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Project Syndicate | 10-Apr-2021

Europe’s China gambit

Trade and investment agreements cannot transform China into a Western-style market economy or turn it into a democracy.
EU Observer | 9-Apr-2021

Does new EU-ACP deal really ’decolonise’ aid?

Based on what we have seen in nearly final drafts of the text, the EU seems poised to again fail to promote a real shift in power relations due to imbalances that remain written into the new deal.
Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung | 9-Apr-2021

Why we need to talk about the African free trade area

The AfCFTA will give the African Union the chance to become a strong, independent player in the world economy – at least that is the optimistic forecast. But there are good reasons to cast doubt on the high hopes pinned on the African free trade area.
BELTA | 9-Apr-2021

Belarus, China in talks over agreement on investments, trade in services

The first round of negotiations over the agreement on investments and trade in services between Belarus and China was held online on 7 April.
The National | 8-Apr-2021

UAE and Israel move closer to tax treaty that will help boost foreign investments

A free trade agreement and double taxation treaty are among several frameworks being worked on by the UAE and Israel to increase trade and investments flows between the two nations after they normalised relations last year.
The Western Producer | 7-Apr-2021

Canada explores bilateral trade in Southeast Asia

Canada continues to pursue a multi-lateral free trade agreement with Southeast Asian nations, and those involved with negotiations say bilateral deals in the region could lead to larger pacts.
Khmer Times | 7-Apr-2021

Singapore ratifies ASEAN Trade in Services Agreement

Singapore has ratified the ASEAN Trade in Services Agreement and become the first ASEAN member to do so.
Anadolu | 7-Apr-2021

Uruguay pushing to make Mercosur more flexible

Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay reportedly wish to make the trading bloc more flexible for commerce by negotiating new trade accords to reduce the bloc’s tariffs.
The Hill | 7-Apr-2021

Digital trade deal ripe for the Indo-Pacific

US Trade Representative has raised digital trade as an area of potential future cooperation in her coversations thus far with Asian partners.
Fresh Plaza | 7-Apr-2021

Agriculture Sector Network ASNET welcomes UK-Kenya Free Trade Agreement

Kenya agriculture sector umbrella body, The Agriculture Sector Network, ASNET, has lauded the recently ratified Economic Partnership Agreement between Kenya and UK saying it will go a long way in boosting economic development and job creation.
Graphic Online | 7-Apr-2021

Encouraging competition in AfCFTA: Govt waives import duties

Ghana government has waived import duties on imported equipment, machines and raw materials for local manufacturing companies to enable them to become competitive in the global marketplace.
The East African | 7-Apr-2021

Biden team set to review Kenya, Trump trade talks

The Biden administration will review bilateral trade negotiations and targets that ex-President Donald Trump regime made with Kenya last year over a potential free trading deal. The start of the trade talks could be delayed.
Euractiv | 6-Apr-2021

Mercosur trade deal threatens to wreck EU’s climate credibility

To pass the EU-Mercosur deal in its current state would set an horrific precedent for future trade deals currently under negotiation and fly in the face of the EU’s landmark Green Deal.
Farm Online | 6-Apr-2021

Battle looms for Aussie dairy over Haloumi

Australia’s dairy industry is bracing for a fight over the name "haloumi", after the European Union voted to restrict cheese manufacturers outside of Cyprus from marketing haloumi cheese under that name.
The Daily Star | 6-Apr-2021

D-8 nations should sign PTAs

Nations of the D-8 should sign a much-needed preferential trade agreement to remove tariff and non-tariff barriers, ministers and entrepreneurs of the trade bloc said.
South China Morning Post | 6-Apr-2021

Fate of trade pact hangs in the balance amid Beijing-Taipei tensions

A 10-year deadline for the ECFA to become a full free-trade deal has passed and neither side has taken action
Live Mint | 6-Apr-2021

India, Canada may explore possibility of inking mini trade deal this month

India and Canada may come back to the negotiating table later this month after a gap of almost four years to explore the possibility of signing a mini trade deal.
Phnom Penh Post | 5-Apr-2021

Cambodia, ASEAN likely to teeter off balance with RCEP

Four months after RCEP was signed, a study surfaces, with gloomy trade data, portending a shaky future for the Kingdom and ASEAN as a whole
Business Recorder | 5-Apr-2021

Federal cabinet defers BIT strategy

The federal cabinet said to have deferred bilateral investment treaty (BIT) strategy for Pakistan proposed by the Board of Investment (BOI) to draw a roadmap for the future bilateral investment treaties.
Nikkei Asia | 5-Apr-2021

