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Days of action

- 7-13 Dec 2017: Week of action against WTO in Buenos Aires, Argentina. More details here

Dynamic Export | 15-Dec-2017

More tariff cuts under Korea-Australia FTA

This will be the fifth round of KAFTA tariff cuts since the agreement entered into force on December 12, 2014.
Indian Express | 15-Dec-2017

Why is the FTA between China and Maldives important to India?

Now that the agreement has been signed between China and Maldives, India has said it expected the Indian Ocean archipelago nation to be sensitive to New Delhi’s concerns.
Nikkei | 14-Dec-2017

Taiwan eyes ’important role’ in alternative Asian sphere of influence

Mainland affairs minister intrigued by Trump references to ’Indo-Pacific’.
Reuters | 14-Dec-2017

Mexico sees possible EU trade deal as NAFTA talks drag on

Mexico and the EU have reached agreements on areas like e-commerce, but agricultural market access and product origin labeling remain significant sticking points.
Financial Tribune | 14-Dec-2017

Iran-EEU trade deal to come into effect on January 21

The preferential trade agreement between Iran and Eurasian Economic Union will be in effect for three years.
Reuters | 13-Dec-2017

EU’s Barnier rules out full EU-UK trade pact in time for Brexit

There is “no possibility” that Britain and the European Union can conclude a free trade agreement by the time Britain leaves in March 2019, EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barner said.
Euractiv | 13-Dec-2017

MEPs overwhelmingly ratify EU-Kazakhstan landmark partnership agreement

MEPs approved a landmark partnership deal with Kazakhstan, the EU’s first Enhanced Partnership and Cooperation Agreement with a Central Asian country.
Public Knowledge | 13-Dec-2017

What the European-Union Mercosur trade agreement means for copyright

Many of the intellectual property provisions raised by the European Union in this agreement are bad for internet users.
Reuters | 13-Dec-2017

EU stalls on new Mercosur trade offers, delaying deal: source

Trade talks between the European Union and South America’s Mercosur bloc will likely extend into next year after European negotiators said they needed more time to respond to improved offers.
GRAIN | 13-Dec-2017

Trade agreements that impact seed laws in Africa

Free trade agreements represent a powerful source of pressure to privatise seeds and people’s knowledge connected to seeds.
Alternet | 13-Dec-2017

Trump and GOP tax cut is handing corporations like Ford a giant incentive to move offshore

Giant corporations got what they wanted out of Republicans on taxes, now they’re lobbying the Trump administration hard to retain their NAFTA privileges.
The Guardian | 13-Dec-2017

Globalisation: time to look at historic mistakes to plot the future

Trade deals were hammered out in secret by multinationals at the expense of workers and citizens. Benefits must be shared if the global economy is to work.
The Nation | 12-Dec-2017

Chile interested in joint partnerships with Pakistan

A Joint Feasibility Group will work to formalize the FTA within six months’ period.
Hankyoreh | 12-Dec-2017

KORUS FTA having negative impact on South Korean agriculture

The damage to the overall agricultural sector during the five years since the KORUS FTA took effect has been “broad and deep” across nearly all products.
Avas | 12-Dec-2017

Maldives ’open doors’ in 64 fields for China

The controversial China-Maldives free trade agreement (FTA) is expected to open the doors of trade in 64 different fields in Maldives for China while the Asian monolith will open trade doors in 98 fields to Maldives.
Focus Taiwan | 12-Dec-2017

Taiwan asks Japan for support in seeking membership of CPTPP

Taiwan asked Japan for support in its efforts to join a new regional trade arrangement called the "Comprehensive Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership" (CPTPP) to contribute to regional prosperity.
Farm Futures | 12-Dec-2017

Latest NAFTA talks run through Friday in Washington

Investors remain on alert over the threat of NAFTA talks failing even as negotiators meet in Washington and seek minor victories on less contentious issues.
Bangkok Post | 12-Dec-2017

EU to restore full political contacts with Thailand

The Foreign Affairs Council of the European Union agreed to gradually resume all political re-engagement with Thailand and to possibly restart free trade talks.
FFII | 11-Dec-2017

EU-Japan trade agreement not compatible with EU data protection

The implicit cross-border data flow commitments do not have a sufficient safeguard. This is not compatible with the EU Fundamental rights system.
Reuters | 11-Dec-2017

EU-Mercosur talks hit snags, announcement could be delayed

Free-trade talks between the European Union and South American trade bloc Mercosur still face hurdles over beef and ethanol.
Sydney Morning Herald | 11-Dec-2017

End-of-year deal on Indonesia Australia free trade agreement in doubt

Indonesia and Australia’s trade ministers will meet in Argentina amid growing doubt the free trade deal between the two countries will meet the end-of-year deadline.
Yonhap | 11-Dec-2017

S. Korea, Britain to hold talks over post-Brexit trade deal

Trade officials of South Korea and Britain will meet to discuss ways to forge a new trade deal after London exits from the European Union, Seoul’s trade ministry.
The Times | 11-Dec-2017

A Canada-style trade deal would be a disaster for Britain’s workers

Trade unions campaigned against the EU and Canada’s CETA deal because, although it offers lots of protections to foreign investors, it does nowhere near enough to protect workers’ rights and public services.
TNI | 14-Dec-2017

