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White House | 20-Mar-2019

Joint statement from President Donald J. Trump and President Jair Bolsonaro

The two leaders made a number of trade-related commitments, including allowing for the annual importation of 750 thousand tons of American wheat to Brazil at zero rate and the possible resumption of US beef imports from Brazil.
The Fence Post | 20-Mar-2019

Wheat farmers welcome new export opportunity from Trump Administration agreement with Brazil

This agreement opens an annual opportunity for US wheat farmers to compete on a level playing field for 750,000 metric tons (about 28 million bushels) of wheat under the tariff rate quota.
Urdu Point | 20-Mar-2019

Azerbaijan, EU to hold talks on comprehensive agreement later in March - source

Azerbaijan and the European Union will hold fresh talks on concluding a bilateral comprehensive agreement later in March, a diplomatic source in Baku said
Churchill Mining | 20-Mar-2019

ICSID arbitration Churchill v Republic of Indonesia: Annulment proceedings dismissed

The annulment committee has dismissed Churchill’s application for annulment of the award for the dispute arising out of the revocation of the mining licenses that made up the East Kutai Coal Project in East Kalimantan.
The Mainichi | 20-Mar-2019

US to push for FTA with Japan, eyes farm market opening

US President said will push for a free trade agreement with Japan as he signaled willingness to seek a further opening of the country’s agriculture market.
The Mainichi | 20-Mar-2019

Thailand delays application to join trans-Pacific FTA

hailand will delay its application to join a trans-Pacific free trade agreement until after election
Q Costa Rica | 20-Mar-2019

Costa Rica signs FTA with South Korea

Costa Rica became the second Central American country to enter a FTA with South Korea, that will give immediate access without tariffs to 80% of Costa Rican products.
Business Report | 19-Mar-2019

Sacu, Mozambique fail to reach agreement to cushion Brexit impact

Issue with “cumulation,” which relates to certificates of origin required by exporters to both regions and differences in relation to timeframes for the continued recognition of sanitary and phytosanitary import requirements are not resolved.
Kurdistan24 | 19-Mar-2019

Qatar seeks free trade deal with Iraq in meeting with PM

Qatar would like to sign a free trade agreement with Iraq to exchange, encourage, and protect investments between the two countries.
Reuters | 19-Mar-2019

UK reaches post-Brexit trade agreement with Iceland and Norway

Britain reached an a deal with Iceland and Norway to allow trade to continue unchanged if it leaves the European Union without a deal
The Edge Markets | 19-Mar-2019

Indonesia warns EU on palm oil draft, says ’examining’ relations

Indonesia slammed the European Commission’s adoption of a draft regulation to phase out the use of palm oil in renewable transportation fuel and warned the move could hurt relations with EU members backing the proposal.
Nikkei Asian Review | 18-Mar-2019

Ill-timed beef duty looms over Japan’s talks with Trump

Japanese imports of beef are nearing the point of triggering an automatic tariff increase, which would affect only the US, a nonmember of the TPP-11.
MercoPress | 18-Mar-2019

US wheat and Brazilian fresh beef included in agriculture talks in Washington

Brazil is considering granting an import quota of 750,000 metric tons of US wheat per year without tariffs in exchange for other trade concessions, according to Brazilian officials.
France24 | 18-Mar-2019

US launches first dispute with South Korea under free trade pact

The US government was launching the first dispute with South Korea under the free trade pact between the two countries over how Korea’s competition regulator treats American firms.
Economic Times | 18-Mar-2019

As India works on a strategy to spur Indo-African bilateral trade, Suresh Prabhu pitches for FTA

India Government is working on a comprehensive strategy to boost India-Africa bilateral trade.
France 24 | 15-Mar-2019

EU-US trade spat heats up over stalled talks

The European Parliament failed to back trade talks between the EU and the US as President Donald Trump warned of severe consequences if Europe failed to deliver.
Tralac | 15-Mar-2019

SACU, Mozambique make progress on impending Brexit

Substantial progress has made to conclude a Roll-Over Economic Partnership Agreement between SACU, Mozambique and the UK.
Bloomberg | 15-Mar-2019

