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Greenpeace | 24-Jan-2022

Dangerous man, dangerous deals

Why the EU should not strengthen relations with Bolsonaro.
Nature | 24-Jan-2022

Regional trade agreement burdens global carbon emissions mitigation

Complete tariff elimination among RCEP members would increase the yearly global CO2 emissions from fuel combustion by about 3.1%, doubling the annual average growth rate of global CO2 emissions in the last decade.
The Financial Express Bangladesh | 24-Jan-2022

Dhaka likely to sign PTA with Colombo in April next

Final offer lists of products from both sides will be sent virtually later in January, said a senior official of the commerce ministry in Bangladesh.
The Straits Times | 24-Jan-2022

Taiwan considers lifting ban on Japanese food imports to improve odds of joining CPTPP

Taiwan looks set to lift a long-standing ban on imports of food products from five Japanese prefectures as it seeks to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership.
New Straits Times | 24-Jan-2022

RCEP to enter into force on March 18

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP), the world’s largest free trade agreement, will finally be effective for Malaysia on March 18.
Bloomberg | 21-Jan-2022

Traders eye key trade talks that may boost Mideast oil to Korea

Oil traders are turning their focus to a potential trade agreement between South Korea and some major Persian Gulf producers that may reduce prices of Middle Eastern crude in the months to come.
Econostrum | 21-Jan-2022

Morocco denies a revision of free trade agreements with Tunisia and Egypt

Moroccan Minister of Trade denied the information published according to which Rabat was working on a revision of the free trade agreements (FTA) signed with Tunisia and Egypt.
Yonhap | 20-Jan-2022

S. Korea, Egypt agree to conduct joint study on free trade deal

South Korea and Egypt agreed to conduct a joint feasibility study on a bilateral free trade agreement.
YeniSafak | 20-Jan-2022

‘Turkey’s goal in its relations with Latin America is to deepen cooperation’

Turkey and Mercosur need to move economic relations further and sign free trade agreements, said Turkish Foreign Minister.
The Jakarta Post | 20-Jan-2022

Govt hopes to conclude trade deals with EU, UAE this year

Indonesia Trade Minister said that at least three trade deals were slated for completion or near completion this year as part of government efforts to diversify export markets.
Asia Times | 20-Jan-2022

As Manila deliberates on RCEP, China looms large

In the Philippine, RCEP ratification was distracted by the pandemic and typhoon response. The coming May polls may present some hurdles in fast-tracking accession to RCEP.
Politico | 20-Jan-2022

Fears UK-India trade deal could undermine sweatshops fight

A UK agreement with India, the negotiations for which begin this week, could worsen conditions in the clothing sweatshops of South Asian neighbors, according to labor rights campaigners and a major industry group.
Ghana Web | 19-Jan-2022

AfCFTA is an attractive venture for American investors – Stephanie Sulivan

The AfCFTA can truly make Ghana a gateway for the African market. US companies already see the opportunity, said US Ambassador to Ghana.
The Korea Times | 19-Jan-2022

Korea, GCC to resume free trade talks after 12-year hiatus

A potential free trade agreement between the two sides will increase mutual benefits in the fields of goods, service, investment, intellectual property and energy, said Korean President.
IISD | 24-Jan-2022

Investor–state disputes in the fossil fuel industry

The fossil fuel industry is the most litigious industry in the ISDS system by number of cases, accounting for almost 20% of the total known ISDS cases across all sectors.
Ary News | 21-Jan-2022

‘Breakthrough’ as Pakistan, TCC agree over share in Reko Diq case

Pakistan and Tethyan Copper Company (TCC) have agreed over 50 percent shares, likely paving way for averting a multi-billion-dollar fine imposed on Pakistan.
Inquirer Net | 24-Jan-2022

Groups, mayors oppose RCEP trade agreement

Over 60 groups of farmers, fishers, workers, civil society organizations and 186 mayors oppose the Senate’s concurrence to the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) trade agreement.
Vietnam+ | 21-Jan-2022

Indonesia presiona para finalizar acuerdos comerciales en 2022

Indonesia dará prioridad a la pronta ratificación de una serie de acuerdos comerciales bilaterales, en particular con los Emiratos Árabes Unidos, según el ministro de Comercio del país.
Yonhap | 21-Jan-2022

Corea del Sur y Egipto acuerdan un estudio de viabilidad conjunto sobre un TLC

Corea del Sur y Egipto han acordado realizar un estudio de viabilidad de un tratado de libre comercio.
Yonhap | 20-Jan-2022

Corea del Sur y las naciones del golfo Pérsico reanudarán las negociaciones sobre libre comercio

Corea del Sur y el Consejo de Cooperación para los Estados Árabes del Golfo (CCG) han acordado reanudar sus negociaciones sobre libre comercio en el primer trimestre de 2022.
Yonhap | 20-Jan-2022

Corea del Sur discutirá con México para reanudar las negociaciones de un TLC

Corea del Sur comenzará las discusiones para reanudar las negociaciones de un tratado de libre comercio (TLC) con México, ha anunciado, el Ministerio de Comercio, Industria y Energía surcoreano.
Prensa Latina | 18-Jan-2022

Uruguay anhela entre crispaciones acuerdo comercial con China

Atrás quedó 2021 junto al objetivo de Uruguay de cerrarlo con un estudio de factibilidad para un tratado comercial con China, cuya anhelada conclusión encontró más obstáculos de los previsibles.
Les Echos | 24-Jan-2022

Comment Paris veut muscler la défense commerciale européenne

Durant sa présidence de l’Union européenne, la France entend avant tout renforcer la défense de la politique commerciale plutôt que de conclure de nouveaux accords.
African Manager | 21-Jan-2022

Le Maroc nie réviser son accord de libre-échange avec la Tunisie

Le ministre marocain du commerce a démenti les informations selon lesquelles Rabat travaillerait à une révision des accords de libre-échange signés avec la Tunisie et l’Egypte.
Yonhap | 21-Jan-2022

La Corée du Sud et l’Egypte conviennent de mener une étude conjointe sur un accord de libre-échange

La Corée du Sud et l’Egypte sont convenus de mener une étude de faisabilité conjointe sur un accord de libre-échange bilatéral, faisant ainsi le premier pas vers la signature d’un accord.
Témoignages | 20-Jan-2022

Maurice salue l’entrée en vigueur de 4 accords commerciaux

Accords commerciaux avec la Chine, l’Inde, APE avec le Royaume-Uni et ZLECAf.
Yonhap | 19-Jan-2022

La Corée du Sud et les Etats arabes du Golfe vont reprendre les négociations en vue d’un ALE au T1

La Corée du Sud et l’union régionale des six pays arabes du Golfe sont convenus de reprendre leurs négociations de libre-échange au premier trimestre de 2022.
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