ISDS in numbers

Impacts of investment arbitration against Latin America and the Carribbean.
BuzzFeed | 14-Dec-2017

Data is the new oil, so big tech is pushing for a digital free trade deal

Decades ago it was pharmaceuticals, oil and food. Now tech giants want data to be the next frontier in the free trade agenda.
Reuters | 14-Dec-2017

India’s top court allows Vodafone to initiate second arbitration over $2 bln tax demand

India’s top court allowed Britain’s Vodafone to initiate a second arbitration process under an India-UK investment pact .
IATP | 12-Dec-2017

New report shows that trade tribunals are threatening the right to water

A new report finds that the Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) process, included in NAFTA and other trade and investment agreements, is threatening the right to water around the world.
Texts of agreements
European Commission | 13-Dec-2017

EU-Japan FTA text (Dec 2017)

As released by the European Commission

Jornadas de acción

- 7-13 dic 2017: Semana de acción global contra la OMC en Buenos Aires (Argentine). Para más

Fuera OMC | 13-Dec-2017

Marcha por la Ciudad: crónica en el día 2

Cantamos, charlamos, caminamos por la ciudad y mostramos ese cambio que queremos desde la multiplicidad, la alegría, la energía.
Greenpeace | 13-Dec-2017

Greenpeace filtra documentos secretos sobre el acuerdo comercial de la UE con Mercosur

Fuera OMC | 13-Dec-2017

El futuro de los pueblos se discute en Constitución

La cumbre de los pueblos, la cumbre alternativa a la Ministerial de la OMC, se hace por fuera del cordón de seguridad que resguarda a la cumbre oficial. No necesita vallados ni operativos policiales. Es abierta. Sin zonas de exclusión. Elige como sede el barrio de Constitución.
Fuera OMC | 12-Dec-2017

Una recorrida por la Cumbre de los Pueblos

Banderas, pines, gorros y remeras dan pautas de las identidades presentes, que se ven en la feria que ocupa la calle de acceso y que se reafirma en la entrada, donde se señalan las aulas donde se realizan los foros. Es el primer día de la contra cumbre contra la OMC, la Cumbre de los Pueblos, en el marco de la Semana de la Acción global contra la OMC.
Fuera OMC | 12-Dec-2017

Los pueblos gritaron alto y claro ¡Fuera OMC!

Bajo el sol fuerte de la Capital argentina, fueron llegando las distintas delegaciones internacionales, movimientos campesinos, territoriales, anti-extractivistas, feministas y pueblos indígenas de todo el mundo se suman al reclamo en contra de la Ministerial liberalizadora de la OMC.

Journées d’action

- 7-13 déc 2017 : Semaine d’action contre l’OMC à Buenos Aires (Argentine). Plus d’informations ici

Defi Media | 15-Dec-2017

Libre-échange : Maurice et la Chine signent un protocole d’accord

Maurice et la République Populaire de Chine ont signé un protocole d’accord qui ouvre la voie aux négociations d’un accord de libre-échange.
Coalition Nationale Non Aux APE | 13-Dec-2017

Adhésion du Maroc à la CEDEAO: Ni chaise turque ni chaise anglaise. Ni chaise eurafricaine ni chaise marocaine !

Les impacts de l’adhésion du Maroc ou de tout autre pays à la CEDEAO sur une base libre-échangiste ne devraient pas être appréciés isolément de l’APE et de la ZLEC.
GRAIN | 13-Dec-2017

Le RCEP en Inde : profit garanti pour les transnationales de l’industrie laitière, montée de la résistance paysanne

Avec le RCEP, l’Inde serait obligée d’accepter les importations bon marché, ce qui tirerait les prix locaux vers le bas et pourrait détruire les moyens de subsistance des fabricants et agriculteurs locaux.
Boursorama | 13-Dec-2017

Probablement pas d’accord commercial UE-Mercosur en 2017-source

L’Union européenne et le Mercosur, bloc commercial de pays d’Amérique latine, ne parviendront probablement pas à un accord de libéralisation des échanges d’ici la fin de l’année.
Africa Diligence | 12-Dec-2017

Comment autonomiser les politiques semencières en Afrique ?

Les accords de libre-échange représentent une source de pression importante de privatisation des semences et des savoirs liés aux semences.
Greenpeace | 11-Dec-2017

Traité UE-Mercosur : une menace pour les forêts et le climat

L’augmentation des importations de viande et de soja vers l’Europe pourrait entraîner une hausse de la déforestation sur le continent sud-américain.
Swiss Info | 11-Dec-2017

La Suisse veut un accord avec le Mercosur "le plus vite possible"

L’AELE devrait aboutir "le plus vite possible" à un même résultat, a estimé à Buenos Aires le conseiller fédéral Johann Schneider-Ammann.
Ballast | 11-Dec-2017

Renaud Beauchard : « Se dégager du marché mondial unique »

« Les entreprises transnationales veulent être à la fois de partout (pour les privilèges et les profits) et de nulle part (pour les devoirs civiques et les impôts). »
Mediapart (blog) | 11-Dec-2017

Le libre-échange, ce poison du climat !

D’une façon générale, les règles commerciales internationales qui garantissent la libre circulation des capitaux, des biens et des services ont la priorité sur la protection de l’environnement et la lutte contre le changement climatique.
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