping the stage for the agreement to come into effect by early next year.
Taipei Times | 21-Jun-2021

Trade talks good news for Taiwan

The administration of US President Joe Biden has continued its ongoing efforts to increase bilateral ties with Taiwan with the announcement about the return of US-Taiwan Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) talks.
Politico | 21-Jun-2021

MEPs push Brussels to follow Biden on Taiwan trade

EU lawmakers are fed up with the European Commission’s reluctance to start an investment deal with Taiwan, while U.S. President Joe Biden has his sights set on trade talks with Taipei.
Mirage News | 21-Jun-2021

Canada to begin negotiations with Indonesia on a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement

Today, the Honourable Mary Ng, Minister of Small Business, Export Promotion and International Trade, and Muhammad Lutfi, Indonesia’s Minister of Trade, announced that Canada and Indonesia will begin negotiations on a Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA).
The World Bank | 20-Jun-2021

World Bank Group steps up support to deepen regional integration in Africa

The World Bank’s updated strategy for Africa will aim to promote trade and market integration through trade facilitation in regional economic corridors, technical assistance for roll out of the AfCFTA, support to regional value chains and integration of financial markets.
Zimbabwe Independent | 20-Jun-2021

AfCFTA to inspire rebound: Govt

Zimbabwean private sector has concerns that the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) would knock them out of business as high quality, competitively-priced products flood the domestic space.
Devdiscourse | 18-Jun-2021

India-African continental free trade area launched on the India-Africa trade Council Platform

The AfCFTA (African Continental Free Trade Area) was launched in New Delhi at the Ghana Embassy with a lot of active commitment from Indian companies to enter Africa and take advantage of the AfCFTA.
Bangkok Post | 18-Jun-2021

Queries raised over FTA plan

A planned bilateral free trade deal between Thailand and Hong Kong may hit a snag as people have suggested Thailand make the best use of Hong Kong as a gateway for trade with China and promote bilateral economic partnerships both for the public and private sectors of the two parties.
County Times | 17-Jun-2021

Industry alarmed at details of Australia/UK trade deal

The farming industry has raised serious concerns over a new trade deal between the UK and Australia, fearing it could harm British farmers’ livelihoods.
Financial Express | 17-Jun-2021

India-European Union FTA: Talks to restart soon on realistic note

Experts, too, suggest that both the sides need to work on less controversial issues first; the more difficult ones can be taken up later, as any deal there will take time to materialise.
Tiempo Argentino | 18-Jun-2021

Estudios sobre el acuerdo Unión Europea-Mercosur: riesgos pasados por alto y sin evidencia de beneficios

La liberalización comercial podría conllevar a un crecimiento más lento, a una desindustrialización y a una mayor desigualdad, a menos que este proceso sea apuntalado con una política macroeconómica expansiva y una política industrial activa.
Nex News | 18-Jun-2021

TPP11 se queda en el congelador hasta nuevo aviso ante falta de acuerdo político para su ratificación

Pese a la insistencia de la administración Piñera por apurar el tema, todo indica que su eventual avance quedará para el próximo Gobierno.
Caracol Radio | 17-Jun-2021

UE no suspende TLC con Colombia porque “violación de DDHH no es sistemática”

El bloque europeo consideró que antes de suspender el TLC se pueden adelantar otras tareas para mejorar la situación de derechos en Colombia.
El Mostrador | 17-Jun-2021

Compañía aseguradora Chilena Consolidada activó mecanismo de solución de controversias del tratado entre Chile y Suiza por reforma que da pie al retiro de rentas vitalicias

Este reclamo se suma a otro que el país recibió un mes atrás del grupo Ohio de Estados Unidos, ante lo cual el Ministerio de Relaciones activó el procedimiento de resolución de controversias establecido en el Tratado de Libre Comercio entre ambos países.
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