Philippines explores joining TPP to expand free trade network

The Philippines has formally expressed interest in joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership, with the goal of building new relationships with countries outside its existing bilateral free trade agreements.
Modern Diplomacy | 5-Apr-2021

“Comprehensive Strategic Partnership” Agreement and the future of Sino-Iranian relations

As a result, although Sino-Iranian relations have developed over the past 10 years in terms of economic, energy, and security relations, and the two countries have similar views on the international system, the security interests of the two countries, especially China, outweigh its economic interests with Iran.
Nippon | 5-Apr-2021

Japan diet starts debates on RCEP free trade deal

The Diet, Japan’s parliament, on Friday started debates on whether to approve the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership free trade deal, which was agreed on by Japan and 14 other nations in November last year.
SADC | 5-Apr-2021

SADC urges Member States to sign and ratify AfCFTA and TFTA

The Council of Ministers of the Southern African Development Community has urged Member States that have not yet signed and ratified the AfCFTA and the TFTA to do so to allow for the implementation of the agreements.
IISD | 9-Apr-2021

Rethinking investment law from the ground up: extractivism, human rights, and investment treaties

For many people affected by resource extraction, it is the prevailing legal regime that dis-embeds and disintegrates, because investment treaties can protect ventures that upend their lives with little scope for voice or redress.
Investment Monitor | 8-Apr-2021

From gunboats to treaties: Who wrote the rules of globalisation?

From colonisation to investor-state dispute settlements, rich countries have sought to exploit and influence their poorer counterparts for centuries, but how did globalisation in its current form come to be?
IPS | 8-Apr-2021

Nobel economist and 100 experts condemn corporate action against Argentina and Bolivia after rollback of failed pension privatization

Private insurance corporations are suing Argentina and Bolivia for loss of potential profits as a result of the reversal of privatization of pension programs.
Mining Watch | 7-Apr-2021

Barrick forces hand of Papua New Guinea government in reopening Porgera mine

Referring repeatedly to legal threats by Barrick Gold Corp., Prime Minister Papua New Guinea released a statement announcing that his government will be making a deal with the company in regard to the Porgera Joint Venture gold mine.
Investment Monitor | 6-Apr-2021

A brief history of globalisation

Investment treaties largely replaced colonial gunboats as a way to continue to exploit the resources of foreign countries.
Public Citizen | 7-Apr-2021

First labor rights claim under the revised NAFTA filed by migrant worker women in the US — what does it mean in terms of the new labor rulebook in the region?

The complaint represents many organizations’ intentions to test if the revised NAFTA’s labor terms could be an effective tool to improve workers’ conditions.
El Sol de México | 9-Apr-2021

Empresas de EU demandarán a México por parquímetros

Doups Holdings y Sepadeve International dicen que el gobierno capitalino violó las reglas del tratado y afectó sus inversiones.
CIAR Global | 9-Apr-2021

Estadounidense Riverside Coffee presenta arbitraje contra Nicaragua en CIADI

La compañía estadounidense de tiendas de café Riverside Coffee ha presentado un arbitraje de inversiones contra Nicaragua en el CIADI por una agresión de fuerzas paramilitares a una plantación de aguacate.
La Libertad | 8-Apr-2021

Senadores solicitaron replantear los TLC para fortalecer la producción nacional

Recientemente, se llevó a cabo en la Comisión Quinta del Senado y por iniciativa de los senadores Jorge Enrique Robledo de Dignidad y Jorge Eduardo Londoño de Alianza Verde, un debate de control político, en donde se analizó el incremento de las importaciones agropecuarias en el país y la afectación a los productores nacionales.
América Latina Mejor sin TLC | 8-Apr-2021

El Acuerdo de Libre Comercio Brasil-Chile en debate

El último 23 de marzo, la REBRIP (Red Brasileña por la Integración de los Pueblos) y la Plataforma Chile Mejor Sin TLC organizaron un debate junto a parlamentarios de ambos países. Allí reflexionaron sobre el Tratado de Libre Comercio (TLC) entre Brasil y Chile, aprobado en el Senado chileno el 20 de agosto de 2020.
El Economista | 6-Apr-2021

IP estadounidense pide consultas con México por violación al T-MEC

Las denuncias no solo involucran al sector energético sino también al sector de telecomunicaciones, farmacéutica, alimentos y electrónica; critican que cada vez haya más obstáculos de acceso al mercado que son contrarios a los compromisos asumidos en el acuerdo.
La Jornada | 6-Apr-2021