Venezuela’s Guaido to appeal $8.75 billion ConocoPhillips award

Venezuela’s opposition leader and self-proclaimed president Juan Guaido plans to appeal a $8.75 billion award issued to ConocoPhillips by the World Bank’s arbitration tribunal last week.
US House of Representatives | 15-Mar-2019

US-EU trade talks unacceptable without agriculture, US House members say

A bipartisan group of 114 US House members sent a letter to the US Trade Representative, urging him to “insist on the inclusion of agricultural products" in trade talks with the European Union.
CGTN | 15-Mar-2019

Premier Li urges China-Japan-South Korea FTA talks

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang urged Japan and South Korea to speed up free-trade agreement (FTA) talks as the three parties mark the 20th anniversary of the launch of the China-Japan-South Korea cooperation mechanism this year.
The Wire | 15-Mar-2019

Investment protection proposals under RCEP threaten India’s pharma industry

Free trade agreements like the RCEP will infringe on India’s intellectual property laws. India must stand its ground in the interest of public health.
The Edge Markets | 15-Mar-2019

Putrajaya hopes India lowers palm import tariff via RCEP

Malaysian government hopes India would lower the import tariff for palm oil products further after concluding negotiations on the RCEP, a move that could increase demand for the commodity.
Renewables Now | 15-Mar-2019

NextEra Energy wins dispute against Spain

The ICSID ruled against Spain in a case brought by NextEra Energy Inc regarding the US utility’s lost investments in two 49.9-MW concentrated solar power plants.
Business Standard | 15-Mar-2019

Farmer unions demand scrapping of RCEP pact

About 40 farmer unions demanded the government walk out of the negotiations over the RCEP free trade agreement, saying it would be disastrous for the domestic agriculture sector if the pact comes through.
Korea Herald | 15-Mar-2019

Korea’s agriculture deficit grows under FTAs

South Korea has actively promoted its agricultural products in overseas markets over the past few years by holding K-food fairs. Nonetheless, data show that Korea has yet to resolve its chronic trade deficit in farm products.
Forum against FTAs | 19-Mar-2019

Manifesto for trade justice

We need an alternative regional approach, not only in South Asia but the Asia Pacific region, which does not push so- called ‘free trade’ and investors’ rights at the cost of lives and livelihoods of people, and the life of the planet.
Daily Times | 18-Mar-2019

CPEC and Gwadar fishermen

A component of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor would prevent fishermen from fishing on Gwadar’s eastern port, which had been the only source of income for centuries. The Fishermen Alliance has announced that its protests will continue.

Surat terbuka Koalisi Masyarakat Sipil Indonesia untuk Keadilan Ekonomi kepada DPR RI untuk menghentikan proses ratifikasi dan perundingan FTA menjelang pemilu 2019

Koalisi Masyarakat Sipil mendesak DPR RI untuk menunda proses ratifikasi maupun perundingan perjanjian perdagangan dan investasi internasional menjelang pemilu 2019
Estrategia | 20-Mar-2019

Chile: Comisión de Trabajo rechazó el Tratado Integral y Progresista de Asociación Transpacífico

Por seis votos a favor, seis en contra y una abstención, la Comisión de Trabajo rechazó anoche (martes 19 de marzo) el Tratado Integral y Progresista de Asociación Transpacífico.
Diario Uchile | 20-Mar-2019

TPP-11: los argumentos que marcaron el rechazo en la comisión de Agricultura

Luego que el Gobierno decidiera su retiro de la votación general, el Acuerdo Transpacífico de Cooperación Económica comenzó su revisión por las comisiones de la Cámara. Este martes la de Agricultura optó por rechazar la aprobación del polémico convenio internacional.
Xingua | 20-Mar-2019

Costa Rica aprueba TLC con Corea del Sur

El presidente de Costa Rica, Carlos Alvarado, completó hoy el proceso de aprobación del Tratado de Libre Comercio (TLC) entre Centroamérica y Corea del Sur.
Radio Uchile | 19-Mar-2019

Comisiones del Congreso inician revisión del TPP-11 en medio de manifestaciones

El TPP-11 vuelve esta semana al Parlamento. El polémico tratado será evaluado por las comisiones de Agricultura y Trabajo, en medio de fuertes críticas y manifestaciones por parte de organizaciones mapuche y del medio ambiente.
Vietnam + | 19-Mar-2019