Presentan primera queja laboral en el marco del T-MEC

Los esquemas formales de migración laboral entre Estados Unidos y México relegan a las mujeres, los pocos espacios que se dan son en trabajos de ingresos más bajos y con menores prestaciones, acusaron el Centro de Derechos del Migrante (CDM) y Maritza Pérez y Adareli Ponce, dos extrabajadoras migrantes.
Diario Concepción | 6-Apr-2021

Por cuarta vez Gobierno le suma urgencia a votación de polémico TPP11

Con suma urgencia el Ejecutivo quiere lograr que el Senado tramite en 15 días el proyecto que está desde abril del año 2019. El empresariado se seduce con la ampliación de los mercados internacionales.
Agencia de Información Paraguaya | 6-Apr-2021

Prosigue diálogo para acuerdo de asociación económica Mercosur-Singapur

Con el fin de analizar disciplinas de comercio de bienes, servicios e inversiones, se realizó una reunión virtual entre el Mercado Común del Sur (Mercosur) y Singapur, en el marco de la negociación de un Acuerdo de Asociación Económica (AAE).
Negocios | 5-Apr-2021

El Reino Unido remarcó el interés de alcanzar un acuerdo comercial con el Mercosur

La embajadora del Reino Unido en Uruguay, Faye O´Connor, prevé empezar a negociarlo en estos cuatro años que conforman su mandato en el país.
EFEAGRO | 5-Apr-2021

España aboga por la “pronta ratificación” del acuerdo de la UE con Mercosur

El Gobierno de España ha destacado que seguirá trabajando para conseguir la “pronta ratificación” del Acuerdo de Asociación entre la Unión Europea (UE) y Mercosur, coincidiendo con el 30 aniversario de la constitución del Mercado Común del Sur entre Brasil, Argentina, Paraguay y Uruguay.
La Capital | 5-Apr-2021

Mercosur - UE: un acuerdo que se dilata en el tiempo

Más allá del cierre de las negociaciones entre ambos bloques en 2019, aún no se firmaron los estados miembro y no lo ratificaron los distintos parlamentos.
Diario Uchile | 5-Apr-2021

Gobierno vuelve a la carga: renueva suma urgencia del TPP-11 por cuarta vez en lo que va del año

Recordemos que, desde el estallido social a la fecha, el TPP-11 ha sido ampliamente rechazado no solo por movimientos sociales, sino que también por autoridades políticas que, antes del 18 de octubre del 2019, fueron defensores de este pacto comercial internacional.
IISD | 9-Apr-2021

Reforma de derecho de la inversión desde cero: extractivismo, derechos humanos y tratados de inversión

Para muchas personas afectadas por la extracción de recursos, los tratados de inversión pueden proteger emprendimientos que pueden cambiar drásticamente sus vidas con poco margen para expresar sus opiniones u obtener reparación.
La Jornada | 8-Apr-2021

La 4T y los derechos de los inversionistas extranjeros

Las obligaciones de los Estados en los TBI. ¿Qué implica «compensar» a las empresas cuando las regulaciones o políticas en favor del interés público y nacional afectan sus ganancias esperadas?
El Ciudadano | 5-Apr-2021

Indignación ciudadana ante intento de Piñera de imponer TPP-11 para sabotear proceso constituyente

"Si se ratifica este tratado antes de que empiece a operar la Convención Constitucional lo que va a pasar es que la Convención va a tener que respetar los tratados internacionales ratificados por Chile, dentro de los cuales va a estar el TPP-11", advirtió el abogado Mauricio Daza.
Ecofin | 9-Apr-2021

Bénin – Nigeria : vers une zone de libre-échange commune

Le Bénin et le Nigeria oeuvrent actuellement à la mise en place d’une zone de libre-échange pour décupler leurs échanges commerciaux.
AITEC | 8-Apr-2021

Accord UE-Chine : l’UE rassure les investisseurs au mépris des droits humains

L’Aitec et Attac France publient un décryptage complet de l’Accord UE-Chine.
Vietnam+ | 6-Apr-2021

Les Philippines envisagent de rejoindre le CPTPP pour élargir leur réseau de libre-échange

Les Philippines ont officiellement exprimé leur intérêt à rejoindre l’Accord de partenariat transpacifique global et progressiste (CPTPP).
IISD | 8-Apr-2021

La refonte du droit de l’investissement à partir de la base : l’extractivisme, les droits humains et les traités d’investissement

Pour de nombreuses personnes affectées par l’extraction des ressources, le régime juridique désintègre, car les traités d’investissement peuvent protéger des projets qui bouleversent leur vies, leur laissant peu de chance de se faire entendre.
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