Llama la India a flexibilizar negociaciones de Acuerdo de Asociación Económica Regional

La India llamó a los países miembros del Acuerdo de Asociación Económica Integral Regional (RCEP) a flexibilizar las negociaciones para resolver los problemas pendientes que obstaculizan la implementación de ese tratado de libre comercio.
Diario Uchile | 18-Mar-2019

Chile - TPP-11: el nuevo atentado contra los pueblos originarios

A un día de que el Congreso vote para ratificar o rechazar la entrada de Chile al TPP-11, organizaciones indígenas llegaron hasta sus inmediaciones para pedir la suspensión, de lo que ellos consideran, una "invisibilización" de sus derechos.
Radio Uchile | 18-Mar-2019

Chile: Parlamentarios exigen que el TPP-11 pase por todas las comisiones posibles

Luego de que el Gobierno retirara la votación del TPP-11 del Congreso, sectores han presentado sus inquietudes respecto del verdadero impacto que significaría la aprobación del tratado para diversos aspectos de la realidad nacional.
Chile Mejor sin TLC | 18-Mar-2019

Chile Mejor sin TLC se manifestará en contra del TPP-11

El día lunes 18 de marzo la Comisión de agricultura debe estudiar el Acuerdo de Asociación Transpacífico, frente a este escenario distintas organizaciones sociales y ambientales llaman a manifestarse contra este tratado y exigir a los parlamentarios que rechacen este acuerdo.
Radio Uchile | 15-Mar-2019

TPP-11: Agrupaciones civiles apuestan a revisión por la comisión de Salud

Luego de que el Gobierno decidiera ingresar el TPP-11 a las comisiones de Trabajo y Agricultura, distintas agrupaciones han solicitado que se haga lo mismo con la comisión de salud, debido a las implicaciones que tendría el tratado sobre el precio de los medicamentos.
No al TTIP | 15-Mar-2019

El Parlamento Europeo rechaza abrir negociaciones comerciales con Trump por temor a un nuevo TTIP

No es vinculante. Es una resolución. Pero le venía bien a la Comisión Europea para tener respaldo parlamentario a la nueva ronda de negociaciones comerciales abierta con Estados Unidos que, teme la Eurocámara, pueda desembocar en un nuevo TTIP.
Revista de Frente | 18-Mar-2019

Chile: Avanza el voto “NO al TPP” en Cámara de Diputados

Las organizaciones que en todo el país finalmente logramos incorporar en el debate de las redes sociales el tema del TPP y emplazar a los parlamentarios a definirse.
Jeune Afrique | 20-Mar-2019

Inde-Afrique : des pistes pour faire grimper le volume des échanges commerciaux

Le ministre indien a suggéré que l’Afrique et l’Inde travaillent à la préparation d’un accord de libre-échange ou d’accords de commerce préférentiels.
Challenges | 19-Mar-2019

Londres conclut un accord post-Brexit avec l’Islande et la Norvège

Le Royaume-Uni a conclu un arrangement pour continuer à commercer avec l’Islande et la Norvège en cas de sortie sans accord de l’Union européenne.
Radio Canada | 18-Mar-2019

Libre-échange : les producteurs agricoles risquent d’être déçus par le budget

Les producteurs agricoles qui attendent toujours une compensation pour l’ouverture du marché canadien aux produits extérieurs risquent d’être fort déçus par le prochain budget fédéral.
Le Quotidien | 18-Mar-2019

Zone de libre échange continentale : Trois types de produits sensibles exclus de la libéralisation

Trois types de produits seront exclus de la libéralisation, selon les clauses des accords de la zone de libre échange continentale africaine. Cependant le Sénégal doit déterminer avec la Cedeao ces produits à protéger.
Financial Afrik | 15-Mar-2019

ZLECAF : finalement 3% des produits seront exclus de la libéralisation 

Les pays membres avaient décidé de s’ouvrir à hauteur de 90% mais finalement 7% des produits sensibles seront libéralisés sur une durée plus longue et 3% de produits seront pour le moment exclus de la libéralisation.
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